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 Pikmin - Platform: Gamecube

Pikmin - Platform: Gamecube

View Fireworks:
As the master of the Pikmin, you have some royal treatment 
coming your way. Press Down (on the D-Pad) for 4 Pikmin to 
carry you back to base. You'll see a fireworks display held 
just for you. Or, if you want, just stand still long enough. 

Challenge mode option
Save the game at any point to unlock a "Challenge Mode" option 
at the main menu. Select that option to replay previously completed 
sections in a time attack type scenario. Collect as many Pikmin as 
possible before nightfall.

Hint: Fireworks
Press Down to round up four Pikmin to carry you back to your base 
camp. A short fireworks display appear. This also eventually happens 
if you stand idle.

Hint: Get more Pikmin
Note the color of the pellets when you have the Pikmin carry them to 
their "Onions." The destination that Pikmin will carry objects to 
depends on the members of the group. If there are more blue Pikmin 
than red Pikmin in the group, they will bring it to the blue hive. 
When the same color pellet is brought to the corresponding hive color 
it will produce more new Pikmin than if the colors does not match. 

Hint: Getting various colored Pikmin
You can get the Red Pikmin when you start the game (Impact Site). You 
can get Yellow Pikmin when you get to the next area (Forest Of Hope). 
You can get the Blue Pikmin in the third area (Forest Navel).

Hint: Defeating the Armed Beetle
To defeat the Armed Beetle in the Distant Spring, wait until it is about 
to take a breath. It does this immediately before spitting out a rock. 
Then, throw a Pikmin at it. If you aimed correctly, the Pikmin should 
get sucked in and the beetle will open its shell, exposing its vulnerable 
body. Then, just have your Pikmin attack it.

Hint: Defeating Puffstool
To defeat the Puffstool in the Forest Navel easily, beat him by yourself 
by pressing A near him. He does not do any damage -- just take the time 
to defeat him instead of losing a lot and Pikmin (and health since the 
Pikmin attack you).

Although it is true that Puffstool's spores do not damage you (because 
of your spacesuit), it is rather inefficient to damage him yourself. 
An army of red Pikmin are useful in battle, but you have to do two 
things. First, while Puff is standing, have them attack its feet. It 
will fall over on its head, wiggling around helplessly. Some will hang 
on to his feet, while the others will fall off. Instead of ordering them 
to attack again, throw your red Pikmin on top. His underside is easily 
damaged more than his head. However, it is very unlikely you will kill 
him before he flips over and tries to spray your Pikmin, turning them 
into Toadmin that will attack you. The easiest solution is to press B to 
recall them before he flips over, which is about fifteen seconds. Bring 
every one of them away from PuffStool and wait for it to spray. After the 
spores have dissipated, attack his feet and resume. It should only take 
two times to knock him out and get your part, as well as a mushroom cap 
to feed your onions with.

Hint: Distant Springs: Wetland frogs
When you have to build the bridge from both sides to get the part for 
your spaceship, you may lose a lot of Pikmin from the frog that is there. 
Leave your Pikmin in their "Onions" when you begin and go over to kill 
the frog. It will be easier and safer for your Pikmin to build their 

Hint: Save Pikmin from drowning
Repeatedly blow your whistle at Pikmin to drag them up onto land. 

Hint: Captain's logs
To see the pages where Olimar had written his discoveries, press Y on 
the area selection screen.


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