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 Dragon Ball Z - The Legend of the Super Sayjin - Platform: Super Nintendo

Dragon Ball Z - The Legend of the Super Sayjin - Platform: Super Nintendo


Submitted by jeansy (
Written by Jeansy Molanza
Version 2.0
Started on December 2nd, 21:55
Finished on December 3rd, 16:33

This game is okay for anyone who likes a good rpg or a dbz fanatic. Since I am a rpg 
guru myself and a Dragon ball z fanatic I went head over heels for this game since I 
found it purely fun. If you want tips on how to complete the game, see my walkthru 
this faq is purely to show you how to beat the bosses since they are the main challenge 
of the this title. The bosses are tough as nails in this game especially when they 
have 200 HP but u only manage to do 3 damage on them but one hit from them sends your 
character into the red. That's tough by my standards (please note that was just an 
example). OH and please keep Vegeta alive at all times until the end and make sure 
Goku goes super sayjin (have one of your characters 
~ Follows the TV show closely
~ Nice attack sequences
~ Battles are sometimes too hard
~ Sometimes annoying
Sayjin brother versus Sayjin brother
HP : 200
KI energy : 32
Power level : 1500
Challenge : way 2 easy
Before u go into battle you'd better train to level 4. Then go to Mr.
Popo's house and fight the saibamen, when you win you will get a gohan item. If u step 
out of the house Radditz might challenge you. If he does not then go to the cave and u 
will meet up with him. In the cave fight don't use the gohan item but when you meet him 
again outside, use the gohan item in the first round, then choose goku. Wait until u get 
a magic card and use the ki attack that uses 15 ki (makankosappo) and you've won the battle. 
Piece of cake don't you think?
Don't u get it? Hair? Head? Nappa has no hair, ah I give up anyway.
HP : 220
KI energy : 68
Power level : 4000
Challenge : its hot until Goku comes
Find all the guys (Chiaotzu, Tien, Krillen, u know the gang) and then go to the battlefield 
on the northeast side of the map. Just use all your powerful attacks until Goku comes. 
Goku will make the fight a piece of 
Vegeta is ready to rumble with you
HP : 240
KI energy : 100
Power level : 18000
Challenge : tough as plastic
Goku and Vegeta will fly off, memorize the way they fly and you will join them later 
(Gohan will). During the first turns you should attack until you get a magic card. Then use 
KAIOKEN. When it switches back to Gohan, find a store quickly and buy Karin. Then go to the 
fight and use the Moon/Tail item on Gohan. Gohan should transform. Keep powering your Kaioken 
to x2 (select the last thing when the dialogue pops up).box When you get another magic card, 
then use GenkiDama. That should finish him off. 
Me, myself & Kiwi
HP : 220
KI energy : 100
Power level : 22000
Challenge : tough as eating old bread
Before you live the cave with the Dragon ball, save. DO NOT use your Vegeta card. Take him 
out using all your most powerful attacks like the masenko ha and the namekians other powers. 
Heal whenever you need to heal and you'll see this match as tough as eating old 
Pink ugly, chapped lip Dodoria
HP : 288
KI energy : 120
Power level : 22000
Challenge : tough as eating old bread
Use the Vegeta card. Use Gohan's Masenko-ha. Make Dodoria suffer. But before that u will need 
to train until u can train no more. Then head to your ship and fight Dodoria after he destroys 
your ship. You can't control Vegeta during this fight but he can handle it himself, he will 
however overdo it sometimes with his rage and beat up Dodoria 2 times or more per turn.
Zarbon, the guy that Vegeta found easy
HP : 232
KI energy : 160
Power level : 23000
Challenge : moderate
Quite easy, since Vegeta is on your side. JUST DON'T USE YOUR MAGIC CARDS ON VEGETA. Use it 
on someone better like Gohan.
Zarbon, the lizard that beat up Vegeta first time
HP : 232
KI energy : 160
Power level : 32000
Challenge : challenging
Vegeta can use the usual cards and Gohan should use the magic card. You should also heal 
whenever you have the chance.
Recoome and Guldo
Recoome status
HP : 364
KI energy : 200
Power level : 65000
Guldo status
HP : 296
KI energy : 270
Power level : 13500
Challenge : quite tough
Give Vegeta all the weak cards and make him use them against Guldo and give Gohan the strong 
cards to use against Recoome. Wow man, am I clever, or am I clever?
Jeice and Burter
Jeice status
HP : 332
KI energy : 230
Power level : 64000
Burter stats
HP : 305
KI energy : 200
Power level : 62000
Challenge : it's quite moderate
Take out Burter as quick as you can. Focus your attacks on him instead of Jeice. Once Burter 
is dead, Jeice will go to Captain Ginyu. Burter will fall quicker due to his lower hp, ki and 
power level. However, if you want an easier fight later, then take out Jeice. Its your call, 
but I strongly recommend Burter.
Captain Ginyu, the body snatcher.
HP : 396
KI energy : 300
Power level : 120000
Challenge : interesting
Use KAIOKEN and keep powering it up and using Kamehame-Ha until he switches bodies with you. 
In the second match the way to beat Ginyu is to force him to switch back into his own body 
then use all your most powerful attacks. When he is low on health, take him out as quick as 
The bastard himself
HP : 500
KI energy : 360
Power level : 500000
Challenge : sweaty
If Freeza knocks down your HP to at least under 10 (if possible), use a full heal. Tada, 
level up (it only works on the sayjins). Keep on battling him until you feel your HP is 
low. Then heal using a Karin card to full HP. Use all your most powerful ki attacks (except 
Vegeta's) and pray they will hit. Before entering this battle, I recommend you train to 
level 45. Use grandpa gohans and piccolos to win. 
Freeza returns as a man
HP : 520
KI energy : 360
Power level : 1000000
Challenge : less sweat
Piccolo arrives in the second round (make sure you fused with Nail). Give Piccolo all the 
good cards and the magic cards so that he can win. But try to keep to weaker guys alive. 
Save them until Goku comes later. Freeza will later run away when his HP is low.
More ass whipping to the Alien (you know those from the movie) clone
HP : 500
KI energy : 400
Power level : 1550000
Challenge : heart stopping
Fight his henchmen and then fight him. He shouldn't be a problem for Piccolo and Vegeta. 
After a while he runs away from battle and that's irritating. Keep on chasing after him. 
Once he is low on HP he will transform to his 4th stage.
No more horns just a big head
HP : 510
KI energy : 420
Power level : 3555555
Challenge : goku's here by the way
Let someone except Vegeta, Gohan or Piccolo die. Goku will be angry and go super sayjin. 
The fight should be easy now. Just use all your best attacks against him and he WILL DIE. 
Use kaioken, power it up and then let a level 5 Genkidama go (power it up for 5 rounds).
Time for the true final battle
HP : 2000
KI energy : 500
Power level : 6000000
Challenge : the biggest challenge in the game
Use your grandpa gohan cards to ensure a hit all the time. Then make sure you have a few 
chichi and ki restore cards so that you can use Goku's most powerful attacks in peace. 
Piccolo and Gohan will be of some assistance. But the rest should keep themselves sidelined. 
Just let them die. Heal Goku, gohan and Piccolo whenever they are down on HP and this battle 
should be challenging in the end since you will have to micromanage everything. 
After that you can see the true ending.
Copyrighted to Jeansy molanza 2002


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