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 Pirates of the Caribbean - Platform: XBox

Pirates of the Caribbean - Platform: XBox

Infinite Money 
Keep going in and out of any tavern until there is a viable officer 
candidate waiting to be hired. Tell them you don't think they are 
worth what they are asking, they will lower their price, then say 
they are still not worth their fee. Keep doing this, and eventually 
it will turn into a negative sum. The amount of money you hire them 
for (which will be shown as a negative amount, -5000 for example) 
will INCREASE your gold instead. 

NOTE: I discovered this with a commerce skill of 7, and each time I 
performed the trick, the amount went down by 700. With a lower skill 
rating, they sometimes refuse to lower their price.

God mode for self and your ship. Sails and ship crew unaffected 
Press A, Y, X(2), Y(2), B, Y, X, A during game play on land. 

Additional 100,000 gold
Press A, X, Y, B, Y, B, X, B(2), A during game play on land.

50 skill points
Press A, B, Y, X, Y, B(2), Y, B, A during game play on land.

Neutral reputation
Press A ,X, Y, X, Y, B(2), Y, B, A during game play on land. 

Easy Ship Takeovers
Since you are at war with France, you are going to attack some French 
ships. But not any french ships, only those that are battling pirate 
ships, because any other time when you encounter french ships they 
attack you. But this time they will be your allies, against the pirates, 
so find a battle where you are totally out numbered by the pirates and 
quickly defeat them. Now after the battle the french ships will not attack 
you, they will sail on their way. Get in close to those french ships and 
fire your kibles at their sails, do it to each ship, but do not fire 
anything else or the ships will instantly attack you. Now with their sails 
destroyed they cannot manuver very well, when you begin your attack, you can 
pick them off or flee if you must. Next select the ship you want to take over, 
get in real close and fire the grape shot at point blank rage. You will kill 
off some of the crew, and will instantly board their ship for a take over. 
Now when you have your new ship the other french ships "if there are anymore" 
will attack you. But since you took out the sails, the battle will be easy, 
so sink them or run away to repair. You can do this with other nations, but 
once you do this you will be at war with them, which just adds to your 
problems early in the game.

Run Away
If you run into a group of baddies you think you cannot beat then run away and 
go past the last point where the game loads and they won't follow you.


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