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 Mario Tennis - Platform: Nintendo64

Mario Tennis - Platform: Nintendo64

Unlock tournaments
Enter these codes at the Ring Tournament selection under 
the Special games option. 

A3W5KQA3C Mario Cup 
OF9XFQOFR Peach Cup  
M1C2YQM1W Luigi Cup  
LA98JRLAR Waluigi Cup  
MM55MQMMJ Donkey Kong Cup  
ARM6JQARU Blockbuster Cup  
N24K8QN2P Bowser Cup  
J6M9PQJ6U Nintendo Power Cup  
48HWOR482 Cup  

Left-handed character
When selecting a character, hold L to make them left-handed. 

When selecting a character, hold R to make them have handicaps 
and be more powerful. 

Get Shy Guy
Win the Star Cup/Singles Tournament. 

Get Donkey Kong Jr.
Win the Star Cup/Doubles Tournament. 

Get the Donkey Kong court
Win the Mushroom Cup/Singles Tournament with Donkey Kong. 

Get the Yoshi and Baby Mario court
Win the Mushroom Cup/Singles Tournament with Yoshi. 

Get the Mario and Luigi court
Win the Mushroom Cup/Singles Tournament with Mario. 

Get the Mario Brothers court 2
Win all the Doubles Tournament Cups with Mario. 

Get the Mario/Luigi Castle court
Win the Star Cup Doubles and Singles Tournament with Mario. 

Get the Wario Brothers court
Win all the Doubles Tournament Cups with Wario. 

Piranha Plant court
You can only use this court in Piranha Plant Challenge. To get it, 
complete any court (perfect, all 50 balls) in the Piranha Plant 
Challenge with any character. 

Get the Wario and Waluigi court
Win the Doubles Star Cup with Wario. 

Unlock Special Cups Tournament
Win all the Tournament Cups with every characters including Shy 
Guy and Donkey Kong Jr. to unlock the Special Cups, the hardest ones. 
Press R when selecting a character to access the Special Cups 
Tournament in the menu. 

Bonus difficulty level
To get a bonus difficulty level in exhibition mode win the planet 
cup with all sixteen characters. 

Get Bowser's brother
Play with wario a normal game and hold the ball 40 min in the field. 
If you did it correctly then you can play with the brother of bowser. 

Get the Cyriel court
Play with any caracter on the grass court then hold the ball 1 hour 
in the game with out make a point (this most be play in one player) 
if you do correctly then you will get the cyriel court in this court 
you can make your own settings.


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