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 McFarlanes Evil Prophecy - Platform: Playstation 1

McFarlanes Evil Prophecy - Platform: Playstation 1

Frankenstein's Puzzle:
All four hunters are locked in separate rooms. Cycle through all the 
characters until you have all their circular chambers cleared. 
The prisons represent the PlayStation2 controller. Whoever is at the 
topmost cell is Triangle, at the right will be Circle, the bottom is X, 
and the left will be Square. The picture designs on the wall represent 
the shapes of the buttons. Move the hunters onto their corresponding 
buttons. The crossbow is to throw you off; ignore it.

Defeating The Sea Creature;
Using Jeager (the scientist), dodge the water balls that the Sea Creature 
shoots and wait for it to leap out of its puddle. Quickly run over and 
press Square, electrocuting him. He will be stunned for a little while, 
during which time you can use combo attacks to beat him up. He will 
return to the puddle. Wait, dodge, and repeat again until he is defeated.

Defeating Frankenstein's Monster:
Switch to Sundano and force every other hunter not to attack. Do not attack 
Frankenstein. Make sure your MP bar is high (attack some of the experiments 
to raise it if needed) and back away from Frankenstein. If no one is provoking 
him, his arms will slump and he will raise an electrical generator over his 
head and eventually throw it. While it is still over his head, he is completely 
vulnerable to attack. If you can see his shoulders slumping, immediately summon 
the Forest Spirit and the lion should eventually attack the vulnerable monster, 
knocking him down and dealing great amounts of damage. Followed with some combo 
attacks, you will severely deplete his HP. Before he gets up, back off quickly 
or else he will attack you. Wait until his shoulders slump and repeat the 
summoning and the combos. He should die quickly.


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