NBA Live 07 - Platform: Playstation 3 - Console Games.

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 NBA Live 07 - Platform: Playstation 3

NBA Live 07 - Platform: Playstation 3

At the NBA Codes screen, enter one of the following codes to active the 
cheat function:

Result                                         Code
Adidas Garnett Bounce (Vegas edition)        - KDZ2MQL17W
Adidas Garnett Bounce (All-Star edition)     - HYIOUHCAAN
Adidas T-Mac 6 (All-Star edition)            - MCJK843NNC
Adidas T-Mac 6 (Vegas edition)               - 84GF7EJG8V
Adidas Crazy 8 (St. Patty's edition)         - CC98KKL814
Adidas Campus Lt (St. Patty's edition)       - CLT2983NC8
Adidas Equipment Bball (St. Patty's edition) - 22OIUJKMDR
Adidas Stealth (All-Star edition)            - FE454DFJCC
Adidas Gil-Zero (All-Star edition)           - 23DN1PPOG4
Adidas Gil-Zero (Vegas edition)              - QQQ3JCUYQ7
Adidas Gil-Zero Mid (Away)                   - 369V6RVU3G
Adidas Gil-Zero Mid (Home)                   - 1GSJC8JWRL
Adidas C-Billups (All-Star edition)          - BV6877HB9N
Adidas C-Billups (Vegas edition)             - 85NVLDMWS5
Adidas BTB Low (St. Patty's edition)         - 7FB3KS9JQ0
Adidas Artillery II (black)                  - 99B6356HAN
Adidas Artillery II (white)                  - NTGNFUE87H
Bobcats Secondary road jersey                - WEDX671H7S
Nets Secondary road jersey                   - D4SAA98U5H
Jazz Secondary road jersey                   - VCBI89FK83
Wizards Secondary road jersey                - QV93NLKXQC
East All-Star home jersey                    - 5654ND43N6
East All-Star away jersey                    - WOCNW4KL7L
West All-Star home jersey                    - 993NSKL199
West All-Star away jersey                    - XX93BVL20U

The Adidas Underground:
Enter 28GQ-ABUS-M5Q7-4U54-6EE2 as a code to unlock Team Adidas, the 3 
Stripes Arena, and special uniforms.


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