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 MotorStorm - Pacific Rift - Platform: Playstation 3

MotorStorm - Pacific Rift - Platform: Playstation 3

Bonus vehicles:
Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding

Bus: Finish in first place in all Eliminator events. 
Dinosaur head monster truck: Participate in 250 simple races. 
Dump Truck: Get the "Overachiever" trophy. 
Monarch Mk I car: Get the "Ranked Streak" trophy. 
Nord Viking truck: Get the "Hero" trophy. 
Ozutsu Ronin rally car: Get the "Veteran" trophy. 
Wombat Mudslide ATV: Get the "Rookie" trophy. 

Unlockable PS3 trophy rewards. 

ATV (Bronze) Win 5 Festival races using an ATV. 
Beginner (Bronze) Complete a ranked Online race with 12 players. 
Beginner's Luck (Bronze) Come 1st in an Online ranked race. 
Big Rig (Bronze) Win 5 Festival races using a Big Rig. 
Bike (Bronze) Win 5 Festival races using a Bike. 
Buggy (Bronze) Win 5 Festival races using a Buggy. 
Bully (Bronze) Successfully punch or ram 100 vehicles. 
Can’t Touch This (Silver) Win any Rank 8 race without being wrecked. 
Casual (Bronze) Complete 50 online casual races. 
Champion (Gold) Win 96 Gold medals. 
Close Call (Bronze) Win a race by a margin of less than 0.1s. 
Competitor (Bronze) Complete 50 Online ranked races. 
Freestyle (Bronze) Create and win 10 free-play races. 
Friendship (Bronze) Complete a Split-Screen race with 4 players. 
Ghost Rider (Bronze) Beat 48 developer's ghosts on Time Attack. 
Hazardous (Bronze) Wreck your vehicle 250 times. 
Heavyweight (Bronze) Win 50 races using a heavyweight vehicle. 
Hero (Silver) Reach Online rank 4 (Hero). 
Immortal (Bronze) Win an Online ranked race without wrecking. 
Just Getting Started (Bronze) Race for a total of one hour. 
Last Man Standing (Bronze) Win all 16 Eliminator events. 
Legend (Gold) Reach Online rank 5 (Legend). 
Lightweight (Bronze) Win 50 races using a lightweight vehicle. 
Mediumweight (Bronze) Win 50 races using a mediumweight vehicle. 
Monster Truck (Bronze) Win 5 Festival races using a Monster Truck. 
Mud Plugger (Bronze) Win 5 Festival races using a Mud Plugger. 
Necessary Roughness (Bronze) Knock down 10 dismounted drivers. 
Over Achiever (Platinum) Unlock all the other 49 Trophies 
Pugilist (Bronze) Punch 5 competitors in a single race and go on to win gold.
Race Fan (Bronze) Take part in 250 races. 
Racing Truck (Bronze) Win 5 Festival races using a Racing Truck. 
Rally Car (Bronze) Win 5 Festival races using a Rally Car. 
Ranked Streak (Silver) Win 3 Online ranked races in a row. 
Rookie (Bronze) Reach Online rank 2 (Rookie). 
Runner Up (Silver) Win 96 Silver Medals. 
Speed Demon (Silver) Win all 16 Speed events. 
Speeder (Bronze) Unlock all 16 Speed events. 
Stuntman (Bronze) Successfully land a jump of 185m or more. 
The Money Shot (Bronze) Boost Explode over the finish line to win 10 races. 
Time Sink (Bronze) Race for a total of 10 hours. 
Tortoise (Bronze) Win a race without using boost. 
Tourist (Bronze) Travel a total of 500km. 
Track Master (Bronze) Win 5 races on each track. 
Tumbler (Bronze) Perform an impressive Barrel Roll. 
Veteran (Bronze) Reach Online rank 3 (Veteran). 
Winner (Gold) Win 250 races. 
Wreck-Less (Bronze) Unlock all 16 Eliminator events.


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