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 Flower - Platform: Playstation 3

Flower - Platform: Playstation 3

Hidden green flowers:
Search the following locations to find the hidden green flowers:
Yellow Flower stage

Bloom all white flowers in the first area to find a green flower.
Bloom all white flowers in the second area to find a green flower.
Search behind a rock on the rear of the tree at the end to find a green 

Red Flower stage:
  Bloom all flowers before going through the stone wall, and a green flower will 
  After the rock wall opens, bloom all the red flowers in that area, then all 
  the yellow flowers. A green flower will appear on a sort of rocky outcropping.
  Enter the last area with the three formations surrounding the larger center 
  one. Do not follow the blue flowers. Instead, go left around the edge of the 
  canyon. Go past the blue flowers, look towards the mountain, and follow the 
  path going up the mountain to find a green flower.

Pink Flower stage:
  Bloom all flowers in the starting area to find a green flower.
  Stay to the left in the canyon, and enter the cave. Keep to the left to find a 
  green flower.
  After the canyon ends and before you enter the field, turn around to find a 
  green flower.

Blue Flower stage:
  Look behind the two hay bales in the distance to find a green flower.
  When charged, circle around the wagon to find a green flower.
  When charged, fly over the lit pond. A green flower will appear next to the 

Easy "flOw" trophy:
In the Pink Flower stage, stay to the left in the canyon, and enter the cave. 
Keep to the right to get the trophy.
Easy "Illuminator" trophy 
In the Blue Flower stage, when charged, fly over the darker pond.

Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

  Memories (Bronze): Reminisce for three minutes before returning to the room. 
  Palette (Bronze): Use the grass as your canvas and paint the ground with three 
  different colors. 
  Wind (Bronze): Play with the windmills and ride the wind seven times. 
  Illumination (Bronze): Light a darkened pool. 
  Pure (Bronze): Journey to the city unscathed. 
  Stars (Bronze): Release all of the names to the sky. 
  flOw (Bronze): Life could be simple... 
  Nature (Silver): Bloom 10,000 flowers. 
  Urban (Silver): Completely awaken the city. 
  Dream (Gold): Beyond all flowers lies another room. 


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