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 Lego Batman - Platform: Playstation 2

Lego Batman - Platform: Playstation 2

Unlockables from the McDonald's Toy Set Codes:
Enter these codes (provided by the Lego Batman toys at McDonalds) at `
the cheat screen to unlock the following:

Password  Effect
BDJ327  - Bruce Wayne - (from Batman Batarang toy)
DDP967  - Commissioner Gordon - (from the Joker Helicopter toy)
XWP645  - More Batarang Targets - (from the Batboat toy)
MVY759  - Nightwing - (from Robin Grappling Hook toy)
KJP748  - Penguin Minion - (from the Penguin Submarine toy)
MAC788  - Police Van - (from the Batmobile toy)
CCB199  - The Joker (Tropical) - (from the Joker Surprise toy)
NJL412  - Yeti - (from Mr. Freeze Ice Blast toy)

Various Codes:
Enter one of the following codes at the computer in the Batcave to activate the 
cheat function.

Effect         Code
Extra hearts - ML3KHP

How to get past the pipe:
Submitted by: Zylan

In the hero's scarecrow level you will see a silver cage near the beginning.Destroy it.
A mine will appear where the cage was.Turn into the batcopter and press circle.
Now drag the mine to the flaming pipe and it will be destroyed.

Submitted by: darkmillenium

JKR331 - Batgirl 
LEA664 - Bruce Wayne's Private Jet
M1AAWW - Catwoman (Classic) 
HPL826 - Catwoman's Motorcycle 
HJK327 - Clown Goon 
HGY748 - Fishmonger 
XVK541 - Freeze Girl 
DUS483 - Garbage Truck 
GCH328 - Goon Helicopter 
CHP735 - Harbor Helicopter 
RDT637 - Harley Quinn's Hammer Truck
UTF782 - Joker Goon 
YUN924 - Joker Henchman 
JCA283 - Mad Hatter 
HS000W - Mad Hatter's Glider 
M4DM4N - Mad Hatter's Steamboat 
NYU942 - Man-Bat 
MKL382 - Military Policeman 
ICYICE - Mr. Freeze's Iceberg 
BCT229 - Mr. Freeze's Kart 
NKA238 - Penguin Goon 
BTN248 - Penguin Goon Submarine 
BJH782 - Penguin Henchman 
KJP748 - Penguin Minion 
GTB899 - Poison Ivy Goon 
LJP234 - Police Bike 
PLC999 - Police Boat 
KJL832 - Police Car 
CWR732 - Police Helicopter 
HKG984 - Police Marksman 
JRY983 - Police Officer 
VJD328 - Police Watercraft 
CRY928 - Riddler Goon 
XEU824 - Riddler Henchman 
HAHAHA - Riddler's Jet 
TTF453 - Robin's Submarine 
HTF114 - S.W.A.T. 
NAV592 - Sailor 
JFL786 - Scientist 
PLB946 - Security Guard 
JUK657 - The Joker's Van 
EFE933 - Two-Face's Armored Truck 
DWR243 - Zoo Sweeper


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