Avatar - The Last Airbender - Platform: XBox - Console Games.

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 Avatar - The Last Airbender - Platform: XBox

Avatar - The Last Airbender - Platform: XBox

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1-Hit Dishonor            - 54641
Character Concept Gallery - 97831
Double Damage             - 34743
Neverending Stealth       - 53467
Unlimited Chi             - 24463
Unlimited Copper          - 23637
Unlimited Health          - 94677
Unlock all Treasure Maps  - 37437

Defeating the fire machine:
This is the machine you must fight in order to find Katara. Dodge the 
fire bending. Try running left to right, then right to left. Continue 
this until you see a flashing light near it, then attack it. Hit it with 
Aang. You may use a Chi attack but just a plain attack should work just 
as well, however it takes time. You will have Saka (Katara's brother) 
fighting with you to do double damage. Once it has around a quarter of 
its HP gone, the machine will start throwing fire around. Keep a safe 
distance from this attack. It causes no real threat to your or your partner 
as long as you stay as far away as possible.

Easy experience:
Whenever you are in battle you can go back later to get more experience.

Go back good:
Submitted by: ian mcgar

This is a small thing but it works! on omashu when the fire nation attacks u can go 
through rubble using meld!! but beware if you trade or talk in those areas u will 
freeze and u will lose yur progress.also when yur in the palace and almost at the 
boss fight u can use meld on the gaurds to go trough also.


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