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 Lego Indiana Jones - The Original Adventures - Platform: XBox 360

Lego Indiana Jones - The Original Adventures - Platform: XBox 360

Cheat Codes:
Enter one of the following codes on the blackboard in the Math classroom 
at Barnet College to unlock the corresponding character (must be purchased) 
or cheat. 

Character    Password 
Mola Kam               - FJUR31 
Major Toht             - 13NS01  
Super Slap in "Extras" - 0P1TA5 
Treasure Magnet        - H86LA2 

Gear, Features & More:
To unlock the various features and items below, insert the corresponding code 
at the university's math classroom.

Artifact Detector  - VIKED7
Beep Beep          - VNF59Q
Character Treasure - VIES2R
Disarm Enemies     - VKRNS9
Disguises          - 4ID1N6
Fast Build         - V83SLO
Fast Dig           - 378RS6
Fast Fix           - FJ59WS
Fertilizer         - B1GW1F
Ice Rink           - 33GM7J
Parcel Detector    - VUT673
Poo Treasure       - WWQ1SA
Regenerate Hearts  - MDLP69
Secret Characters  - 3X44AA
Silhouettes        - 3HE85H
Super Scream       - VN3R7S
Super Slap         - 0P1TA5
Treasure x2        - VM4TS9
Treasure x4        - VLWEN3
Treasure x6        - V84RYS
Treasure x8        - A72E1M
Treasure x10       - VI3PS8
Treasure Magnet    - H86LA

Secret levels:
Collect all of the artifacts in a movie to unlock the corresponding secret

Raiders Of The Lost Ark - Young Indy level
Temple Of Doom          - Ancient City
The Last Crusade        - Warehouse level

Unlock han solo:
There is 5 star wars characters in the game when you find all 5 you unlock 
han solo as a characters.

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the number of Gamerscore points:

This... this is history... (40 points): Collect all artefacts
Your mail is on your desk. (40 points): Post all parcels
Fortune & glory kid. (100 points): Complete the game to 100%
You chose... wisely. (30 points): Unlock all of the available characters
You will become a true believer. (20 points): Use a Thuggee Statue 20 times
Bad dates! (20 points): Give 20 bananas to monkeys
What a cautious fellow I am. (20 points): Destroy 50 objects with a bazooka
Start the engines, Jock! (20 points): Use a mechanic character's repair ability
How we say goodbye in Germany. (20 points): Access restricted enemy locations 50 times
There is nothing to fear here. (10 points): Complete the "The Lost Temple" level
It's important Marion, trust me. (10 points): Complete the "Into the Mountains" level
Belloq's staff is too long. (10 points): Complete the "City of Danger" level
Why did it have to be snakes? (10 points): Complete the "The Well of Souls" level
I'm making this up as I go along (10 points): Complete the "Pursing the Ark" level
Keep your eyes shut! (10 points): Complete the "Opening the Ark" level
Short Round, step on it! (10 points): Complete the "Shanghai Showdown" level
I had bugs for lunch! (10 points): Complete the "Pankot Secrets" level
Kali Ma will rule the world! (10 points): Complete the "Kali's Temple" level
Quit fooling around. (10 points): Complete the "Free The Slaves" level
Take the left tunnel! (10 points): Complete the "Escape the Mines" level
Prepare to meet Kali! (10 points): Complete the "Battle on the Bridge" level
X marks the spot! (10 points): Complete the "The Hunt for Sir Richard" level
Don't call me Junior! (10 points): Complete the "Castle Rescue" level
We're not going in the boat? (10 points): Complete the "Motorcycle Escape" level
No ticket. (10 points): Complete the "Trouble in the Sky" level

Submitted by: Rocker 720

I know how to unlock all Bonus Levels the easiest way (So far) Get all ten artifact pieces 
that make up each one fron any eight levels in the game. Then you will need characters with 
the academic ability, explosion ability, excavate ability super jump ability, thugge chant 
ability and tiny size. Then put the treasure chests on the green squares and smash what you 
made then pick up the key and in the artifact room open the passages.


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