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 Brute Force - Platform: XBox

Brute Force - Platform: XBox

Faster rate of fire:
Create a new profile called RAPIDFIRE. This will heavily increase your rate of fire, 
but it also drains ammo. 

Better Defense:
Enter ERINROBERTS as your profile name.

Aim better:
Enter DEADAIM as your profile name.

Stupid AI:
Enter SPRAGNT as your profile name.

Brutal Difficulty:
Enter BRUTAL as your profile name.

Get Cartoon Mode:
Enter HVYMTL as your profile name.

Die fast:
Enter DBLDAY as your profile name.

Tougher Characters:
Enter MATTSOELL as your profile name.

Easy Attacking:
Use your other characters to support you at the flanks, this will make it easy for you 
to attack.

Squad death match teams:
Have you wondered how to get squads for squad death match? Well what you have to do is get 
all the members of the squad. Like for the platoon you have to get Guther Ghent, Ty McTavish, 
Confed marine, and militia.

Easy powerups at lava levels:
You can get easy ammo, grenades, and medpaks in those lava levels(the first lava level you get 
Hawk)by going those little blue huts the caammander guy says something like "i got a good signal 
on this place" then powerups come up. Then whenever you go in a little blue huts powerups come.

Bonus multi-player characters:
Get the hidden DNA containers to unlock various characters in multi-player mode.

Confed Marine  : Mission 1 or Mission 6
Feral Colonist : Mission 2
Feral Outcast  : Mission 3
Feral Shaman   : Mission 9
Fire Hound     : Mission 13
Gunthar Ghent  : Mission 10
Hunter Lord    : Mission 18
McTavish       : Mission 14
Militia        : Mission 5 or Mission 11
Outcast Shaman : Mission 7
Seer Follower  : Mission 4
Seer Priest    : Mission 8
Shadoon        : Mission 12
Shrike Heavy   : Mission 16
Shrike Hound   : Mission 17
Shrike Soldier : Mission 15 

Further Grenade Distance:
Get any type of grenade look straight up slightly look towards where you want to chuck it and hold 
the left trigger down and let it fly. It should go further but it isn't that accurate.

A funny glitch:
Ok this im sure that you will laugh,make a weird face,or do nothing.on the lvl "kill shadoon" 
there is a lavapit where you find the spire in the very begining of the lvl.hope you like it. 


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