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 Madden NFL 2003 - Platform: Gamecube

Madden NFL 2003 - Platform: Gamecube

Alternate menu music
Press L + R +Y at the options menu to change the music.

At the help menu, hold Y, then press R to cycle the music 
forward or L to cycle the music back.

Unlimited creation points
Go to "Rosters", then choose "Edit Player". 
Select the players that you want to be rated 99. 
Go to his attributes, then increase everything. 

Easy tokens
Play two-minute drill and choose to play four players, all 
with your profile. Set "Fire" the defense and the Vikings as 
your teams. Next, use Singleback 4WR All Streaks for touchdowns 
all day. 

At the main menu, go into "Features", select "Rosters", then 
go to the team you would like to defend you. For example, select 
the Bengals, then go to their defense (CB, FS, SS and Linebackers 
and Defensive Linemen). Change all of there speed attributes down 
to 0. Make a note of the original values so they can be restored 
later. Then, go to the Two Minute Drill, select the Bengals as 
the defense, and change the difficulty to All-Madden.. 
Select your team with your profile (Vikings recommended) and you 
will rack up points against a team that cannot catch you at all. 
Put Randy Moss at running back for even more points when you 
score or just throw to him always. 

Play two-minute drill, and choose any team you hate for the CPU's 
defense. Go to that team's roster and set all their defensive 
players' speed to 0. Instead of throwing the ball, use a run play. 
It takes about the same amount of time, but you will get more 
points for tokens when you use a running play. 
The "Near" formation and "HB Toss" are recommended. 
As always, use a fake field goal pass or fake run for the point 
after the touchdown. It is possible to score over 68,000 points 
with well over 340 tokens per 2 minutes. 

Cheerleader and Pump Up Crowd Cards
Successfully complete the "Game Situation" challenges in 
mini-camp mode. The Cheerleader or Pump Up Crowd Cards for 
the team used will be unlocked. 

Cheerleader Cards and game cheats
Get a gold rank in any event on the All Pro, Pro and 
Rookie levels. 

Barry Sanders
Get a gold rank in the RB Ground Attack drill in mini-camp 
mode under the All-Madden level.

To do this easier, play as Anthony Thomas. On any outside play, 
such as pitch right handoff sweep, etc., move the secondary over 
and cut back. This will force them to follow you. Your fullback 
and yourself can have a dead shot at the end zone. 
Remember to do this quickly, any other play like right up the 
middle, just juke and try to plow them over. 

Deion Sanders
Get a gold rank in the DB Swat drill in mini-camp mode under 
the All-Madden level.

Jan Stenerud
Get a gold rank in Clutch Kicking Drill in mini-camp mode under 
the All-Madden level. 

John Elway
Get a gold rank in the QB Pocket Presence under the All-Madden level.

Kevin Butler
Get a gold rank in P-Coffin Corner Punt under the All-Madden level.

Mike Ditka
Have a saved game file from another EA Sports football game on 
your memory card. 

Mike Singletary
Get a gold rank in the LB Chase and Tackle drill in mini-camp 
mode under the All-Madden level.

Reggie White
Get a gold rank in All-Madden DL-Trench Fight under the 
All-Madden level.

Steve Young
Get a gold rank in QB Precision Passing (St. Louis Rams) under 
the All-Madden level. 

Dodge City Stadium
Have a saved game file from another EA Sports football game 
on your memory card. 

Marshals secret team
Have a saved game file from another EA Sports football game 
on your memory card. 

Mummies secret team
Have a saved game file from an EA Sports racing game on your 
memory card. 

Break tackles
To easily break tackles as a running back, alternately press L and 
R immediately before you get tackled. 

Over the shoulder catch
When throwing the ball to a receiver that is running a fly route, 
lob the pass (tap the button) instead of throwing a bullet (holding 
the button). The receiver should catch the ball over his shoulder. 

Get a few more yards
When you are about to go out of bounds and want to get more yards, 
juke to the side away from the sideline. You will not go out, and 
it also sometimes delays the defense from pursuit. 

Easy rushing yards
When down in a game late and need yards, substitute your second string 
RB in and put your first string RB in at QB. Off the hike, you can 
either run or throw it. If a space is open, you will get more yards.

Onside kick
Turn off penalties. When you are about kick the ball when starting or 
after you scored, choose one of the onside kicks. When you go to kick, 
move it all the way over and down. For example, if your kicker is 
kicking off facing towards the left, move it all the way over towards 
the left and all the way down. You should get the ball every time. 

