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 NCAA Football 2008 - Platform: Playstation 2

NCAA Football 2008 - Platform: Playstation 2

All-Time teams:
Press Select at the pennant selection screen, then enter one of the 
following passwords to unlock the All-Time team.

Password       Result
Roll Tide    - Alabama
Woopigsooie  - Arkansas
War Eagle    - Auburn
Sic Em       - Baylor
Death Valley - Clemson
Glory        - Colorado
Great To Be  - Florida
Uprising     - Florida State
Hunker Down  - Georgia
Oskee Wow    - Illinois
On Iowa      - Iowa
Victory      - Kansas State
Geaux Tigers - LSU
Raising Cane - Miami
Go Blue      - Michigan
Hail State   - Mississippi State
Mizzou Rah   - Missouri
Go Big Red   - Nebraska
Rah Rah      - North Carolina
Golden Domer - Notre Dame
Killer Nuts  - Ohio State
Boomer       - Oklahoma
Go Pokes     - Oklahoma State
Quack Attack - Oregon
We Are       - Penn State
Lets Go Pitt - Pittsburgh
Boiler Up    - Purdue
Orange Crush - Syracuse
Big Orange   - Tennessee
Hook Em      - Texas
Gig Em       - Texas A&M
Fight        - Texas Tech
Mighty       - UCLA
Bow Down     - University of Washington
Fight On     - USC
Wahoos       - Virginia
Tech Triumph - Virginia Tech
U Rah Rah    - Wisconsin

Best time to use hurdle:
Typically when you go against your rival, a tackler will try and go for 
your legs. About 50% of the time you are running with the ball against 
a rival, hurdle.

Dynasty mode: Better trophies in:
When creating your schedule, make sure to add as much ranked teams as 
possible. Try and go against the #1, #2, or #3 ranked team the most.

Dynasty mode: Easier prospect drafting:
When you first start the season, create a prospect and make sure to make 
his home state where your team is located. Then, talk to him on the phone 
about where he lives and the college being close. Most of the time, you 
will get a high ranking for that action.

Hidden endzones:
To make the endzones hidden, start a Play Now mode match. When you reach 
the field selection screen, set the game length to fifteen minutes, make 
the weather overcast cloudy, precipitation high, and temperature -20 degrees. 
If done correctly, in the upper corner should be a picture of a cloud with 
heavy snow. Start the game and by the second quarter there will be so much 
snow that the endzone lines and all other white lines will be gone.

How to use injured players in Dynasty mode:
If you have a injured player on your roster going into the game, start 
the game as normal, after the first kickoff, hit pause and click restart. 
This will restart the game and your injured players will be able to play.


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