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 Devil May Cry - Platform: Playstation 2

Devil May Cry - Platform: Playstation 2

Cheat Mode
Submitted by Andri Agassi []

Hold L1+L2+R1+R2 and move left analogue stick until there is a voice 
saying "Devil May Cry" in the main menu. This cheat will unlock all bonus 
mode, alternate costum and gallery.

Alternate Costumes
Submitted by Andri Agassi []

Complete the game with Easy Difficulty or higher to unlock shirtless 
Dante, and to unlock the original Devil May Cry Dante can be done in 
normal difficulty or higher.

Dante Must Die mode
Submitted by Andri Agassi []

Complete the game with hard difficulty.

Heaven or Hell mode
Submitted by Andri Agassi []

Complete the game with Dante Must Die Mode.

Unlimited Devil Trigger
Submitted by Andri Agassi []

Complete the game with Heaven or Hell Mode.

Alternate ending sequence
Submitted by Andri Agassi []

Kill at least 100 enemies on credit.

Easy difficulty
Intentionally use continues while completing one of the first three  
levels. An option for the easy difficulty setting will appear when 
starting then next level. Once easy difficulty is selected, you
will be locked into that setting for the remainder of the current game.

Replay bonus
Successfully complete the game under the easy difficulty setting. You will
be able to keep all your items such as the grenade launcher and all your 

Hard difficulty setting
Successfully complete the game to unlock the hard difficulty setting.

There are extra in-game options when playing the game in hard mode. Press
Select during game play after starting a level. Two new options, "Save" and 
"Total Results", are now available.

Legendary dark knight mode
Successfully complete the game under the hard difficulty setting. You will
be able to play as Sparda in this mode.

Dante must die mode
Successfully complete the game in legendary dark knight mode.

Super Dante mode
Successfully complete the game in Dante must die mode. Dante will be able to
change into a demon with unlimited Devil Trigger.

All-star group photo
Successfully complete the game with an S rank on all missions.

Skip FMV sequences
Press Select during an FMV sequence.

Secret missions
Mission 3: Fall back in the water where the skullheads were located.
Mission 3: You will start near the Judge of Death. Press X to get the secret
Mission 3: After you get chased by the Phantom, at the end of the hall will
be a door to the left. Enter it.
Mission 4: Return to the room with the power-up statue. You will have an
encounter with the spider in
                 the hall, just escape to the nearest door, then go back
Mission 4 part 2: Go to the airplane room after the panther has been
defeated, then take the elevator down.
Mission 7: Kill the enemies in the sewer hall, then go the pipe room (where
the key was located).
Mission 11: Go through the door at the start of the mission.
Mission 14: Check the skeleton of the boat from the previous mission.
Mission 15: Check the skull carving underground in the previous mission.
Mission 16: Defeat the blob Boss, then go to the airplane room.
Mission 16: For a second secret mission, go to the coliseum.
Mission 17: Go through the warp zone, then cross the broken bridge without
Mission 21: Check the wall on the opposite side of the power-up statue.

More Orbs
This trick can be done in any stage, as long as you find that this mission
has a lot of monsters. First, kill all
the monsters on that mission or even after a part of that mission. Save the
game, then press Select to reset
the game. Restart the mission again and start killing monsters. Repeat this
process to get more Orbs.

Save the game before you play the mission that you first fight Phantom (the
scorpion-spider) in the hallway.
This is the second encounter with phantom. Fight and beat Phantom. An easy
way is to have three to five Magic
Meters and have the Air Raid move mastered. Once you gain control of Dante
after the short FMV sequence,
press L1 to change to Devil mode. Immediately press Triangle to jump then
hold R1 to float. Press X repeatedly
as fast as possible until your magic runs out. Once you fall, run as far
away as you can, while still keeping Phantom
in your view. Whenever he shoots a fireball, jump over it and slash his
eyes. Repeat this until your magic meter
is full again. Change into Devil mode and perform the Air Raid on Phantom.
Repeat this process as needed until
he is defeated. Collect the 500 orbs he drops. Then press, Select and choose
save. Overwrite or save the game
in a new slot. Then, return to the game. Press Select, and select "Reset".
Choose to quit. At title screen, load the
mission that you just fought Phantom in. When you start again you will have
the newly acquired orbs and you will
be able to fight Phantom again. Repeat this entire process as needed to
collect orbs (at least 15,000 recommended).
This is one of the easiest Boss fights and it happens in the beginning of
the mission before you really need orbs. After
this, do not waste any orbs on anything. Choose wisely on what you buy.

