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 Lost Kingdoms - Platform: Gamecube

Lost Kingdoms - Platform: Gamecube
Submitted by: Davy Stolk (
Duplicate Cards
Save your game in two files. Then exit your game and 
go to Two-Player mode. Load the file that you want the 
cards to go to for player one in "P1 Settings" and 
then load the other file for player two "P2 Settings". 
Then, in "P1 Settings," go to "Bet". Bet any three cards 
(it doesn't matter which ones). Then, in "P2 Settings," 
go to "Bet". Bet the three cards that you would like to 
go to player one. Start the match and immediately beat 
player 2. Then your first file will 
have 3 more cards!
How to get Red dragon
Go to the mountain level and fight the red dragon then at 
the end of the level pick the last card
God of Destruction Card
Defeat Thalnos in Broch Black. After he is defeated, defeat the 
God of Destruction to obtain his card.
Fire Gargoyle Card
To get the fire gargoyle card collect 12 red fairies and then 
give them to the scholar and he will give you a Fire Gargoyle 
(a 3 star) and a 2 star.
Get Great Demon Card
To get Great Demon card, after you beat the level Blessoon, 
it will ask you to pick 1,2 or 3. If your luck is good then you 
will pick a Fire Golem (if your luck isn't good and you don't 
pick a Fire Golem you can always get a Sand Golem and use it in 
battle to get experience and transform the Sand Golem into a Fire 
Golem). Use your Fire Golem in battle so it gains experience, so 
you can transform it into an Efreet. Use your Efreet in battle to 
gain experience, to transform it into a Great Demon. 
Have fun with your Great Demon. 
Get Stone Head Card
To get Stone Head card get twenty red fairies and go to Alexander 
and select trade fairies option and he will give you a stone head 
card. When you put a Stone Head card on the field he will go up in 
the air so no one can see him and he will come down after a few seconds.
Fire Gargolye Card
To get the fire gargolye card collect 12 red fairies and then give 
them to the schollar and he will give you a Fire Gargolye (a 3 star) 
and a 2 star.
Black and Red Dragon Card
All you have to do is transform the Zombie Dragon card. Red Dragon: 
2nd transform; Black Dragon: 3rd transorm. The Red Dragon card is 
an attack card. The Black Dragon card is a summon. WARNING!!!: 
The BLACK Dragon is good, BUT you "WILL" take some damage, so that 
is the bad part.
How 2 Get the Four Saint Beast Cards
This Is How You get the strongest and rarest creatures of their 
First Go to the Ruh Arok Temple and open the door that's blocked 
by the floating stones. then go foward. you will fight a goblin 
lord.then keep go on tell you are on the orange and and yellow 
carpet Then go left or right you will see some doors in the 
colors of elements. Now in order to Go to the secret levels you 
must have 20 of an element card For example if the door is green 
you must have 20 wood cards to go through it then you go to a 
stone of the color of the door and press A. It will ask you if you 
want to journey to the land of Blah blah.Hit yes you go to a secret 
level. and at that level you may encounter one of the four great 
beasts. (you must complete the level to gain access the awesome 
card. (Note that you can not evolve any cards into them!) They 
all evolve into the doppleganger. Here are the cards and what they do.
Change Color of Suit for 1player mode
This is really easy.All you have to do is go to 2player mode and 
go to 1player settings. Load a deck (best to pick your best deck) 
and then go to Select Color. Pick your favorite color (red, blue, 
green, or orange) then back to 1player settings. After that, save 
the game. Then you can play as the color you wanted.
Get Sand Golem Card
You get the sand golem card when you choose the next to last card 
at the Plains of Rowahl, after you beat the Sand Golem of course.
How to Get Puppet Master, Vampire, and Beelzabub
As you may know you can get Puppet Master in Yprek Mines. You get 
Vampire at Grenfoel Church and Beelzabub at Berden Field, If you 
pick them at the end. I know it's frusterating if you don't get them 
so this is a good way to get them if you don't pick them. Once you 
can go to Broch Black you will be able to fight Puppet Master, 
Vampire, and Beelzabub in random matches. By now you probaly are 
understanding that you will be able to use the capture throw on 
them. So just go to Broch Black and you will get some good cards!
Rare Cards
Red Dragon 14 magic stones: Get by transforming the Lizardman, 
3rd choice or the Dragonoid, 2nd choice; or defeat the Red Dragon 
in the volcano and if you are lucky you will get his card. 
Red Dragon is a summon that uses his powerful 
fiery breath to inflict massive damage in the blink of an eye.
Black Dragon 16 magic stones: Get by transforming the Dragonoid, 
3rd choice or by the Zombie Dragon, only choice; or defeat the 
Black Dragon at the Temple, if you are lucky you will get his card. 
Black Dragon is an independent monster that uses the life force 
of the summoner to survive. Every time the Black Dragon gets hit, 
Katia takes damage for it. He is powerful, but a Chaos Knight 
can send you away hurting.
Golden Phoenix 20 magic stones: In the Temple of Roh-Amok(something 
like that) a red fairy tells you go to the right and left of the 
Black Dragon's platform, you will see two doors on each side, go 
into the red door and talk to the red torch. The torch will send 
you into Yalwog. Be careful, Yalwog holds Efreets, Wizards, Great 
Demons, and maybe more, this one is the hardest of the four 
Legendary Beast missions. Go on the left path and walk up to the 
Phoenix on his shrine. He will ask you to beat the Demon Fox, so 
go do it. Demon Fox has 400 HP and a homing fire attack, I beat 
him easily using Doppleganger(No. 105). Then go back to the Golden 
Phoenix when the Demon Fox is dead, and he will join you after you 
pick your cards for the level. Golden Phoenix is Independent, and 
he will absorb the damage inflicted to your independent monsters, 
he has 30 HP, 80 Def.
