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 Advance Wars - Platform: Gameboy Advance

Advance Wars - Platform: Gameboy Advance

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: andresb-24 (

Advanced Mode:
If you hold down the Select button before entering 
Campaign Mode you'll unlock Advanced Mode with stronger enemies. 

Field Training flashing gold:
Get all training missions A rank. 

Unlock CO. Nell:
Complete Advanced Campaign. 

Clear Data:
Hold L and Right directional button while turning the GBA on. 

In-game reset:
Press Start + Select + B + A during game play. 
Note: Do not use this while the Game Boy Advance is linked to 
a Gamecube or it may cause data loss.

Deleted saved games:
Hold L + Right + Select when turning on the Game Boy Advance.

Ghost mode:
Hold B during your turn.

Glowing field training:
To make the field training glow bright flashing gold at the beginning
of Advance Wars, get an "A" rank on every mission in field training.

Advance campaign mode:
Successfully complete campaign mode. Enter the battle maps screen
and buy the "Advance Campaign" item for one coin. Hold Select and
select campaign mode to begin and advanced campaign, with a more 
difficult CPU opponent.

Field Training bonuses:
Successfully complete field training mode to unlock the "War Room",
"Campaign", "Design Maps", "Stats", and "Special Intel" options.

Quickly finish Field Training:
Select the final battle in Field Training. Win that battle to quickly
unlock all options that normally require Field Training to be completed.

-= Codebreaker =-
P2 Infinite CO Power   
4B2D917E 6966

P1 Infinite CO Power   
DD3051E3 FD25

Note: With this code, with certain COs, if you keep using your special,
there will come a time when you won't automatically have your special 
bar full. But after engaging the enemy once or twice, the special bar 
will fill back up and you can unleash your power again.

P4 Infinite G   
4970B958 6567
C385B77A E7E7

P3 Infinite G   
5F2D31E3 E726
D5D83FC1 65A6

P2 Infinite G   
0B6D39D1 C4EF
819837F3 466F

P1 Infinite G   
9D70F94C 50AC
1785F76E D22C

Infinite Coins   

P4 Infinite CO Power   
093011F7 C8EE

P3 Infinite CO Power   
5F6519C5 6B27


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