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 Need For Speed - Hot Pursuit 2 - Platform: XBox

Need For Speed - Hot Pursuit 2 - Platform: XBox

Easy points:
Select "Single Challenge" at the main menu. Set the single challenge options for 
one player, cops on, one opponent as an Elise, and traffic on or off. Select a 
track for eight laps. Select a car. This will get you 600, 700, or 800 points 
per getaway, 100 points for leading a lap, and 2,000 points for first place.

Easy wins in single event:
When you are directly next to someone in a race and they are getting chased by a 
cop, if they are in front of you slow down to where you are directly behind them 
on either the left or the right. Slowly speed up to where the hood of your car 
is on the side next to their trunk. Very quickly slam into their car to make 
them spin out of control. If they are too slow, they will be caught by the cop. 
After this happens, continue to do this until you are the only one remaining.

Easy money:
Go to challenge mode, set the difficulty on advanced, and use only one opponent 
and give him a M5. Then just choose your car and a short track. Make sure to set 
it to one lap. By doing this you will get either $2,100 or $1,500.
Race in a tournament eight laps eight races advanced. To get NFS points, either 
hit a police car to be chased or drive by one and do not get caught. Do not 
worry if you are in last place; your goal is to get the points to buy faster 
cars or other tracks.

Get the police off your tail:
If you have one or two police chasing you, swerve around things such as incoming 
traffic, trees, poles, or any other immobilized objects. The police may not see 
it and crash into it. This gives you an advantage to lose them. If you are way 
ahead of the pack and do not feel like having a police on your tail, if your 
radar detector detects an incoming radar (or police), zoom on the road in front 
of you. See where the police are parked, and slam into the back of their car. It 
will be a hit and run, but the police car will be dead. You will not even get a 
yellow star.
When you want to get rid of the cop chasing you at a close distance, get just 
behind him so that your front tire is touching his back tire. Then, turn your 
car slightly in the direction of the cop car. The officer will get turned around 
and end up facing in the wrong direction. This should give you enough time to 
get away. If you are really lucky, he may hit the other racers and cause a big 
If you are cornered, press Reset Car to start back on the road and lose the 
Use the following trick to easily escape from police radar. When you get close 
to a cop, stay on the correct side of the road and drive 80 mph at the most.
Very lightly press R to go really slow when you see a cop, then drive off when 
you are far enough away.
When you have a cop on your tail, wait for it to come to your side. When it is 
trying to ram you from the side, brake as fast as possible. The best area to do 
this is at Coastal Parkland. The best car to use to make you crack up at the cop 
is the McLaren F1 LM or the McLaren F1. If done correctly, you will see the cop 
ram into the wall.
In Hot Pursuit mode, whenever a police cruiser attempts to push you off the road 
try to push it towards the other side of the road. Eventually the cruiser will 
spin out of control and crash.
If you are getting chased by the cops, let the cop get a bit ahead of you and 
then do a California Stop to the officer. It should spin him out and you should 
only swerve slightly. This will give you plenty of time to get away from the 
cops. Note: A California Stop is when you hit the back left/right wheel with 
your front wheel. This will spin the car out.


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