NCAA Football 08 - Platform: XBox - Console Games.

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 NCAA Football 08 - Platform: XBox

NCAA Football 08 - Platform: XBox

Cheat Codes:
At the Pennant Collection screen, press Back, then enter one of 
the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function:

Result                     Code
2004 All-American team     FUMBLE
Alabama All-time team      ROLLTIDE
Arizona mascot team        BEARDOWN
Arkansas All-time team     WOOPIGSOOIE
Auburn All-time teamWAR    EAGLE
Baylor All-time team       SICEM
Clemson All-time team      DEATH VALLEY
Colorado All-time team     GLORY 
Florida All-time team      GREAT TO BE
Georgia Tech mascot team   RAMBLINWRECK
Illinois All-time team     OSKEE WOW
Iowa All-time team         ON IOWA 
Iowa State mascot team     RED AND GOLD 
Kansas mascot team         ROCK CHALK
Kansas State All-time team VICTORY
Kentucky mascot team       ON ON UK
LSU All-time team          GEAUX TIGERS
Miami All-time team        RAISING CANE
Michigan All-time team     GO BLUE
Michigan State mascot team GO GREEN
Minnesota mascot team      RAH RAH RAH
Missouri All-time team     MIZZOU RAH
Nebraska All-time team     GO BIG RED
Notre Dame All-time team   GOLDEN DOMER 
Northwestern mascot team   GO CATS
Ohio State All-time team   KILLER NUTS
Oklahoma All-time team     BOOMER
Ole Miss mascot team       HOTTY TOTTY
Oregon All-time team       QUACK ATTACK 
Penn State All-time team   WE ARE
Pittsburgh All-time team   LETS GO PITT
Purdue All-time team       BOILER UP 
South Carolina mascot team GO CAROLINA
Syracuse All-time team     ORANGE CRUSH
Tennessee All-time team    BIG ORANGE
Texas A&M All-time team    GIG EM 
Texas Tech All-time team   FIGHT
UCLA All-time team         MIGHTY
USC All-time team          FIGHT ON
Virginia All-time team     WAHOOS
Wake Forest mascot team    GO DEACS GO
Washington All-time team   BOW DOWN 
West Virginia mascot team  HAIL WV

Hook And Lateral play:
The Hook And Lateral play is in Boise State's offensive playbook under
the "Hail Mary" section. It is labeled as "Circus".

Statue Of Liberty play:
The Statue Of Liberty play is in Boise State's offensive playbook under 
the "ACE Bunch" formation. It is labeled as "Statue".

Jumping the field:
When you are about five yards from the opponent's end zone, select a HB 
Dive as a play. As soon as the HB gets the ball, tap X. You should now 
dive over the defenders and get a TD.


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