Find the secret missions rooms with killing the phantom babies. Either of
the two will do. Simply go into the room
and intentionally fail the objective. Kill all the babies to get between 100
and 135 Orbs a pop. Then, exit the room,
go back in, and repeat the process to get as many Orbs as needed.

When you enter the room with the Lion in it, jump on the top of the
fountain. You will receive about twenty
Red Orbs.

Play the mission where you fight Griffon. Before you fight Griffon, go to
the room guarded by the blue shield
and get the Luminite at the opposite side of the room. Then, go down the
stairwell. Defeat the two Fetishes
(the fire demons) there. An easy and fast way is to roll or jump directly
after shooting them, then jump (with Ifrit
equipped) and do the kick. Keep repeating this until they die. Collect the
orbs, then go to the door. Immediately
hold R1. When Dante aims, you will see one or two Sin Scythes. Immediately
shoot, then roll or jump. Shoot
repeatedly until they are dead. Run around until all of the dropped orbs are
collected. Then, return to the room
with the Fetishes and kill them. There will be one more by the station where
you buy items. Kill all three and
return to the Sin Scythe room. Repeat going back and forth between the
rooms, always collecting all the orbs
dropped. Repeat this for awhile to collect a very large amount of orbs.

In hard mode during mission 4 when you face the phantom spider for the
second time, while in the corridor
where he chases you, just equip the gauntlets, Make sure you have at least
five Devil Triggers. Turn into Ifrit
and use Inferno three times in a row. If you are fast enough, he will die,
dropping 500 Orbs (sometimes without
even doing damage to Dante). Save the game, restart the level, and repeat.

To gain easy Orbs and level up abilities quickly, after you have returned to
the castle the second time (whenthe
castle has changed), the room with the biplane will new enemies. These
enemies transform into bats and split
when attacked. Enter the room (the gauntlets are recommended), shoot the
first enemy with your grenade gun,
then attack it. The monster will split into two more enemies. Attack until
you can trigger Ifrit, then use Inferno to
kill all the enemies surrounding you. Each time you enter the room and
successfully defeat all the enemies, you
will gain 300 to 400 Orbs. Exit the room and repeat as desired.

In mission 4, after you defeat the scorpion, you can get easy Red Orbs by
going into the room where you got
the shotgun with full devil trigger. In there are three Sin Scissors. Circle
around until they are near each other,
and activate the devil trigger. Begin shooting them with the shotgun. By the
time you kill them, you will have
reached the Stylin ranking, which gets you a lot of Red Orbs. Go out into
the hall and kill things until you get
full Devil Trigger and repeat.

At about mission 18, hit the switch and defeat the enemy with one eye and
laser vision. After a few doors you
should be able to run into another one of them. Take out your shotgun and
use nothing but that weapon. The
enemy will split into two, having three on the screen at once. Keep walking
in circles and destroying the creatures.
Two will die and the original one will remain. Again, shoot him with the
shotgun and he will split apart.
From this you should get close to 1000 to1500 red orbs. You can leave and do
it again.

In mission 21 (the heart mission), have the Inferno move and at least seven
Devil Triggers. Go back through the
room where you fought Nightmare. Go to the room with the two Frosts. When
you get there, quickly run in and run
towards the first Frost you see. Activate Devil Trigger just before you get
there, jump, then hold R1 and press Circle.
Two Infernos should do in the first Frost. Quickly run around to the second
Frost. Attack it first with a Homing Kick
(Jump and press Circle). After that, just use ground combos and knock it
out. If you do any more jumping, it will
have a chance to strike back. You should not use your guns, as they just
slow you down and stop your combo.
Killing the second Frost should fill your Devil Trigger again, and if done
properly, can easily get an absolute or stylish
combo without getting hit. You will get hit very rarely, and you should get
enough Green Orbs to keep going indefinitely.
The whole procedure should take an average of 10 to 14 seconds (excluding
the time to go out of the room and return).
and will yield about 200 to 240 orbs every time. This averages to about 800
orbs a minute. You can do this in normal
mode, so the items are nice and cheap, unlike similar tricks which are done
in hard mode, where things get very
expensive. You can quickly buy any moves you do not already have, and stock
up on items for the final battle which
is coming soon. Note: You should save fairly frequently (or when your life
bar turns orange), to avoid losing all those

