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 New Super Mario Bros - Platform: Nintendo DS

New Super Mario Bros - Platform: Nintendo DS

Challenge Mode:
Once you've beaten the game go to the world map it doesn't matter which 
world. Then press the start button to have the pause menu coming up. 
Now press the following buttons in the exact same order to activate the 
secret challenge mode.
L, R, L, R, X, X, Y, Y(these are the buttons you have to press). 
One the Challenge Mode is activated enter a level of your choice doesn't 
matter which one. You'll notice that the screen will scroll through the 
level so that means that you can't return if you missed some coins or 
something. To de-activate the challenge mode repeat the same procedure 
as described above.

1-UP Mushrooms:
1-UP Mushrooms can be found by hitting/smashing blocks. They give Mario 
an extra life.

Blue Koopa Shells:
You can win Blue Koopa Shells in Red Toad Houses. They give Mario a shell 
on his back, where he can dodge enemy attacks.

Coins can be found in the open or hiden within blocks. You also recieve 1 
coin for each enemy you kill with fire balls. When you get 100 coins, 
you get an extra life.

Deafeating Mummmipokey:
Mummipokey is the final boss in World 2. He will hide underground and sprout 
back up. Before he comes back up you will see dirt being kicked up, so that 
is your warning. You will have a split second to move from that area. 
As soon as you comes up, jump on his head. Do that a couple of times and 
he should be dead.

Submitted by: Keira Mulholland

On super mario if you want to win the last big house on level 8 you have to concentrate. 
Its like going to the same place over and over again ezept you have to keep away from the 
flames. When you go to battle the big monster and the little monster, get fire power have 
fire power on you and an extra one on the bottom touch screen.tell me if you like my cheat. 
My username for yahoo is keiramulholland if you have any questions.

Easy points:
Submitted by: samuel

when you get to the end of a level wait and jump exactly at 99 and you will get lots of points,
repeat this until you get as much as coins as you want.

Submitted by: Saria

Go to Mario Game press L R A and you will be Luigi!

Warp Cannon to World 5:
Submitted by: Ocha

From World 1 Tower, just before the halfway checkpoint, you'll see a pipe. 
Enter it. You'll see a yellow door in the small passage. Enter it. You'll see a star coin, 
shifting blocks, and a light platform. You'll see a passage that never closed by shifting 
blocks. Enter it, transform into Shell Mario, Create a platform by hittinng invisible blocks 
(1 has a 1-up mushroom) and perform a shell dash. Destroy Bricks, and enter the red pipe. 
You'll fall from the tower, and exit. You've unlock the w5 warp cannon.
Another way is using the world 5 cannon in w2, but i've never tried that.


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