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 Ever Grace - Platform: Playstation 2

Ever Grace - Platform: Playstation 2

Hidden area
Collect Dark Crystals during the game by killing various monsters. Go to a
Save Crystal and enter the item screen. Use a Dark Crystal to go to the 
Shadow Tower.

Easy stat increase
When playing as Sharline in the area before the research lab, find the Save
Crystal under the cliff by Royal Commons. There is a plant creature that 
always gives you a Blue Fruit there. You can attain maximum stats early by 
killing the plant/monster, then go into the shop. After entering the shop,
all enemies in the area are respawned.

When playing as for Sharline, in the middle of sky tower there is an icy
area on the third floor near the elevator. One of the big pink guys is 
located here. Kill him and he will drop a Red Fruit. Each time you kill him, 
another one will appear. Kill him nine times, then return to the save crystal 
and return. Repeat this as needed.

When you begin your adventure as Darius, make your way to the first Save
Crystal you find. When you go through the "stone doorway" that is next to 
it, a bee-type enemy will appear. Kill it, and it will drop a Blue Fruit. 
Blue Fruits give you 5 points to add to your stats. Return to the Save  
Crystal, then use it to enter the store. Walk out of the store, return to 
the bee, and kill it again. It should drop another Blue Fruit.
Repeat this as many times as needed. This trick can be done wherever there
is a Blue/Red Fruit near a Save Crystal.

Easy money
While playing as Darius, in the shrine under the castle there is a Save
Crystal. Continue down the walkway
you will fight a giant stone monster. Go left or right from that room you
can find as many as four of these
opponents. There is a good chance that they will drop a Palmira Ore, which
sells for 1,000. They also drop
Red Fruits on occasion, which also makes this location a good place to
increase Darius' stats and equipment

While playing as Sharline, when in the basement of the Human Research
Facility, fall off one of the platforms
that is above the save point. Run back and forth under here, killing the
monsters that appear. Make sure you
are stocked up healing potions. One of the monsters will drop some armor.
Pick it up and sell it for 666 gold.
When you run out of healing potions, go to the shop and sell the armor. You
should now have about 5,000 gold.
Repeat this as needed.

Darkforge Armor
In Darius's story, you have to fight a monster that appears in the reception
hall. After you defeat this monster,
the ground begins to shake and you go to the underground shrine. When enter,
you will find a save crystal --
hopefully you have enough money to buy it. Enter the shop, go to the armor
and purchase it. This is the best
armor and greatly increases strength.

Defender Sword
In Darius' story, when you get into the coliseum and defeat the Boss, he
will slam his sword into the ground
and cause an avalanche. This will cause both of you to plummet downward.
When you get on your feet, turn
around and you will see a sword on the floor. Pick it up. It is the Boss'
Defender Sword that he dropped
after the fall.

when you are transported to the coliseum in Darius's story, do not go inside
yet. Instead, walk around the outside.
You will encounter a monster with a Degulta. Defeat it to get it -- if you
do not get it, you fought the wrong monster.

Heavenly Axe
In Darius' story, when you get to the abandoned road and defeat Djin, a
bridge will apear. Go across the bridge
and follow the path. You will enter a room with Sienna. Do not talk to her
yet. Instead, turn right and pick up the
Heavenly Axe.

Red Fruits
On the abandoned road, when you first enter after the coliseum, turn right
after the Save Crystal. Kill the lobster-like
monster to get a Red Fruit. Go to the shop in the Crystal and return. Fight
the monster again and repeat to get as
many Red Fruits as needed.


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