Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time - Platform: Gamecube - Console Games.

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 Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time - Platform: Gamecube

Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time - Platform: Gamecube

To stab things, hold L + Up and attack. 

Forward flip
When you get the Hover Boots, equip them. Remember that the Hover 
Boots have little traction, so you will slide when you run and stop. 
Begin running, quickly release the Analog-stick, and hold R + Back + A. 
You will be in a backflip stance, but will go forwards instead of back.

First Boss password
In the room before the first Boss, hit the enemies in this order: 2, 3, 1. 
In Master Quest, use 3, 1, 2.

Defeating the first Boss
Shoot her in the eye when it is red. If you do not, her babies will 
attack you.

Mario and friends
Go to the garden in the castle. Go to the right and look in the window.

Bowser's face
Look at the object on Malon's neck.

Angry man
In the castle garden, shoot the left window. 
A man will throw a bomb at you.

Charge your Spinning Blade technique without wasting magic
During the game play, switch to your sword, then repeatedly rotate 
the Analog-stick while repeatedly pressing B. Eventually, Link will 
do his attack.

Freeze game
In the Dodongo Cavern, there is a room containing three Dodongos. 
Destroy two Dodongos. On the third Dodongo, kill it but do not let 
it explode. Before it explodes, begin climbing the ladder on the 
pillar in the center of the room. The Dodongo will explode and there 
will be an intermission sequence of the door opening. 
The screen will return to you climbing the ladder. If done correctly, 
you will not be able to move and cannot press Start.

Fall under Forest Temple
Go to the Forest Temple. Inside, go to the second twisty hallway (with 
the green flying skulls) and cast Faore's Wind. Return to the red/blue 
switch for the first twisty hallway (the one immediately after the blue 
flying skulls) and hit it. Return to your warp point and backtrack to 
the first twisty room. Go through the door, but do not walk after he goes 
through the door. Turn left and walk through the hole in the wall. 
You will end up below the level. Turn right and you will fall for a long 
time and be placed back where you can do it again. Reset to get out. 

No music in Kakariko Village
Wait in the Hyrule Field until the music ends, and wait for the rooster 
to crow. You then have about a five second gap where no music is played. 
If you enter Kakariko Village during this gap, there will be no background 
music playing.


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