Matt Hazard - Blood Bath And Beyond - Platform: XBox 360 - Console Games.

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 Matt Hazard - Blood Bath And Beyond - Platform: XBox 360

Matt Hazard - Blood Bath And Beyond - Platform: XBox 360

Defeating Drill Bot:
In the "Mine Is It Anyway?" level, stand inside the divot in the ground,
and shoot the Drill Bot. When it extends its drills, it is about to
charge. Once this happens, duck inside the divot to avoid being crushed.
Then, get out of the divot and avoid the falling shards, as you are not
safe in the divot. When you are falling, shoot the drills that are
extended. Avoid the red laser, and do not touch the sides of the walls.
When the Drill Bot shoots its rockets, shoot them before they hit you.
When the Drill Bot attacks with spewing lava, stand to the far side of
the wall to avoid it. Use grenades, and keep shooting it until it has
been destroyed.

Defeating Julia 5:
In the "Oh Canada!" level, use grenades to help damage Julia 5. When it
fires rockets, shoot them to destroy them. After it shoots fire, get to
the top platform on the left to avoid it.

Defeating the Lighthouse:
In the "Booty Call" level, avoid the anchor, and shoot it until it is
destroyed. Use grenades to help inflict damage. Shoot the rockets to
send them back at the Lighthouse. If you shoot the rockets twice, they
will explode. The lighthouse will begin to blind Matt with light. Your
controls will be reversed when this happens. Kill the oncoming enemies,
and avoid the falling cannonballs.

Defeating Rhinozilla:
In the "FU, Too!" level, avoid the rockets, and jump to higher platforms
when Rhinozilla charges. Shoot the green lights on his nose and chest
until they explode. When Rhinozilla opens his mouth to expose its large
gun barrel, shoot it. Shoot the rockets that he launches.

Defeating Scorpion Queen:
In the "Dismember The Alamo" level, use your grenades to help defeat the
Scorpion Queen. Time your jumps when it fires its machine guns and when
it attacks with its tail. Try to remain underneath when it is on the
ceiling, and shoot up.

Controlling the Lunar Lander:
In the "Zoom, Pow To The Moon!" level, stay light on the gas pedal. Just
tap direction changes because of the sensitivity of the steering. Make
slow descents. When landing, go slow, and make sure you are level.


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