Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2010 - Platform: Playstation 3 - Console Games.

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 Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2010 - Platform: Playstation 3

Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2010 - Platform: Playstation 3

Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

Easy As Falling Off A Log (Bronze): Survive the log balance event. 
I Walk The Line (Bronze): Cross all the log balance events. 
I Immediately Regret This Decision (Bronze): Escape the Bear pit. 
Silent Hunter (Bronze): Shoot any animal with a crossbow. 
What Big Teeth You Have (Bronze): Survive a predator hunt. 
F+ (Bronze): Complete any objective without getting a medal. 
Searching For Meaning (Bronze): Used a scope 42 times. 
Duck And Cover (Bronze): Collect all the Cover Points in any hunt. 
Bronze Beauty (Bronze): Get your first Bronze Medal. 
Cool Silver (Bronze): Get your first Silver Medal. 
Solid Gold (Bronze): Get your first Gold Medal. 
Goldilocks' Revenge (Bronze): Bag all 4 bears in the game. 
Wasically Wabbits (Bronze): Shoot 20 rabbits. 
One Shot, Two Kills (Silver): Shoot 2 animals with one shotgun shot. 
Heartbreaker (Silver): Perform 14 heart shots. 
Metal Deer Solid (Silver): Bag any deer from within 9 yards. 
Splinter Smell (Silver): Get within 6 yards of any animal without alerting it. 
William Tell (Silver): Hunt 30 animals with a crossbow. 
Muzzlelover (Silver): Hunt 30 animals with a muzzleloader. 
Pistolero! (Silver): Hunt 30 animals with a pistol. 
It’s A Long Shot (Gold): Bag an animal from beyond 80 yards. 
Welcome To The Order (Gold): Complete the game. 
I Love Gooold! (Gold): Get all Gold Medals in any level. 
A True Hunter's Sense (Gold): Complete any level without using Hunter Sense. 
Ultimate Hunter (Gold): Get all Gold Medals for all hunts. 
Ultimate Tracker (Gold): Collect at least 90 animal signs. 
Platinum Trophy (Platinum): Get all trophies. 


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