At beginning of mission 8, do not jump over the main hall to the green door.
Instead, jump down into main hall.
Mission 8 does start until enter the green door, so go into the "puppet"
room with the airplane. Then, go through
the door on your left to the long curved hallway. Follow it until you see
the gold-toned door. Enter this room (with
the fountain) and use the Air Raid to quickly kill the three Scythes. They
should drop a good amount of Red Orbs.
Next, go into the door in same room at top the stairs, where the lion door
is located. Press R2 to taunt or kill the
bug-enemies until your Devil Triggers are full, or are at least 4. Go back
out the door into fountain room. Use Air
Raid on the three Scythes again. Repeat this as needed. Note: This is your
last good chance to build up your
powers and your weapons.

You must have the Roundtrip move and have handguns equipped for this trick.
When at a Red Orb Lantern, hold the
corresponding Devil Arms activation button. As the Devil Arms leaves his
hands, pull out Dante's handguns and start
shooting rapidly. You should be able to get the Roundtrip/Handgun combo two
to three times.

In hard mode at the start of level 4 when you fight the phantom in the
hallway for the second time, you can easily get
red orbs. At least five Devil Trigger gauges and Vortex level 2 are
required. Equip the Alaster, and as soon as he
starts to chase you, transform and quickly jump towards him. Use Vortex on
him. Hold Circle + Left Analog-stick.
He will try to hit you, but it will have no effect. Collect the orbs, press
Select, save the game, and reset. Return to
the title screen and load your file. Keep repeating this as many times as
needed. After awhile you should be able to
kill him in about twenty seconds without him touching you . Try to max out
your Devil Trigger gauge and vitality for
Dante Must Die mode.

On the third level, after defeating the Phantom for the first time, leave
the room you fought him in through the exit.
You will now be outside the statue of the judge. Turn around and enter again
to access the secret mission to kill 100
baby Phantoms. Fail it intentionally, then kill as many as you can to gain
Red Orbs (about one from each). When they
stop returning, leave through the door where you took the Lion Heart test
(when you fell down and had to kill the Skulls).
A screen will appear, stating that the mission was failed. Go back through
the door and you will be able to attempt the
mission again. A long as you keep failing it, you can do this as many times
as needed, gaining more orbs each time.
The best part is that the baby Phantoms cannot hurt you.

Hidden Orbs
Check on top of pillars and other high places. You can get a good hand full
of Red Orbs and other special treats.

At the start of the game, jump on the bridge that spans across the walkway.
Walk all the way to the left and a Blue
Orb fragment will drop.
If find a knight in armor in some levels, destroy it and you will get some
Red Orbs.

Quick transformation
This trick can be done at any time after you get Ifrit. If you want a quick
change between Alastor or Ifrit, press
R3 and he will do something and either a Blue or Red light will surround
you, indicating the switch.

Quick Devil Trigger
Approach an enemy and press R2 to taunt the opponent. The Devil Trigger
meter should go up by one.

Press R2 + Left Analog-stick in any direction to taunt. Correct timing is
required. Once done correctly, it will
increase by two symbols instead of just one. If you do this taunt from a
distance it will always give you at least
one. The normal taunt only gives you a half when done at that distance. When
you know you have done the taunt,
instead of him instigating with one gun, he will use both guns.

Charged firearms
You can charge any weapon by holding Square or X while aiming. The longer
the charge, the more charged
ammunition you will shoot (handguns only). However, you can still charge any
weapon but only get one shot
(excluding the needlegun). Unfortunately, when you charge The Nightmare -
Beta, it takes away your Devil
Trigger symbols. Charged ammunition is great for building Devil Trigger
symbols -- when you are in Devil
Mode you shoot charged ammo, but you do not build Devil Trigger symbols.

