Operation Flashpoint - Dragon Rising - Platform: XBox 360 - Console Games.

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 Operation Flashpoint - Dragon Rising - Platform: XBox 360

Operation Flashpoint - Dragon Rising - Platform: XBox 360

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of 
Gamerscore points:
  Florence Nightingale Award (20 points): Apply the field dressing to other 
  wounded soldiers 20 times. 
  All Patched Up (20 points): Apply a field dressing to an injured friend in 
  Unbloodied Hands (20 points): Complete a mission without directly killing 
  anyone yourself. 
  Company Killer (50 points): Kill or incapacitate 100 enemies. 
  Platoon Pounder (30 points): Kill or incapacitate 50 enemies. 
  Squad Slayer (20 points): Kill or incapacitate 25 enemies. 
  The Sky is Falling (20 points): Kill an enemy with a helicopter without using 
  its weapons. 
  Clear Skies (20 points): Kill an enemy vehicle with an AA weapon. 
  Scrap Metal (20 points): Kill an enemy vehicle with an AT weapon. 
  Low Blow (20 points): Kill an enemy vehicle with an AT mine. 
  Hard Rain (20 points): Call in your first artillery barrage. 
  Shock and Awe (20 points): Call in your first air strike. 
  Without Warning (20 points): Destroy Radar emplacement. 
  Saber Beats SAM (20 points): Disable the SAM sites. 
  Tide's Out (20 points): Successfully hold the beachhead. 
  Runway Relief (20 points): Capture the airfield. 
  Sandman Saviors (20 points): Extract the downed air crew. 
  Fly Away Peter, Fly Away Paul (20 points): Get to the extraction chopper. 
  Resource Management (20 points): Secure the fuel depot. 
  Heroic Rescue (20 points): Rescue the hostages. 
  Uphill Struggle (20 points): Eliminate the PLA mortar site. 
  Bug Out (20 points): Reach the extraction point. 
  Ship It (20 points): Assault the Naval base. 
  Skirinka Island Tour (30 points): Find the PLA helicopter and fly it around 
  Skirinka Island in Dragon Rising. 
  Ghost Ops (30 points): Eliminate the PLA Commander in Blinding The Dragon. 
  Get Creative (30 points): Destroy the PLA APC at the top of the beach in 
  United We Stand. 
  Hip Shooter (30 points): Destroy the fleeing PLA transport helicopter in Eagle 
  Hitchhiker (30 points): Destroy the PLA armored units around the ghost village 
  in Powder Trail. 
  Fuel the fire (30 points): Destroy all of the PLA fuel trucks in Hip Shot. 
  Ruthless Efficiency (30 points): Eliminate the remaining troops on the second 
  line with one mortar barrage in Bleeding Edge. 
  Perfect Rescue (30 points): All hostages must survive in Looking for Lois. 
  Keep 'em Rolling (30 points): Ensure all of the Abrams reach the supporting 
  fire position in Trumpet's Sound. 
  Two Birds, One Stone (30 points): Eliminate Han and the radio station with one 
  JDAM in Decapitation. 
  Vertical Envelopment (30 points): Pilot an MH-60S safely to the designated 
  landing zone in Dragon Fury. 
  Dragon Rising (70 points): Complete the campaign on any difficulty. 
  Dragon Rising - Hardcore (100 points): Complete the campaign on Hardcore 


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