NASCAR Thunder 2003 - Platform: Gamecube - Console Games.

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 NASCAR Thunder 2003 - Platform: Gamecube

NASCAR Thunder 2003 - Platform: Gamecube

Fantasy drivers
Enter Extra Drivers as a name at the create a car screen.

Dale Earnhardt
Enter Dale Earnhardt as a name at the create a car screen.

Richard Petty
Enter Richard Petty as a name at the create a car screen.

Tiburon Speedway track
Use a memory card with a saved file from an EA Sports 2003 game.

Thunder Plates
Select the Thunder Challenge or Lightning Challenge at the game
mode screen. Complete the various challenges to get new Thunder
Plates. Note: The Plates are awarded randomly from game to game --
winning a certain track with a particular driver will not unlock
the same Plate between games.

Easy win
Make sure all races are set on ten percent race length. Drive into
the grass and spin out on lap four, rather than crash. This way,
your car is not damaged and you are better able to draft. It also
works on lap 7 of all 26 lap races under the 10 percent setting,
and on lap 12 or 13 of 39 to 40 lap races.

Easy paint schemes
Use the following trick to unlock your favorite driver's paint
schemes easily. First, set the difficulty level to veteran or
legend. Then, set the race length to 3%. Turn on unlimited tires
and fuel and turn off damage. Go into quick race and choose the
driver whose paint scheme you want to unlock. Choose Daytona Night
(Pepsi 400). Before you qualify, go into car setup and set the
transmission to manual. Set the gear ratio to 5. Exit out and
qualify. You will notice your car is much faster than the others.
You are running it at over 9500 rpm (about 193 to 198 mph). No one
will be able to catch you. The race is very quick. In less than an
hour's time, you can unlock many driver paint schemes.

Get pole position
Before running a veteran race in quick race mode, take the Thunder
license and complete all three levels of the test for the desired
track. This will give the first (pole) starting position.

Daytona: Easy win
Make sure the race is set on ten percent race length. Then, cause
a crash on lap four. If done correctly, there should be a caution.
Go into the pits, and ignore that fact if no one else also enters.
You will probably be last, but there will soon be another caution
and the leaders will come in. Stay out and do not pit. After the
stop, you should be in first or second place. You will run low on
gas, but you will not run out. Block and you will be able to win.

At Daytona in career mode in the Datona 500, when you pit instead
of taking four tires or right side tires, take on left side tires
and enough fuel to make it to the finish. You should leave the
pits in first place, providing that you came in first or near it.

Pay At The Pump lightning challenge
During the Pay At The Pump challenge, step on the gas all through
the track. Put a big enough lead on Bobby Labonte and Sterling
Marlin so that it is about a two to three second gap. You will run
out of gas at the exit of turn four, depending on how hard you
have been pushing the car. If the lead is big enough, just block
and you will win the challenge. This may take a few attempts, but
if you drive the car correctly it will be an easy way to win.


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