Double Upslash to Stab
When do a normal combo, take two slashes, then delay very briefly
(immediately after he stops his sword
swing for the second slash) and press Circle again to upslash twice, and one
last time to stab or hard slash.
This will make the Sparda sword transform for the end of the combo.

Multi Stab
Begin with two slashes, then pause for a brief moment (almost until he puts
his sword away), then press
Circle to start stabbing. Press Circle repeatedly to extend the amount of
time he is stabbing. This also makes
the magic stones light up in only one combo and the Sparda sword transform
for the end of the combo.

Fast punch combo
As Ifrit, you can execute a combo of fast punching attacks. In order to
execute this move, stand close to the
enemy, press the Left Analog-stick in the direction Dante is facing, then
hold L1 and rapidly press Circle rapidly
while holding in that direction. If successful, he will unleash a volley of
fast punches and kicks. However, this will
use two or three Devil Magic Symbols per volley.

Nightmare-Beta without Devil Trigger drain
Place you have both the Nightmare-Beta and the Sparda sword, equip both of
them. Your Devil Trigger will not
be drained, even when charging up the Nightmare-B.

Juggle enemies
First you go up to a small group of enemies that are close together (minimum
of two enemies). Keep pressing
Circle while holding R1 and pulling back the Left Analog-stick in the
opposite direction that Dante is facing to
literally "juggle" enemies. Note: Only use this trick on Marrionettes,
Bloodymaries, Blades, and Fetishes.
Practice on a single enemy first.

Easy long jump
Using a Stinger of any level near the border of a ledge will make you do the
automatic long jump.
This is extremely useful after mission 3, when the bridge of the Cathedral
is broken. Two or three
long jumps will bring you easily from one side to the other.

Easy kills
When facing a single enemy, try running from it. If it follows, run towards
a wall if one is near. When you
are few steps away from the wall, quickly jump at the wall. When you hit the
wall in mid-air, quickly press
Jump again and away from the wall. When you land on the ground quickly turn
around to get the enemy
from behind and attack.

To defeat a single dummy, use your sword to hit him in the air. Then while
he is still in the air, use your guns
and keep firing. He will stay suspended if you keep shooting. Do not use
this trick around other dummies --
one could come up behind you and do damage.

Press Circle(2), then while Dante's sword is back, press Circle again. He
should then do a Double Upward
Slash. Then, do the High Time just after the Double Slashes. Hold Circle
until Dante is in the air, fire the pistol
until Dante begins to drop down, then press Circle again. Also, for the Fire
Gauntlet, charge Magma Drive until
the enemy is about to attack. If it is not dead yet, use the Kick 13.

You can get an easy kill with the Ifrit Gauntlets and your shotgun. Equip
both, jump, and fire a single blast from
your shotgun followed by a Homing Kick. Jump up again and repeat. This makes
you very hard to hit, and works
with most enemies. Note: Since the shotgun does more damage when you get
closer, if timed correctly you should
be able to fire the shotgun just before you land and still get a Homing Kick
in on the enemy. This also works well
when you are getting overwhelmed by enemies, because while you are hopping
around, they tend to try to follow
you and end up in a little group that is nicely lined up for your shot and
kick, which will usually knock them all down.
Repeat the steps until all your enemies are scattered into little bits all
over the floor.

Do a High Time, go up in the air with your opponent, then start firing your
guns. When you are about to descend,
do an Air Hike and keep firing. Your opponent will still be getting hit from
above, and his body will go up.
As soon as you hit the ground, keep firing.

To kill opponents with easily, knock them up into the air with the first
portion of the High Time attack, but without
making yourself jump. Just tap Circle instead of holding the button. Next,
aim your guns and fire quickly. They will
suspended in the air until they are dead. This will also sort of work with
the shotgun. You need to be alone or have
enough time to kill them without interference because this leaves you wide

This trick is recommended when there is only one enemy in the room. Get your
handguns and get near any enemy
that you can lift up in the air with High Time on any sword. Do it, but do
not hold Circle and you will not jump, but
the enemy will be in the air. Then, light them up. If you are in Devil
Trigger, the enemy will go farther in the air with
every shot.

