Mortal Kombat Special Forces - Platform: Playstation 1 - Console Games.

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 Mortal Kombat Special Forces - Platform: Playstation 1

Mortal Kombat Special Forces - Platform: Playstation 1

Submitted by: andresb-24


LP - Low Punch
HP - High Punch
LK - Low Kick
HK - High Kick
R2 - Turbo

Special Moves

Light Ground Pound - Turbo + LP
Hard Ground Pound - Turbo + HP
Light Dash Punch - Turbo + LK
Hard Dash Punch - Turbo + HK

Kodes And Secrets

Cheat Mode
Choose the "Game Settings" selection at the options menu. 
Then, press Left, Right, L1, L2, R1, R2, Square, Circle. 
Note: You may have to highlight the "Difficulty" option. 
A sound will confirm correct code entry. A "Cheats" option will now be 
unlocked at the settings screen. Enable cheat mode to load or start a 
new game and begin with 999 ammo, all weapons, and all combos. 

Alternately, successfully complete the game and save when prompted to 
unlock the "Cheats" option.

After unlocking cheat mode, turn it on. Start a game and press X(3),Square(3) 
instead of using med kits and both of your energy bars will recharge.

Access Code Level 2 (The Sewers)
Enter code 3129.

Access Code Level 3 (The Towers)
Enter code first door 82931.
Enter code second door 97482.

- GameShark

Infinite Special
300B4718 00FF

Maxed Out Exp
800B543C FFFF

Max Level/All Kombos
800B5438 000A 

Infinite Machine Gun Ammo
30118378 00FF 

Infinite Detonators
30118382 00FF 

Infinite Small Medipak
300B5380 00FF 

Infinite Medium Medipak
300B5382 00FF 

Infinite Large Medipak
300B5384 00FF 

Unlock Cheats 
800B489E 0001

Infinite Rocket Launcher Ammo 
8011837E 270F

Infinite Grenade Ammo 
8011837C 270F

Infinite Shotgun Ammo 
8011837A 270F

Infinite Sniper Ammo 
80118380 270F

Infinite Health 
800B4758 1835


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