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 Lips - Platform: XBox 360

Lips - Platform: XBox 360

Cheaper songs:
If you purchase songs from Live Marketplace, each song will cost approximately 160 
points. However, if you open or link your Zune account to your gamertag, the songs 
will then range in price from 79 to 100 points.

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of 
Gamerscore points:

Been to Get Music (5 points): Entered Get Music for the first time. 
Welcome to My Lips (5 points): Entered My Lips for the first time. 
Try Freestyle Mode Out (5 points): Played Freestyle mode for the first time. 
Fight for the first time (5 points): Sent a song challenge to a friend for the 
first time. 
One Hit Wonder (5 points): Sang 1 song in short or full. 
Platinum Artist (25 points): Sang 10 different songs. 
Lips Anthology (30 points): Sang 40 different songs. 
I'm Kind Of A Big Deal (40 points): Achieved the rank of "Infinity". 
Wishing on a Star (30 points): Gained 5,000 total stars. 
I'm full of stars (40 points): Gained 50,000 total stars. 
Superstar! (40 points): Gained 100,000 total stars. 
100x Medalist (30 points): Awarded 100 total medals. 
500x Medalist (40 points): Awarded 500 total medals. 
Perfect Pitch (30 points): Awarded 30 Pitch medals. 
Time Machine (30 points): Awarded 30 Rhythm medals. 
Like A Rock (30 points): Awarded 30 Stability medals. 
Technician (30 points): Awarded 30 Technique medals. 
Ham Star (30 points): Awarded 30 Performance medals. 
Life of the Party (30 points): Awarded 30 Party medals. 
Rebirth of Cool (30 points): Got "Cool" 10 times in a row. 
What's Cooler Than Being Cool? (30 points): Got "Cool" in every page. 
I Got You Babe (5 points): Participated in Co-op mode for the first time. 
In Synch (25 points): Scored 1,000,000 pts in Co-op mode (Awarded to all signed in players).
Battle Tested (10 points): Played VS mode 10 times in different songs. 
Figure 8 (25 points): Got 8 medals total in one song (Awarded to all signed in players).
Full Medal Panic! (40 points): Got 12 medals total in one song (Awarded to all 
signed in players). 
Clap Your Hands Everybody (25 points): Noisemakers were perfectly in sync 
(Awarded to all signed in players). 
Gotta Have More Cowbell (30 points): Used the cowbell 50 times (Awarded to all 
signed in players). 
One Small Step For Man (5 points): Added a song to Lips from external sources. 
One Giant Leap for Mankind (10 points): Added 20 songs to Lips from external sources.
This is madness! (20 points): Added 300 songs to Lips from external sources. 
Throw Your Hands Up (5 points): Triggered a gesture in the Virtual Music Video.
Rising Star (40 points): Achieved a Grand Ranking of "Lounge Act". 
Big Name in Lips (40 points): Achieved a Grand Ranking of "Hit Maker". 
Call Me Superstar (40 points): Achieved a Grand Ranking of "Superstar". 
Defending Champion (25 points): Got 20 challenge wins. 
Let's Get This Party Started (10 points): Activated Jukebox mode. Will be 
awarded to all players who are signed in. 
First Kiss (35 points): Participated in 2P Kiss game ranked as "Match Made in 
Heaven" (Except in Freestyle mode). 
Nice Duds (35 points): Successfully stopped the bomb from exploding in Time 
Bomb (Except in Freestyle or Short mode). 
Fan Service (35 points): Participated in a Vocal Fighters game with a 4 point 
difference (Except in Freestyle mode).


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