Grand Theft Auto - Vice City - Platform: Playstation 1 - Console Games.

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 Grand Theft Auto - Vice City - Platform: Playstation 1

Grand Theft Auto - Vice City - Platform: Playstation 1

Update by: rakesh
Update by: Davy Stolk

Submitted by: BXR na wp

Start the game and type any one of those cheats when playing the game.

CHEAT                        EFFECT 
General Cheats             
THUGSTOOLS                 -  All Level1 Weapons 
PROFESSIONALTOOLS          - All Level2 Weapons  
NUTTERTOOLS                - All Level3 Weapons 
ASPIRINE                   - Full Health 
PRECIOUSPROTECTION         - Full Armor 
FANNYMAGNET                - Ladies Magnet (women follow you) 
YOUWONTTAKEMEALIVE         - Higher Wanted Level  
LEAVEMEALONE               - No Wanted Level 
ICANTTAKEITANYMORE         - Commit Suicide 

Character Skin Cheats
DEEPFRIEDMARSBARS          - Fat Body 
PROGRAMMER                 - Skinny arms and legs 
STILLLIKEDRESSINGUP        - Random Change of Clothes 
CERTAINDEATH               - Smoke a cigarette 
CHEATSHAVEBEENCRACKED      - Play as Ricardo Diaz 
LOOKLIKELANCE              - Play as Lance Vance 
MYSONISALAWYER             - Play as Ken Rosenberg 
LOOKLIKEHILARY             - Play as Hilary King 
ROCKANDROLLMAN             - Play as Love Fist character Jezz Torent 
WELOVEOURDICK              - Play as Love Fist character Dick 
ONEARMEDBANDIT             - Play as Phil Cassidy.  
IDONTHAVETHEMONEYSONNY     - Play as Sonny Forelli.  
FOXYLITTLETHING            - Play as Mercedes 

Vehicle Spawn Cheats  
PANZER                     - Spawns a Rhino 
TRAVELINSTYLE              - Spawns a Bloodring Banger  
GETTHEREQUICKLY            - Spawns Bloodring Banger#2  
GETTHEREFAST               - Spawns a Sabre Turbo  
GETTHEREVERYFASTINDEED     - Spawns a Hotring Racer  
GETTHEREAMAZINGLYFAST      - Spawns Hotring Racer#2  
THELASTRIDE                - Spawns a Romero's Hearse  
ROCKANDROLLCAR             - Spawns Love Fist's Limo 
RUBBISHCAR                 - Spawns a Trashmaster 
BETTERTHANWALKING          - Spawns a Caddie 

Vehicle Cheats 
BIGBANG                    - Blows up all nearby vehicles 
MIAMITRAFFIC               - Aggressive Traffic  
AHAIRDRESSERSCAR           - All Pink Vehicles 
IWANTITPAINTEDBLACK        - All Black Vehicles 
COMEFLYWITHME              - Vehicles have flying ability 
GRIPISEVERYTHING           - Better Vehicle Handling 
GREENLIGHT                 - All Traffic Lights are green 
SEAWAYS                    - Vehicles drive on water 
WHEELSAREALLINEED          - Makes only vehicle wheels visible 
LOADSOFLITTLETHINGS        - Sportscars have bigger wheels 

Weather Cheats 
ALOVELYDAY                 - Clear Weather 
APLEASANTDAY               - Lightly Clouded 
ABITDRIEG                  - Dense Clouds 
CANTSEEATHING              - Foggy Weather 
CATSANDDOGS                - Stormy Weather 

Miscellaneous Cheats  
LIFEISPASSINGMEBY          - Speeds up Game Clock  
ONSPEED                    - Makes everything faster  
BOOOOOORING                - Makes everything slower  
FIGHTFIGHTFIGHT            - Aggressive Pedestrians  
NOBODYLIKESME              - Everybody wants to kill you 
OURGODGIVENRIGHTTOBEARARMS - Pedestrians carry weapons 
CHICKSWITHGUNS             - Only Female Peds carry weapons 
CHASESTAT                  - Shows Media Level


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