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 Jade Empire - Platform: XBox

Jade Empire - Platform: XBox

Dragonfly mini-game:
Always select "Attack" between each chapters and complete the Dragonfly missions 
to unlock the Dragonfly mini-game at the main menu.

Alternate title screen:
Successfully complete the game for a Dirge-themed title screen.

Bonus dialog:
Successfully complete the game and allow the credits to continue until the end 
to hear extra dialog from various characters.

Regain health:
If you are running low on health in battle, hold B (block) and hold White (heal) 
to heal yourself without receiving damage from enemies. Note: This drains Chi 
Use all of your sprit and focus and have low heath, then unequip all gems giving 
a stat bonus and re-equip them. This should refill them a little each time. 
Repeat as this as much as necessary to get unlimited spirit health and focus.

Get all endings easily:
Save near the end of the game. You can then choose to complete the game as 
desired and view each of the three different endings.

Easy money:
After talking to Master Li, go into the other room. You will find a chest that 
has three small statues in it; take them. Then, go to the large statue of a 
lion. Approach the altar, and whatever color his palm glows, place the 
corresponding statue there. After you have placed all three statues you will 
receive one silver coin. You can do this until you receive 17 silver coins, and 
you will keep the small statues. If you decide to destroy the alter, you will be 
given 24 silver coins and will lose the small statues. Additionally, to get 
silver and a item at the start of the game, after you talk to Master Li there is 
a statue in the room next to the one where you and Li had a discussion. In the 
room with the statue is a chest with colored lions. Put the lions one by one on 
the wooden frame corresponding to the color of the sphere the statue lion holds. 
For example, blue sphere, blue lion, etc. You can do this seventeen times and 
get silver coins. With those silver coins, go out in the back of the school (not 
where smoky mountain is, but on the other side). There is a path that leads up 
to a spot where two students are training. Defeat them for easy experience. 
Then, keep exploring that area. You will see a bridge with a burial memorial. 
Deposit the silver coins and you will get the headstone. Take that head stone to 
the lion statue and put it in place. Three more colors will appear on the 
sphere. Choose the correct combinations of the lions to get a lion statue that 
helps with your health and something else. Note: Do not break the table because 
you will only get twenty silver coins and it is not worth it. If you break table 
you will not be able to do this trick.
Instead of foisting your essence gems off on the Magical Abacus or random 
merchants, save them until you reach the Imperial City. Make your way to the 
Arena and fight through the ranks until Lucky Cho and Sweet Poison Lyn make 
their "offer." After either refusing or accepting, sell your gems to the 
poisoner. She will pay twice the amount for the gems that the Abacus will pay. 
This is an extremely useful tactic to make a lot of money.
Instead of getting the maximum number of coins from the altar, get a coin, then 
explore the tomb of the old master of the school. Put a coin in the bowl. You 
will then get the symbol from the tomb. Go back to the lion altar, place the 
symbol in the lion's mouth, and the test will change. Complete the new test 
(yellow + blue = green, yellow + red = orange, and red + blue = purple), and you 
will receive the Gaze of the Lion, which will give you a few bonuses.


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