Blue Dragon 20 magic stones: At Lake Bestrial you hear a fairy 
talk about the Blue Dragon, but you never see it there. At the 
Temple of Roh-Amok, go into the blue door and talk to the blue 
torch. The torch will send you to the Terjon Temple. Be carful 
this is Dragon Knight galore, they will appear in groups of three 
with help from Crystal Roses, Ice Golems, and Hands of Pain, 
together you will be hit a variety of status effects, and they 
work like atteam. Go into the corners of the temple and flip the 
switches to open the Blue Dragon's door. Talk to the Blue Dragon 
and he will tell you to fight the Kraken next to him. 
Defeat the Kraken, pick your card, and the Blue Dragon will join 
you. The Blue Dragon is a summon type, and he will fully restore 
you and your deck, all 30 cards.
Great Turtle 20 magic stones: n the Temple of Roh-Amok, go into 
the yellow door and talk to the yellow torch. He will send you 
to the Temple Amentankh. A red fairy tells you, that the Great 
Turtle is in the chamber you start at, but he will only appear 
if you bring him the Mummy card in the center of the temple. 
Be careful in the temple, Zombie Dragons, Griffins, and 
Juggernauts are in the temple and they can beat you in a 
couple seconds. Get the card by using the necklace of the 
Pharoah to open the door, open the casket and take the card, 
and you have to go the long way back. Make sure you open all 
of the treasure chests before you take the card or the chests 
will be blocked by a layer of rock. Go back to where you started 
and fight the Great Turtle with 2 Sphinxes. Win, pick your cards 
and the Great Turtle joins you. Great Turtle is an independent 
type that is very powerful. He shoots lava rocks out of his back 
that rains on the opponents doing heavy damage!
White Tiger 20 magic stones: Go to the green door and talk to 
the green torch in the Temple of Roh-Amok, it will send you to 
the forest no man has ever returned, Hupon-Jen. This mission is 
simple, go through the maze until you reach the White Tiger. He 
only has one move called Quick Draw, which is a charge at you 
hitting you with the blades of leaves on his body. The Demon Fox 
and Red Dragon cards help you greatly on this mission, but you 
may want to have powerful trap cards like Mega-Mandragora, or if 
you are lucky the explosion effect from three Kitty Traps at once. 
Win, pick your card, and you get the White Tiger summon card. 
White Tiger does Fangs of Glory, the most powerful, non-selective 
summon attack in the game! It is a straight line attack that damages 
all enemies, and inflicts 94 damage normally.Non-selective- my term 
for saying it doesn't target a specific group like the Demon Fox, 
Behemeth, Ice Golem, or Fenril.
Doppleganger 10 magic stones: get 9999 experience on any of the 
four Legendary Beast cards, White Tiger, Golden Phoenix, Blue 
Dragon, or Great Turtle, and transform it. Doppleganger is an 
independent creature that has 300 HP and around 20 Def that walks 
around the battlefield looking for someone to hug. As soon as it 
hugs someone, Katia or the enemy, they are instantly DEAD! It takes 
9999 experience on the Doppleganger to copy it.God of Destruction: 
get 9999 experienceon the Doppleganger and it will transform into 
the god of Destruction. I do not know how many magic stones it 
takes, but it is a summon attack. This card leaves everything on 
the battlefield with 1 HP using his Final Judgement attack.
Duty of the Princess
Your mission is to free Argwyll of the mist. Your help is needed 
in more than one place. Normally you go where the game tells you 
to go by putting a new place on the map. Other places need your 
help, so go help them, usually the rewards are great, and you cards 
do get Experience. Whenever you are in the Apothecary, talk to Gurd. 
Go in and talk to her after every mission, and sometimes she will 
tell you about some great places like the Dah-nok Valley that need 
your help, and eventually, you can go to Lake Bestrial.
What the Ears hears and the Eyes Sees, the Mind Believes
Just because the symbol of elements appear under the level's name 
when you see the description of it means only they are in there. 
Several missions hold secret monsters that aren't easy to find.
At the Dahl-Nok Valley, you see three eggs, and three white trees. 
Break the eggs, and go to where the white tree on the elevated 
plain is, and fight two secret Cockatrice enemies, they are worth 
a lot, and once you win, the white trees will be completely gone. 
The treasure is yours. The Grumtoll Desert holds the secret enemy 
Trickster that appears on the order of the map. Trickster is very 
deadly! He can inflict any status on you using his ring attack and 
if you are really unlucky, he can do instant death, he is small and 
agile like Carbuncle, but not that small. I would tell you how 
much he is worth, but I am yet to win over his instant death touch.
Lake Bestrial is the level I was talking about at the beginning. 
You are to believe that Hydra is the most powerful being there, 
but he is nowhere near the secret monster in power. When on any of 
those islands at the middle of the level, you may fight Elephant 
King. The level does not tell you any Earth elementals are there, 
but he is there, and he is more powerful and more common than the 
Hydra. It took about 10 of my Earth cards to beat him, and his payoff 
was better than Hydra, and he was harder.
To get these three levels and more, talk to Gurd at the Apothecary at 
different times at the game and after EVERY mission. By doing every 
mission you may find all of the cards, even the No. 98 which I am 
looking for.
Basilisk Card
After you put the potion the old crone made (Gurd) She teleports u 
2 the beginning of the level and yaps for 1min but once she shuts 
up you get a reward of 1 basilisk and your choosing from * ratings.
Card 098
Card #98 is cyclops, you get it when you transform an evil eye with 
Get The Puppet Master
Transform Wraith twice and voila! you have a puppet master!


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