Defeating the Griffin
Although your first instinct would to be to start blasting away at him with
your guns at a distance, patience is the key
to this battle. As soon as the battle starts, walk forward slightly. A
lightning ball will hit the ground, giving out two bolts
of lightning that come together as though they were scissors. Jump forward
and the camera angle will change to where
you can see the Griffin in your sights. As soon as this happens, walk
backwards while firing. He will fly towards you
while dropping balls of electricity. When you see this happen, run at him
and jump on his head. Then, jump off and fire
away. He will fly away some distance, then stomp around and laugh. He will
then charge at you. Make sure to have the
Gauntlets equipped. When he gets close, jump on his head and jump off. As
soon as your second jump is performed,
start firing rapidly. If you are able to Devil Within, do so while firing.
As soon as you drop he will jump away. As soon
as this happens, keep your distance. He will blow a gust of wind at you,
then fire either lines of electricity or two electric
lines coming together as you saw at the start of the battle. Keep your
distance and avoid these attacks.
When he is finished, he will charge at you again. Do the same routine. After
some rounds of this, he will fall to the ground
as if wounded. Approach him and bring out the Devil Within that you have
gathered by shooting at him with your guns.
Start punching him until he gets up. Punching him takes damage. After a few
minutes into the battle, he will perform the
attack he performed at the start. Do the same routine with the same tactics
and this should finish him. Every once in
awhile he will perform an attack that will put him high in the air before
flying down at you. He will have bolts of electricity
guiding his path so it will not be too difficult to evade. Remember,
distance and patience. Do not go to him -- let him
come to you.

When you first enter the coliseum to fight Griffin, have at least four of
five Holy Waters. At the beginning of the battle,
use all of your Holy Waters. After you use the first one, an intermission
sequence will show Griffin falling to the ground,
making him incapable of flying. Then, just waste all of your Holy Waters
until he is defeated.

Once you have Air Raid and Air Hike, you can easily defeat the Griffin after
he loses the ability to fly. As soon as he is
down, get close to him. He will blow you away with wind if you charge at him
head on -- run at him from the sides.
Once next to him, jump on his back, about where his wings are located, and
slash at his neck with your sword (Alistor).
This may take awhile. You can speed this up by use the Air Raid ability and
frying him with electricity. Once your devil
gauge runs out, return to his back and fill it up again by slashing at him.
You might not need Air Hike to do this. You can
also try double jumping off the Griffin, but it will be a lot easier to do
this with Air Hike.

Defeating the hallway Spider
To kill the spider in the hallway without having to repeatedly jump and
slash, run away and jump until he stops. Stand next
to his head. When he stops charging, time your attacks so that they begin
immediately when he shoots. Do not swing too
early. You may be able to swing slightly later. If done correctly, you will
stuff his own fire down his throat.

Defeating Marionettes or Bloody Marys
Equip the thunder sword (Alastor) and make sure you have bought Stinger
level 1 or 2 with your red orbs.
Keep hitting the enemy until it dies. This should only require three hits.
You can also have the Vortex level 1
or 2 with Alastor in Demon state. When in the air in Demon state, hold R1 to
stay in the air, then press Circle
to hit the Marrionette. This should only require one hit.

Defeating Marionettes or Fetishes
Have any sword (Sparda is recommended) and the grenade launcher. Do a two
hit combo ending with Stinger
and fire the grenade launcher. Then quickly do a Stinger to chase them and
repeat. It is better to do Stinger
with the Fetish, as it will block and counter with fire (especially in the
harder modes).

Defeating multiple enemies
When facing Fetishes, Blades, Marionettes, or Bloody Marries, equip Ilfrit
and activate Devil Trigger.
Press R1, press the Left Analog-stick towards the enemy and press Circle
rapidly. Dante should start a
rapid combo of punches and kicks. The last kick will send the enemy into the
air. Start lighting them up
with your pistols while in Devil Trigger. When they fall, press the Left
Analog-stick towards them and press
R2 to taunt. You should get two Devil Trigger symbols. Equip the Grenade
Launcher and start shooting to
regain more and repeat.

