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 Planet 51 - Platform: XBox 360

Planet 51 - Platform: XBox 360

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number
of Gamerscore points:

Welcome to Planet 51 (10 points): Complete the tutorials.
The Suburbs (50 points): Complete all the Suburbs missions.
Town (50 points): Complete all the Town missions.
Desert (50 points): Complete all the Desert missions.
I've Got Antennas! (100 points): Complete all the game 
missions, including all tasks.
Breaking News! (15 points): Complete level 10 in the task
"Glipforg News Paperboy".
Lawnmower Master (15 points): Complete level 10 in the task
"Lawnmower Boy".
Glipforg Deliveries (15 points): Complete level 10 in the task
"Glipforg Deliveries".
The Dog Catcher (15 points): Complete level 10 in the task "Too
Many Dogs in this Town".
Born to Park (15 points): Complete level 10 in the task "Parking
Glipforg Taxi Driver (15 points): Complete level 10 in the task
Circus Cleaner (15 points): Complete level 10 in the task "World´s
cleanest circus".
Car Crusher (50 points): Complete level 10 in the tasks "Car
Crusher", "Battle in the Stadium" and "Desert Battle".
The Fastest Driver (50 points): Complete level 10 in all race tasks.
Car Collector (100 points): Unlock all vehicles (excluding
vehicles unlocked at the police station).
Sticker Collector (100 points): Collect all the stickers that
you'll earn in the tasks.
Comic Fan (100 points): Find all the comic frames scattered around
Planet 51.
Curious Boy (30 points): Enter every open house and building in
the game.
Pro Cyclist (10 points): Travel  12 miles by bicycle.
Pro Driver (10 points): Travel 300 miles by car.
Flying Car (15 points): Perform a jump of 150 ft or more.
Careful Driver (15 points): Drive a car for 3 minutes without
Billboard Breaker (50 points): Jump through all the billboards in
the game.
Slippery (40 points): Escape 40 times from your enemies by hiding
in the trash cans.
Reckless Driver (5 points): Destroy 30 pieces of property in 60
Fugitive (5 points): Elude the law enforcers 3 times in a row in
the same vehicle outside of a mission.
Alien! (5 points): Achieve and maintain the maximum level of alert
for 3 minutes outside of a mission.
Perfect Gardener (5 points): Complete "Neera's Garden" without
cutting any flowers, touching the mole, or getting hit by water.
The Coolest Paperboy (5 points): Get "perfect" throws for all
newspapers in "The Paperboy" mission.
Careful Fighter (5 points): Complete any car crusher mission
without taking any damage.
Experienced Delivery Boy (5 points): Don't lose any boxes in the
"A Job  of Little Importance" mission.
Careful Parking Boy (5 points): Complete the "Parking Valet"
mission without damaging any cars.
Sweet Cleaner (5 points): Complete the "Cleaning The Circus"
mission without making King Klong angry.
Skilled Driver (5 points): Complete the "King Klong" mission
without damaging the pickup.


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