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 Phantasy Star Portable - Platform: Sony PSP

Phantasy Star Portable - Platform: Sony PSP

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding reward:

  10 Grinders: Reach level 60. 
  10 Grinders: Reach level 80. 
  10 Grinders: Reach level 90. 
  10 Grinders: Reach level 70. 
  10 Grinders: Reach level 40. 
  10 Grinders: Reach level 30. 
  10 Grinders: Reach level 100. 
  10 Grinders: Reach level 10. 
  10 Grinders: Reach level 20. 
  Absolute Dance: Successfully complete Chapter 8 in Story mode. 
  Amore Rose: Successfully complete free missions 3 times. 
  Anga Jabroga: Reach Fightmaster level 10. 
  Ank Bico: Successfully complete free missions 25 times. 
  Ank Buti: Collect 80% of all axes. 
  Apocalypse: Collect 80% of all sabers. 
  Asura-hiken: Collect 80% of all slicers. 
  Aura Field: Reach level 50. 
  Bajura: Collect 80% of all wands. 
  Battlestopper: Collect 80% of all twin handguns. 
  Berdysh: Maximum damage exceeds 1800. 
  Boma Maga: Reach Ranger level 10. 
  Bringer Rifle: Defeat 1,0000 creatures. 
  Bukuu Saien-zan: Successfully complete Chapter 5 in Story mode. 
  Burn/Resist: Defeat 5 De Ragan s. 
  Cati/Anti Down: Defeat 5 Bil De Goluses. 
  Cati/Rainbow: Defeat 5 Zoal Gougs. 
  Cati/TECH Save: Complet all Neudaiz free missions. 
  Chikki Kyoren-jin: Reach Acromaster level 5. 
  Chuei Jitotsushin: Reach Acromaster level 10. 
  Confuse/Resist: Defeat 5 Alterazgohgs. 
  Cross Hurricane: Successfully complete Chapter 2 in Story mode. 
  Cubo Simba: Collect 80% of all crossbows. 
  Dallgunrod: Successfully complete free missions 50 times. 
  De Ragan Slayer: Collect 80% of all swords. 
  De Ragun: Collect 80% of all handguns. 
  Deathrain: Collect 80% of all machineguns. 
  Delpi: Collect 80% of all TECHNIC mags. 
  Deraga-zashi: Collect 80% of all daggers. 
  Din De Bel: Defeat 500 creatures. 
  Dizas: Reach Masterforce level 5. 
  Dus Majarra: Reach Fighmaster level 5. 
  Elsral: Collect 80% of all rang mags. 
  Final Impact: Maximum damage exceeds 300. 
  Freeze/Resist: Defeat 5 De Rol Les. 
  Giresta: Reach Force level 10. 
  Goggles: Reach level 1. 
  Gravity Break: Rais 10 skills to level 30. 
  Gravity Strike: Reach Hunter level 5. 
  Gudda Igga: Collect 80% of all knuckles. 
  Gur Hanab: Collect 80% of all grenades. 
  Hyakka Ryo-ran: Collect all titles. 
  Ikk Hikk: Reach Protranser level 10. 
  Juicy Line: Obtain a grilling weapon (use 10 upgrade grinders on a beef weapon 
  without failing). 
  Kaza-kikami: Collect 80% of all cards. 
  Killer Elite: Collect 80% of all rifles. 
  Killer Shot: Reach Gunmaster level 10. 
  Laser Pannon: Defeat 100 creatures. 
  Lollipop: Maximum damage exceeds 600. 
  Love Inferno: Collect 80% of all lasers. 
  Magana Slayer: Defeat all creatures. 
  Masei-sou: Successfully complete Chapter 4 in Story mode. 
  Mayalee Fury: Raise 10 bullets to level 30. 
  Mayalee Hit: Successfully complete Chapter 7 in Story mode. 
  Mayalee Prism: Reach Protranser level 5. 
  Megistar: Raise 10 TECHNICs to level 30. 
  Meseta Fury: Total Meseta reach 1,000,000. 
  Mugunburga: Collect 80% of all spears. 
  Nasuyoteri: Collect 80% of all longbows. 
  Ohga-Misaki: Collect 80% of all claws. 
  Okarod: Collect 80% of all rods. 
  Okikudohg: Became incapacitated 100 times. 
  Opa Opa: Collect 30 titles. 
  Penetrating Hit: Reach Ranger level 5. 
  Poison/Resist: Defeat Dulk Fakis (first phase) 5 times. 
  Ragan-Ragan: Collect 80% of all double saber. 
  Rappy Suit: Play co-op Multiplayer mode. 
  Regrant: Reach Force level 5. 
  Rentis: Reach Masterforce level 10. 
  Resta: Successfully complete Chapter 1 in Story mode. 
  Reverser: Successfully complete Chapter 6 in Story mode. 
  Robopitch Grenade: Successfully complete free missions 100 times. 
  Sacred Dusters: Defeat 1,000 creatures. 
  Samba Maracas: Successfully complete free missions 10 times. 
  Shide-Misaki: Collect 80% of alltwin claws. 
  Shigga Pakuda: Collect 80% of all shotguns. 
  Shock/Resist: Defeat 5 Dimmagoluses. 
  Silence/Resist: Defeat 5 Onmagougs. 
  Sleep/Resist: Defeat 5 Adahna Degahnas. 
  Solid/Anti Up: Defeat 5 De Ragnuses. 
  Solid/Bullet Save: Complet all Parum free missions. 
  Solid/TECH Save: Complet all Moatoob free missions. 
  Spiral Dance: Successfully complete Chapter 3 in Story mode. 
  Stun/Resist: Defeat 5 Magas Maggahnases. 
  Tamagiri-zashi: Collect 80% of all twin daggers. 
  Tero/All Save: Complete all G. Colony free missions. 
  Tornado Dance: Reach Hunter level 10. 
  Twin Penetration: Reach Gunmaster level 5. 
  Tyrant Spada: Collect 80% of all twin sabers. 
  Virus/Resist: Defeat Dulk Fakis (second phase) 5 times. 
  Vish Diraga: Collect 80% of all whips. 


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