Defeating Mundos
Buy as many Devil Stars as you can throughout the game. When you reach
Mundos, you will be on the
ground, and he will be in the center of a lava pit. Use your Devil Star,
transform into Devil state, and fire
your new weapon at him. They are balls of fire that do massive damage.
Continue doing this until you
defeat him. If you run out of Devil Stars, there will be large balls that
occasionally appear in front of you.
Destroy them and you will regain enough Devil Triggers to transform.

When he is flying through space, the best way to avoid getting hit is to fly
around in circles. Shoot as fast as
you can to break his shield and build up your Devil Trigger. When your Devil
Trigger is full, use it. You will
unleash a powerful dragon attack. Keep doing this until he is defeated. When
he is in the lava, dodge and attack
the orbs. Use Devil power and shoot the comets at him. When he shoots the
white orbs at you, slash them with
your sword and they will fly back at him. He shoots about three white orbs.
Be careful, because if you hit too
early or too late, the orbs will explode in your face. It is the strongest
thing against him. The comets do little
chipping damage. Watch out for the lava dragon -- kill it as soon as
possible. You will gain health from it.

Use the following trick during Mundos' second stage in the lava pit. Wait
for Mundos to release four giant orbs.
Instead of exploding them, wait for Mundos to absorb the orbs. They will
then begin to circle around his head;
which means he is about to "pitch" them back at you. It is difficult to
dodge the attack, and almost impossible if
he absorbs all four. Instead, just stand back and transform. When he sends
them flying towards you, "bat" them
back with your sword. You have to be in Devil form or this will not work. If
you need Devil Energy, shoot at least
one of the four orbs he sends. This should give you enough energy to perform
the trick. This strategy requires
precision and timing if you want to hit him with all four or three orbs.

Use the following trick to easily defeat Volcanic Mundos, When the battle
begins, make sure you have at least
one Untouchable, and four to five Devil Stars. Throughout the battle, he
summons somewhere about 20 Orbs.
Use a Holy Water and all of the Orbs will disappear. You will now have your
Devil Trigger gauge full. If you get
hit by Mundos and are in need of health, he summons a dragon which shoots
out fireballs. When you destroy the
dragon, it gives you a Green Orb which restores a lot of health. When Mundos
has about 25 to 35 percent of his
health remaining, leap into the lava and stand next to him. Activate the
Untouchable and destroy him.

Buy one Vital Star and two Untouchables and start level 22. Fight Mundus in
space and defeat him. When he
falls into the lava and the second fight starts, use your Vital Star. Then,
activate Untouchable and jump into the
lava directly next to him and slash away with your sword in Devil Trigger.
After it runs out, use your next
Untouchable and keep slashing in Devil Trigger. If done correctly, you will
win easily, and with full life.
Note: This has only been attempted in normal mode.

Defeating Nelo Angelo
When you are on level 4 and are about to fight Nelo Angelo, find a way to
knock his guard down to a point
where he looks like he is panting. When this happens, turn into the Alastor
Devil and do the 4-Slash combo
followed by a Stinger. This should reduce his health greatly, especially in
Devil Trigger mode.

With Alastor (first and second times), make sure you have at least Stinger.
Air Raid may also help. Turn into
Devil mode and attack him with your basic sword combo. His guard will be
broken at about the third hit,
unbalancing him. If you are quick enough, you can keep hitting him without
giving him the time to teleport
away and take away a lot of his life bar. Every time he uses the Energy
Ball, Stinger towards him. He will
stop the attack. Every time he teleports and slashes, jump over him and
attack him from behind. Air Raid
will break him out of any attack he attempts. Plus he cannot hit you in any
way. Unfortunately he can block
the bolts, so try using it when he is near death.

With Ifrit (second and times), make sure you have learned Inferno and
Rolling Blaze. Once the battle starts,
activate the Devil Trigger and get near to him. Everytime he guards, jump
against him. His guard will be broken.
Come down with Inferno and repeat. When he uses the flying swords during the
third time, ,jump against them
when they are about to strike you. You will destro y them.

