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 Monster Hunter - Platform: Playstation 1

Monster Hunter - Platform: Playstation 1

Recover health on a mission:
If you are out of potions and low on health while on a mission, just find the 
hut that you start at and press X by the bed. Your character will sleep and 
recover health.

Easy money:
Once you get the money to buy a BBQ Spit, buy it, then go to the Quest Level 
1 missions and do Mission 1. Get ten pieces of Raw Meat. Cook eight pieces of 
Well Done Meat, then take the other two pieces to the Deliver Box. As soon as 
you complete the mission and return to your village, go to the woman at the 
fruit stands. You can sell her Well Done Steak for $48 each.

Cephalos or Cephadrome hunting:
When hunting Cephalos or Cephadrome, make sure to have Sonic Bombs. Time your 
throw correctly, so that the bomb explodes on top of the monster. Since they 
are in the sand, they will be thrown out and momentarily stunned, giving you 
time to hit it. Also, Small Barrel-Bombs work as well, but they must explode 
just when the monster is under them. Another thing that works is hitting them 
with a great sword.

Free items:
When you are in a quest go to your camp and leave all the stuff you want 
from the supply box in the supply box. Then beat the mission after it says 
you will return to town in 30 secs then go to the supply box and take all 
the stuff you want. When the mission is over and it says all supplys have 
been returned but when you get to the town you will still have the stuff 
you took. (use on kelbi mission for easy items.)

Getting good weapons:
Get two small monster bones from the monsters. This can be done in the first 
level, but if you want to get the sword immediately after the level do not 
spend $50 before the first level. Then, go to the weapon crafter and have 
him create the bone sword. It is slow but is incredibly strong.

Item duplication:
This trick requires two players. First, have player one take an item such as 
an Immunizer, Mega Juice, Mega Nutriment, Max Potion, Sm Bone Husk, etc., 
(all Rare 3 and under). Player two must have an empty inventory. Start a 
quest that is very easy to finish, such as "It's Party Time". When the quest 
begins, have player one give all the items to player two. When player one has 
no more items, have him abandon the quest. Player two should finish the quest. 
By abandoning the quest, player one will keep their items, and by finishing 
the quest, player two still have the items received. Do this a few times and 
you will be able to get easy money by selling the items.

Kut Ku Scales:
Kut Ku Scales can be found in area one during level one and two star missions. 
Go down the hill. Near the edge of the water in one of the corners are some 
piles of dung. Search them. Every other time you will get a Kut Ku Scale, 
which can be sold for a high price.

Prepare for Monster Attacks:
Try to be prepared to lure a monster to its death. Set traps in multiple 
places around your village. When a monster is spotted, lure it towards traps. 
As the monster goes past, have a teammate shoot the traps. They will blow up, 
injuring or killing the monsters.

Town of Hunters:
It can be unlocked offline by finishing all quests.

Trade Money Online:
Normally players cannot exchange money with other players. However, on the 
day that the marketplace has it's half price sale, you can buy Genprey 
Fangs and Ioprey Fangs from the old man in the upper-left of the screen 
for the same price that you can sell them for. One player can buy the fangs 
and trade them to a second player who can sell them. In this way you can trade 
money to other players.

Unlock Rathian Ecology:
Beat the offline 5-star mission 'Slay the Rathian'. 


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