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 Legend of Legaia - Platform: Playstation 1

Legend of Legaia - Platform: Playstation 1

Submitted by: PD

E V I L M E D A L L I O N:
Go to the Top of Mt Dhini and Fight Lapis. If you beat him, you will 
obtain the Evil Medallion, that leads using the Rage, and making up to 
9999 Attacks

W A R G O D I C O N:
Destroy the Absolute Fortress and Won the Master Tournament. 
You will obtain the War God Icon, that leads the Player Holding it to 
Attack 2 Times in a Turn

M E T T L E G O B L E T:
Where you find the RaSeru Thongs, search for a Red Cell, there's a 
Mettle Goblet, that Makes Arts no Consume AP

E A R T H J E W E L:
Near the West Voz Forest Genesis Tree are 2 Big Bushes. Near them is 
an Earth Jewel

C A M E R A S T O N E:
Kill Dohati and go to Vidna, talk to the Hunter near Pepe's house. 
He will sell you a Camera Stone for 100G, if it breaks, buy it again

M E T A , T E R R A , O Z M A:
Go to Sol Tower, Mt Rikuroa and East Voz Forest Genesis Trees, and 
touch them. Then touch them. You will obtain Meta Terra and Ozma 
Magics, that Cost 220 MP. They are the Best Magic

E V I L M E D A L L I O N:
Get Vahn, Noa and Gala in LV 99 and talk to Saryu. He will give you 
the Evil Key. Go to Juggernaut Room and pick the treasure Chest. It 
has the Evil Medallion with the Evil Seru Magic, with 220 MP

H O R N M A G I C:
Get RaSeru Egg From Cara and Purchase it to Zalan. He will give you 
the Light Talisman, that Contains Horn, the Master heal Magic, 200 MP

J E D O:
Go to West Voz Forest and Get the Dark Stone, then give it to Zalan, 
for obtaining Dark Talisman

P A L M A:
Get 10000 Points fishing and Purchase the Water Egg. Give it to Zalan, 
for obtaining Water Talisman

? ? ?:
Get 100000 Coins at Sol and obtain the Earth Egg, purchase it to Zalan 
for Geting Water Egg

B O S S E S:
This was hard to Made. I had to use a Calcualtor for Obtaining Real HP, 
there are
SONGI 1200
ZETO 5000
XAIN 9800
SONGI 12000
DOHATI 18000
GAZA 12000
GAZA 15000
KORU 20000
ZORA 23000
ROUGE 28000
JETTE 38000
CORT 5000
SONGI 48000
CORT 75000

Dr. Usha's research center password
X, X, Triangle, Circle, Square. 

Evil Medallion
First Make sure you're at least at level 52 each then 
head to the top of Mt. Dhini and walk around where the 
wings are and you'll run Into A monster more powerful 
The the final stage of Cort, Its Name Is Lapis and It 
has about 70,000 Hp and don't rely on Magic because it'll 
suck it up at the beginning of the battle. Once you defeat 
him he'll give you the Evil Medallion, One of the Rarest 
and most valuable Items in the game.


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