Use the following trick to defeat Nelo Angelo (second time) under Dante Must
Die mode. Since Nelo can
kill you with a single combo (and if you are not good with your sword), use
the Bangle Of Time (if available).
First, use Stinger I or II (whatever available) to get close to him. It
should stun him for a few seconds, which
gives you just enough time to activate the Bangle Of Time and slice him up
with the Alastor until your gauge is
empty. Now that you have depleted your Devil Trigger gauge, you need to
refill it and repeat the process, which
is very simple to do. Quickly jump onto one of the side ledges and make your
way to the alcove where you put
the chalice in. Once inside, wait a fre seconds for him to teleport into
position (it is usually one time). You then
need to stand near the edge of the platform, but not  too close to it (he
might shoot a energy ball at you). Then,
take out your grenade launcher and fire away until your Devil Trigger gauge
is full. While shooting him, you
sometimes can even get a shot in once or twice. Now that your Devil Trigger
gauge is full again, jump down
and stun him, then activate the Bangle Of Time. Slice him up again then go
back to the alcove and repeat the
process. If you done correctly, he should not land a single hit on you.

Run away from him as much as possible, firing your hand guns. When you max
out your Devil Triggers, run up to
him and slash him until he pants. Note: He will block frequently -- try to
hit him when he raises his sword as it
glows blue. Activate your Devil mode as he pants and slash him. Repeat until
he transports himself to the crumbling
wall across from the door you started from. Since he does not come down from
there, stay hugged up to the wall so
that his fireballs do not reach you. Try to get to a position where you can
taunt him while staying close to the wall.
This is about twelve paces from where he stands. When your Devil Gauge,
fills go to Devil mode and fire at Nelo.
Your health should go up slightly each time you shoot. Repeat until your
life fills then jump up to where he is and
slash him in Devil mode. If you start losing health again, jump down to the
floor and recharge as mentioned above.
When he transports the second time, follow the crumpled wall, jump the
broken space, and stand where the piled
rocks are located. There you can taunt him, gain health, and jump up to
slash him whenever desired.
Note: This can take a very long time, so be prepared to get a  low Devil
Hunter ranking.

Defeating Nightmare
Do not attack the metal plate which transforms him. Instead, let him pull
you down into his special underworld.
After defeating the mini-Boss in his underworld, go back to the surface by
stepping through the portal. When
you come back, it will destroy about one quarter of his health. Then, when
you hit the metal plate to transform
him, stand directly in front of Nightmare. Once the energy ball on top of
him appears, he will begin to shoot a
beam of ice at you. Jump on top of him and attack the ball repeatedly.
Continue this until you defeat him.

Take time to get Orbs and get the Inferno attack. Make sure to get a Devil
Star, Vital Star, Holy Water and
an Untouchable. Have the Fire Gauntlets equipped. When you go into battle,
let Nightmare take you to the
Underworld. Defeat the monsters there, then take the warp out. Run over and
hit the switch to transform him.
Use the Holy Water (it takes almost half his hit points away). If your Devil
Trigger is not full, use the Devil Star.
Transform, then use Untouchable. Keep hitting Nightmare in his true form
with Inferno until he is gone. Make sure
to run over and hit the switch again if it is about to shut off. If your
life gets to low, use the Vital Star.

When fighting Nightmare, it will perform an attack that sucks you into
another realm where you must fight a mini-boss
and some skulls. Notice that while in the room that the main Boss is in
"shadow" form and will not attack you until all
the skulls are dead. Just kill the closest skulls to the shadow figure, and
taunt the shadow. Taunting enemies will raise
your Devil Triggers. If you are low on health, taunt until your Devil
Triggers are full. Then, use your Trigger to gain back
health. This trick allows you to refill lost powers and vitality during one
of the most difficult fights in the game.

The tracking dark arrows he shoots at you while the core is revealed can be
reflected back to him with Rolling Blaze,
doing damage. Time the jump when they are about to hit you. They will go
back, hitting Nightmare's core.

If you let Nightmare snag you with a cocoon, you will only have to face a
Sargasso and the ghost of the Phantom (the
first time you fight Nightmare). The second time, you will face Sargasso and
the ghost of Griffon. The third and final
time you will face a Sargasso and the ghost of Nelo Angelo. All the ghosts
of the Bosses fall easily with Holy Water
or Alastor's Air Raid. Also, when you light up the Emblem Trigger in the
room, he turns into a solid form. When he
attacks in this form there will be a glow all on top of him continuously for
easy kill. If he turns back to a puddle form,
hit the Emblem Trigger to get him back into solid form.

