Harvest Moon - Magic Melody - Platform: Gamecube - Console Games.

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 Harvest Moon - Magic Melody - Platform: Gamecube

Harvest Moon - Magic Melody - Platform: Gamecube

Aging Pot:
Become friends with Saibara (2 or 3 hearts) and he will ask you to go talk 
to the mayor. The mayor then teaches you how to make Potato Gratin. After that, 
go back to Saibara's house and he will give you the Aging Pot, which is used 
to make sodas.

Purchase an egg from Blue Sky Ranch for 120G instead of buying a chicken for 
1200G. Just wait for the egg to hatch and the chick to grow.

Dia And Gina:
Ship 30 herbs to have Dia and Gina appear in town.

Duke, Gwen, And Doug:
Attend the Spring Horse Race on Spring 17 to have them appear in town.

Easy 30 Saves:
Go To Your Journal And Save The Game. Do Not Exit The Save Menu; Just Keep 
Choosing 'yes' To Save Repeatedly.

Easy 50 Finger Whistle:
Go Into Your House And Press R(50). It Does Not Matter If Your Animal Is 
Near You Or Not.

Easy Horse Star:
To get a horse star easily, first get your horse out of the barn. 
Make sure that she has at least two or more hearts, or you can't ride her. 
If she has two or more hearts, mout her by pressing the X button. 
Than, ride her untill 6:00 P.M. After that, she should have one training 
star filled in. If not, repeat the process the following day untill she 
gets enough stars. Remember, stars are used as stamina in the Horse Races!

Easy Shipping:
Go To Your Shipping Box And Get A Nearby Log. Put The Log In The Shipping 
Box And You Will Get A Note.


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