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 MVP Baseball 2004 - Platform: XBox

MVP Baseball 2004 - Platform: XBox

Big hitter:
Select the "Create A Player" option. Create a player and enter "keegan 
paterson", "jacob paterson", or "isaiah paterson" as a case-sensitive name. The 
player will have a very large bat. He will hit a home run or a hard line drive 
every time you make contact, no matter what his stats.

Huge cap:
Select the "Create A Player" option. Create a player and enter "john prosen" as 
a case-sensitive name.

Bad hitter:
Select the "Create A Player" option. Create a player and enter "erik kiss" as a 
case-sensitive name. The player will have a skinny bat that will break every 
time and send a little dribbler to the pitcher for a sure out. Also, you cannot 
bunt with him; it will just go foul.

Change music:
Press Right Analog-stick to change the music.

Move EA Trax window:
To move the EA Trax window around the screen, move the Right Analog-stick when 
the white song introduction window appears.

Infinite MVP points:
Reach a desired level of MVP points to spend on a player, stadium, or throwback 
jersey. Use them to unlock a bonus, then save your roster. Do not save your 
profile. Instead, reload your profile. Your MVP points will be at their 
pre-purchase amount. Use them to continue buying as many other bonuses as 
Start a dynasty with a team that can make the playoffs (for example, the 
Yankees). Simulate all the way to the last series, then save the dynasty. Then, 
simulate to the playoffs then advance to the playoffs. Save your profile (not 
dynasty). Exit the dynasty and you should have between 5,000 to 10,000 MVP 
points. Do the same thing as many times as desired to unlock everything.
Select dynasty mode and choose the Yankees. Turn off injuries, trades, rain 
outs, and budget. Set the difficulty on MVP. Simulate to the last game of each 
month. On that game, choose to simulate it (not quick sim; choose "Play" then 
"Sim"). Stop the simulation at the top of the ninth inning and choose to manage 
the remainder of the game. Do this for every month for the rest of the season. 
When the season ends, and you see "Advance To Playoffs", save the dynasty. Then, 
choose "Advance To Playoffs". Each time it will show your points earned.(about 
13,000 to 17,000). Do not save after this. Exit dynasty mode, then keep 
re-entering and choosing "Advance To Playoffs". Each time you do this, you will 
get that same MVP point amount put into your profile.
Start a franchise then simulate the whole season. Pick a good team for more 
points (Giants, Yankees, Marlins, etc.). You should get about 7,000 or 8,000 
points, and more if you make the playoffs.
First, start a dynasty and choose any team. Turn off all the trade rules and the 
budget. Then, go to trade players and trade away all the bad players for the 
best players for all three of your teams so they will all win. Do not forget to 
get the good players out of the free agents. Sim all the way to the end of the 
season. At the end you should have about 13,000 to 15,000 points. Then, continue 
through the playoffs. If your teams win every series, you should get about 900 
more points. Continue to do this as many times as desired, and you should get 
about the same amount every time.
Enter a Home Run Showdown or a Pitcher Showdown. Select the opponent that you 
are supposed to defeat for points, and set their difficulty on MVP. As soon as 
the game loads, go into "Game Options" and switch the difficulty to any desired 
setting. As soon as you defeat the player, you will receive 200 MVP points 
(which is how many you normally get for playing under the MVP difficulty level). 
This also works for your dynasty as you go game by game.
Pitcher stamina and readiness 
When you visit the mound, the pitcher's stamina may go up, depending on his 
reaction. If he has a positive reaction to the mound visit, the stamina will go 
up. If he has a negative reaction, it will go down. He can also have no 
reaction. If you have a pitcher warming up, his readiness will go up.

Cheap perfect player:
Create a player with all desired information. Leave his attributes exactly as 
is. Then, go to "Free Agents". Sign that player to a long cheap contract. Then, 
go to create/edit again and change the player's attributes to make him perfect.


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