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 Phantom Dust - Platform: XBox

Phantom Dust - Platform: XBox

Arsenal Creation:
Always have at least eight to nine Auras in your arsenal, or else you will 
be lacking in Aura at the beginning of the mission and waste skills. 
Also, have a balance between long, medium, and short range attacks. 
Have perhaps three long range, four medium, and three short attacks. 
Make sure you are equipped with enough defense skills, especially low 
cost skills that you can use to block attacks that do not cause damage. 
Finally, make one of your two classes the Nature class so that you can 
use healing skills like Healing Water. 

Play as monsters:
Select versus mode, then hold L + R while selecting a character at the 
selection screen. Your character portrait will remain the same, but you 
will appear as a monster during game play.

Watch movies:
Complete the mission from Mikan in the Clinic at the end of Chapter 4. 
After then, talk to Mikan to view any movie.

New starting skills:
At the beginning of a duel either in multi-player or scenario mode, as 
the timer is counting down if the skills you have in your arsenal are 
bad or you do not have any Aura Particles to start with, press Back before 
the timer reaches zero. You will reshuffle your starting skills. This can 
only be done once per duel, but it is a good way to avoid a bad situation.

For every thirty Xbox Live wins, you will be given one of forty Xbox Live 

Duplicating skills:
Note: This only works on Xbox Live. You need at least three people in the 
same lobby. The type of game should be an ante battle royal game. The host 
should make an arsenal composed of skills he does not mind losing, since he 
will be the only one losing. When the game begins, have the host press Start 
and then go to "Return To Lobby". Next, when the host is in the lobby he or 
she should kick everyone in the game. When the person is kicked, a "You Win" 
screen should appear, and you will attain the other people's skill that you 
won. Because this happens for everybody, everyone wins. No one actually loses 
skills, they are just copied. Everyone will get skills and nobody loses them 
except the host. You can have players take turns being the host.

Move while seeing enemies:
If you are trying to move around and still want to see the enemy but do not 
want to lock on, press White. Their names will appear, but you will not lock 
onto anyone. This is a good way to keep track of your opponents but retain 
the freedom of moving the camera. Note: Always lock on to someone before 
trying to launch a defense skill unless it auto launches.


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