Better quarterback accuracy
Note what kind of quarterback you are passing with. 
If you have someone such as Kurt Warner, you may have better accuracy 
if you set your feet, then throw the ball. If you have someone like 
Donovan McNabb, you might have better luck throwing on the run. 

Better draft pick
If you have a first place team and you know its going to be very 
late in the draft, trade with a last place team. Sometimes you can 
even get a first and second round pick for just your first. 
This is a very good way to get young players on your already good 

Get any player or draft pick you want during franchise mode. After 
the regular season, such as during the playoffs or immediately before 
the Superbowl, go to create a player and make a quarterback. 
Make him 45 years old so that he will immediately retire when the 
season is over. Next, make him a 99 overall. Sign him from the free 
agency and trade him for any player or draft pick that you desire. 
You can do this as many times as you need, and can get ten first 
round picks and every player desired. 

Note: This trick requires NCAA Football 2003. Go to Create A Player 
in NCAA Football 2003 and make players with all their attributes all 
the way up. Alternately, edit everybody on your team and make everyone 
seniors. Go to dynasty mode then go to the off-season. 
All of your seniors will graduate. Export the draft class. 
Then, on Madden NFL 2003, import that draft class and all the people 
that you created will be there. You should get some of the players 
that you drafted. Repeat this as needed. 

Better trades
If you play with the salary cap penalties turned on in franchise 
mode, it is better to trade the player(s) you wish to cut for another 
team's draft pick. You will avoid penalties, keep your roster from 
becoming full, and get another draft pick. 

Start a franchise and create a new coach (or make one under the Coach 
Option/Job Openings screen). In Coach Options/Job Openings screen, 
highlight your coach, then press Left or Right to select the team with 
the player or draft pick you want. You are now the coach of that team. 
Trade the player you want to your team. Then, return to the Job Openings 
screen in Coach Options and select your original team. 
Back out and you will be coaching your team again.

Get any player
Use the following trick to get any player in a trade without the 
other team rejecting. In the franchise mode, create a player as a 
quarterback and move his attributes until you get to 99 points. 
Then, put his injury and stamina down to 0. This will not change 
the attribute point level. Sign him as a free agent then trade him 
to any team for anybody you want. When you play the team he is 
playing for, after a couple of plays he will either become injured 
or will be taken out of the game for his weak stamina. No team will 
refuse your trade and you will have any player you want on your team. 

When playing in franchise mode you can trade for any player you want 
without having that trade turned down. Go into the create a player 
menu and create a QB that is all 99s. Sign that player to your team 
then trade him to another team that has a player that you want. 
To make the trick even better, you can add another player from 
their team to the trade that is in the 80s -- this will be a 2-for-1 
trade. When the trade is complete, exit out to the franchise main menu 
and enter back into the create a player menu. Go back into the QB's 
attributes and edit them all the way down to 0s and then go back into 
the trade screen. Take the second player in the deal and trade him 
back to the team for the created QB. You can then start the whole 
process over by going into the create a player menu and editing his 
attributes all the way up again.

Cheap players that are good
To make a receiver go to create player and create the player as a 
quarterback. Give the player very low passing abilities (zero) and 
very high catching and ball handling levels. The player will cost 
very little because his quarterback skills are bad. You will have 
to sign him as a quarterback but use him as a wide receiver. 
His salary will never go up because he will not play as a quarterback. 
You can also change his number and attributes in the edit player 
screen. You can also make a dirt cheap fullback by eliminating his 
receiving skills.

Cheaper player
When you have an expensive player, you can release him and sign 
him for less money. 

Cheaper created players
When the free-agent signing period appears in the off-season, go to 
the "Create-A-Player" menu and make a player with very low attributes. 
He will want a low salary. Then, offer him a contract. 
Before he accepts it, go to the "Create-A-Player" menu again and 
set his attributes to anything desired. He should accept the contract 
you offered him, and the other teams almost never bid on him.

Lower team's overall salary
One way to lower a team's overall salary is to cut certain players' 
salaries. You can do this with players that have low attributes but 
high salaries. To do this, go to "Rosters" and select "Edit player". 
Select a player on the team that has a low overall rating (anything 
under the low 80s) and has a high salary. When you choose to edit 
the players "Attributes", you will notice that his salary decreases. 
Do not change anything in his attributes and exit out. 
You have now made your first budget cut of the season. 

