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 Legacy of Kain - Defiance - Platform: XBox

Legacy of Kain - Defiance - Platform: XBox

Tube Reaver: 
While playing as Kain, pause the game and enter the following code: 

Up, Down, Left, Right, R, L, Y, Down, B

NOTE: Kain will say "Fear the tube" if entered correctly

Submitted by:Tran Vi Phuong

Bonus materials:
Successfully complete and save the game to unlock all bonus materials.

Respawning Blood/Soul Basins:
When playing as either Kain or Raziel, you will sometimes find Blood or Soul 
Basins which will recharge your health when you consume the contents. These 
respawn somewhere between two and five minutes apart from when you used them. 
This is very useful if you are locked in a room with multiple enemies, such as 
statues, which do not give either blood or souls upon their death.

Finding the Earth Relic:
When Kain is looking for the Earth Relic, hunt in whichever forge he is in. 
When you find a hallway filled with black Spectres (with purple eyes) run 
along it until you see a fence. Run in a half circle on the left side of the 
hallway. Jump over and down to find it.

Spirit Forge Puzzle:
When you get to the Spirit Forge and the Elder God is closing it of with his 
tentacles, do the following. First, jump down and slash where the four connect. 
Next, climb out and use your Dark and Light Reavers in the holes on the ground 
(beneath the glowing runes). He will shout and drag the front deeper. Go down 
and slash. Use Earth Reaver to help get back up to the top. Do the same thing 
for Water and Fire. He will retreat deeper. Slash him again. Use Earth to sink 
and slash, Water to freeze the waterfall, and Earth to create to rock bridges. 
Climb to the top and stick the Air and Earth Reavers in to ignite the Forge. 
Then, just float down and get it.

Traitorous enemies:
If you get in a fight with multiple enemies, a strike that is meant for you may 
hit one of your opponents. Sometimes two enemies will flat out attack each other 
and forget you. This is very helpful when you are fight multiple stone statues.

Defeating stone statues:
A bit into the game you will start to encounter stone statues that come to life 
and attack. An easy way to defeat them is to exit combat mode and run close to 
it. When it starts to attack, get out of range. It will hit the ground and be 
on its knees for a short time. Jump near it and do a mighty chop attack. The 
back of this creature tends to be its weak point. This will get more difficult 
depending on how many of them attack you at once. It seems that the most that 
will attack at once is three.

Defeating Elder God:
Whenever a tentacle has little blue dots floating around it, quickly slash it. 
Watch the eye occasionally when the blue shield is gone. Get in quickly and 
give it a good slash. This is the only way to damage him. When the eye starts 
to shoot out different colored balls, go to the right side of the screen and 
stand in the depression in the ground. Run circles in it, and most of the balls 
will miss you. Dodge all of the tentacles as they whip around. Use these tactics 
and you should survive.

Defeating Janos Audron:
Like Turel, he is invulnerable except for certain moments. Dodge him when 
he dive bombs you, then get in close and slash at him. You can also attack 
him after he has shot the orange tornado at you. Attack whenever he is down 
on his knees.

Defeating Kain:
Use the basically strategy when defeating Raziel with Kain.

Defeating Raziel:
With Kain, use your combos and especially Kinetic Shackles. Pull or throw 
Raziel around and keep slashing. Raziel is quick; keep moving and use all 
your skills.

Defeating Turel:
You will take your vengeance upon his monstrous form. He is almost 
invulnerable unless you do the following. When the glowing yellow 
bands surround you, find the gong that is emanating them. You have 
to hit it either with your Reaver or with a Tk bolt. This will stun 
him. Get to him and hack at him as fast as possible. Repeat this as 
needed. Watch out for his other attacks. Near the end, all four gongs 
will start to emanate. The two end ones should be hit, killing him and 
giving you stronger telekinesis.

Have Fun !!! :-)


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