Defeating Phantoms
A well-timed sword slash can reflect a Phantom's charged fireball back to
him, doing damage. Also hit him repeatedly
with Air Raid when he is about to shoot.

The Phantom falls easily to Air Raid. Using your handguns or shotgun is
almost useless. You must have a good Devil
Trigger gauge for him to die easily. The key to defeating him is Air Raid or
Holy Water.

When facing a Phantom, go behind him and use Air Raid on his butt. This is
where most of his insides are exposed,
so you can deal out more damage.

Defeating the Phantom Spider
When you fight the Phantom Spider for the second time outside, you will see
a round window on the floor. Instead of
shooting or using the sword on the Phantom Spider, try to make him smash
through the window. Make sure you stand
in the middle of the window. It sometimes works if you are also behind him
when he jumps. Move out the way and
when you see him land in the middle of the window you will see it smash
slightly. It takes five times smashes for him
to go through and die

Defeating Shadows
The easiest way to open up their core quickly is to use handguns with
Alastor's Devil Trigger activated. Once the
core is opened, two Devil Trigger sword combos will make them turn red, This
works better if you also throw in a
Stinger. Once they are red, repeatedly jump out of the way and shoot until
they die.

Defeating Sin Scissors/Sin Scythes
Equip the shotgun and keep shooting. This should only require three shots.

Mission 5: Get the Ball Of Power back to the Lion door
After defeating Nelo Angelo, you will only have two minutes. First, run to
the door where the big gray mirror is so
you do not face the Sin Scythes. Go to where the long staircase is located
and jump down to the bottom blue door
and press X to complete the mission.

Mission 9: Easier jumps
After you get across the bridge when starting , go to where the Time Capsule
(store) is located on the left side.
Buy Air Hike (costs 4,000 Red Orbs). Later in the mission when you get up to
the platforms, use the Air Hike to
make the jumping easier. In order to use the Air Hike, double jump in the

Grenade launcher
The grenade launcher has a lot of recoil. To decrease this, once you shoot
it, immediately press
Triangle to jump or roll.

The Nightmare-B is a mysterious weapon that was produced in the Underworld.
To obtain it, you must be
on mission 16 and have Double Jump from Alastor. When you begin the level,
go up on the platform, and exit
out the only door. You will see blue torches on the ground lit. Find the one
side of the level with arc openings.
When facing with the back wall inside, turn left to enter the room (where
blue shield was located) follow the path
through, make it through the forcing spikes, and you will reach to a dead
end with a object glowing at the end and
deadly toxins on the bottom. Jump onto the only platform, then use Double
Jump to get Nightmare-B (must have
Alastor equipped). This weapon is very powerful against the blob when he is
transformed. However, it takes up
one Devil Trigger.

When using the Nightmare-B, use devil mode. You will be able to use more
charged shots because while charging,
the only devil mode that is being used is that for being in devil mode.

To get the shotgun for Dante, go into the room next to the Judge Of Death.
Go upstairs and destroy the table
directly across from the Grim Reaper with the rusty key.

Hint: Bangle Of Time
Successfully complete secret mission number 12 in mission 21 opposite of the
Time Statue in the room with the
door that resembles arms that close when you approach. There will be a wall,
but it is really a hidden door.
Go through the secret mission and defeat all the Nobodies. After that, there
will be a dragon. It breathes fire
and guns will not work against it. After that, either two Frosts or a Shadow
will appear. When you defeat them,
make your way to the Bangle Of Time.

Good looking kill
Face your opponent. Then, press the opposite direction that Dante is facing
and Triangle, with your handguns
equipped. Quickly press Square continuously until they die.

Easy Stylish combo rating
Attack groups of monsters -- you will only need to do a few combos to get a
Stylish rating.

When equipped with the Ifrit Gauntlets and either the Shotgun or Pistols,
run to the enemy, then press Triangle,
Back, Square to perform a backwards somersault kick. Blast away with either
weapon, then perform a homing
kick into them. Execute the Flaming Uppercut, which usually connects at the
exact time they stand up, and will
sometimes still be classified as part of a combo.


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