Super team
Play through the entire season and save at the Pro Bowl. Simulate 
the Pro Bowl and go to off-season schedule/player progression. 
Look for young players from other teams in positions that you need 
that have progressed well. About +7 overall should be sufficient. 
Next, look at your players to see those that have progressed 
negatively. Quit the game and reload your previous save game. 
Trade away all of your players that have progressed negatively for 
young players that progressed well. 

Fantasy team franchise
Start a new Madden game (no loaded rosters, teams, franchises, etc.). 
At the menu screen, go to "Features", "Rosters", then "Trade Player". 
Find your desired team and trade the players you do not want for those 
that you do. All trades will be accepted, unlike in franchise mode. 
Save your roster under something easy to remember, load it, start a 
franchise, and start playing.

Easier gold in mini-camp mode
Create a player and trade him to the team that you are doing the drill 
with. Make sure that the created player is playing the position of the 
person that you are trying to complete the drill with. For example, 
Ronde Barber is the corner back in the Defensive Swat Pass drill. 
If you create a corner back and make his attributes all 99, put him 
on the Buccaneers and make him the starting or number one cornerback. 
Then, he will do the drill. You may do this with any person on any drill. 
You may also make the people who you are going against in the drill 
"sorrier". If you know their names, go to their attributes and turn 
them all the way down. 

Thanksgiving commentary
Set the system date to the third Thursday in November. 

Christmas commentary
Set the system date to December 25 to hear John Madden say 
"Merry Christmas to all". 

New Year's commentary
Set the system date to January 1. 

Former NFL coaches
In franchise mode, go to create a coach and enter a former NFL coach's 
full name (for example, Don Shula) and all his former stats should 

Announced names
Create a new team and name the new coach "John Madden". Melissa will 
be able to say his name during the game.

To have the announcer's call your name, you must choose an NFL 
player's name that is in the game. For example, use "Dan" form Dan Marino 
and "Barber" from Tiki Barber to make a player named "Dan Barber". 
Note: Sometimes the announcers will only call the player's last name.

City name spoken
When creating a custom team, use the a city where an NFL team plays as 
your custom team's home city. The refs and the PA announcer will say 
your team's city. 

Stadium name spoken
Create a Stadium that has the same name as a teams' stadium. 
For example, enter "Aloha Stadium" as your stadium's name and it 
will be announced.

Recommended offensive plays
Go to create a playbook, select offense, then create the following formation. 
You can name it as desired: 

x                                                  xxxxxx



Create this play. Everyone run blocks except have your fullback block, 
lead far right. Have your half back do a hop step sprint right. If done 
correctly, just follow your halfback during a game and the hole will open 
up. If you play as the Raiders, this strategy is usually good for at least 
8 yards. 

On offense, you can get cheap with your QB, especially a fast one. 
Line up in a shotgun set with one back if you have it. Try to find a play 
where your back flares out and your strong side receiver runs across the 
middle. The defense's LBs should pick up the back and receiver, leaving the 
DB to be in a deep zone. You should have a huge hole. Drop your passing icons 
and make a mad run for the first down. Either dive, slide, run out of bounds; 
or slow down to take a hit because very few QBs can take a full shot and hang 
on to the ball. This strategy has a 95% success rate and only fails if the 
defense is good or your OT makes a mistake.

Recommended defensive plays
Use the following plays against All-Madden difficulty level teams. Go to the 
4-3 formation and scroll up until you see the "Sweet Blitz" play. It is a good 
play to use when the team runs or passes. To make it even better, have your 
lineman and linebackers shift so that they are are in other positions. 
The "Fireman" is also a good play, as well but not as great as "Sweet Blitz". 
You can also find it in the 4-3 formation. The best play for passing is "Robber". 
You can find it in Quarter. Its very good because you will get a lot of your 
secondary covering the receivers and is about 70% efficient when stopping passes. 

While in the 4-3 defense, you can really break down the offensive line with the 
Mike blitz. Shift your defensive line to the strong side and slide your LBs outside 
to prevent sweeps. Then, stack your MLB behind the man in front of the center. 
When the ball is snapped, blitz to the opposite of the NGs slant. 
If done correctly, the weak side guard will pick up the DE instead of the MLB 
and the center will washout the NG, leaving a massive hole for you. It has a 
85% success rate against the middle run and a 65% rate against the pass. 
However, if the offense comes out in a twin TE set, the defense is useless 
and you will need to switch to whatever strategy you want to counter this set.


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