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 Pokemon Firered solve - Platform: Gameboy Advance

Pokemon Firered solve - Platform: Gameboy Advance

Submitted by. Calvin Wankhede

Nintendo has done it again! Just more than a year after the release of
Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire, it will be releasing a remake of Pokemon Red and
Green (Blue in the US) on the 29th of January in Japan. The game,
Pokemon Fire Red/Leaf Green might be more than just a mere remake though.
There will be some extra features, and definitely improved graphics and
gameplay. Pokemon Red and Green were the games that started it all.
Since then, many Pokemon games have been released across many Nintendo
console and handheld. Each game offering new experience and Pokemon.
However, Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green are different. It will bring
back Pokemon Red and Green, with graphics and gameplay that are
comparable to Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire. There is no denying that many will
anticipate the release of this game. Older fans will certainly relish
the experience of playing Pokemon Red and Green once again. Nostalgia
 which is what this game, is all about.

Below are the new features that could be found in this game:

- New advanced Graphics
- Compability with Colloseum
- Compability with Ru/Sa
- The First GBA game to support Nintendo new wireless device
- New Female Trainer
- New Islands
- Various Mini Games
- 2 on 2 battles (not really new, since it's in Ru/Sa)
- Voice Checker
- Pokemon learns different moves
- Move tutors

Difference between Fire Red/Leaf Green
- Box Arts (Charizard for Fire Leaf, Venusaur for Leaf Green)
- Obtainable Pokemon (Refer to section 9 for more details)

3. Walkthrough - Kanto

NOTE: This walkthrough is based on the Fire Red version of the
game. There are some differences between Fire Red and Leaf Green. This
walkthrough will try to cover both versions as far as possible.
Unfortunately, there are some areas in which this could not be done.
In order to help your search, you might want to use the Find (Ctrl+F)

i. Game Basics

Skip this section unless this is the first time that you've played
any Pokemon games. Veterans from R/B/Y and G/S/C days will find the
basic control of Fire/Leaf is more or less the same.

Here are the controls in Pokemon Fire/Leaf

Directional Pads
This is used to move around the map, or used to move to another
option of the menu.

A button
Choose this to confirm an option.

B button
This is used if you want cancel an option.

Start Button
This is used to bring in main menu on the main map.

Select Button
You can register an item and use tem easily by using the select
button. You can also re-arrange the order of moves by using this button.
An often overlooked button in the days of R/B/Y.

L and R
This button is used for Nothing. However, you can change it's function
to work like the A and B button from the setting option.

Start menu
Pokedex - This is simply your Pokedex
Pokemon - Choosing this option will list the Pokemon in your party
Bag - This will take you to your backpack where you can use your
items "Trainer Name" - This will take you to your trainer card.
(trainer status)

Below are the list of trainer card color in Pokemon Fire/Leaf
Normal - You start with this
Bronze - You get this after beating the elite four
Copper - You get this by completing the Kanto Dex
Silver - You get this by completing the National Dex

Save - Self-Explanatory
Option - Use this to cahnge the battle mode, frame styles, etc
Cancel - Self-Explanatory

Stopping evolution
Press the "B" button while your Pokemon is evolving.

Teaching Pokemon a HM/TM
Go to your pack select a TM/HM and use them to one of your
Pokemon. (Not all Pokemon may be able to learn a particular moves).

Using a HM in the field
Press A against the obstacle that you want to go through. This
works for every HM except for Flash. You could also do it manually
by going to the Pokemon status screen and the option to use HM will
appear if you check each individual Pokemon

Someone PC's (later Bill's PC)
There's an option for you here to change your PC wallpaper as well
as rename the boxes. Another useless addition to the Pokemon PC.
However, something that will interest you would be the fact that
Pokemon will be sent to the next empty boxes. In other words, you
don't have to change your PC boxes when its full. No more tearing
your hairs out when you discover your PC Box is full when you are
throwing a ball at legendary Pokemon.

Below are the explanations of the various menus in Pokedex.

Pokedex Type - This shows the two basic Pokedex type

- Kanto Dex - This will take you to the original R/B/Y Pokedex, the
151 original Pokemon.
- National Dex - choosing this will take you to the National Dex,
containing the entries for all 386 Pokemon.

Field - Show the terrain in which a Pokemon could be found

- Grass
- Forest
- Lake
- Sea
- Cave
- Mountain
- Field
- Town
- Legendary

Sort - This will give you the option to sort out your Pokedex

- Alphabet - List Pokemon according to their alphabetical order
- Type - List Pokemon by their types
- Weight - List out the Pokemon according to their weight
- Height - List out the Pokemon by their height

Exit - Self explanatory

ii. Character Guide

Main Character (Boy)
From: Pallet Town
The hero of the game. Lives in Pallet Town

Main Character (Girl)
From: Pallet Town
The hero of the game. Lives in Pallet Town

From Pallet Town
The hero's main rival. Grandson of Professor Oak and your final
challenger in Pokemon Leauge.
Pokemon: Alakazam, Pidgeot, Arcanine, Eggxecutor, Gyarados, One
of the starter

Professor Oak
From: Pallet Town
A Pokemon researcher, and the inventor of the Pokedex. He will
give the main character a starting Pokemon. His grandson is the
main character's rival.
Pokemon: Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle

From: route 24
The inventor of Pokemon storage system. The Pokemon storage
sytem in POkemon center is named after him. He is the person that
will take you to the mystery island after you've beaten the
Cinnabar gym.

From: Viridian City
Head of the evil organisation Team Rocket, as well as Viridian
city gym leader. In teh course of the game, you'll battle him
Pokemon: Nidoking, Dugtrio, Persian, Rhydon, Nidoqueen

A. Pallet Town - The Beginning

The adventure begins. You start out in your room. Before you go down
the stairs, you might want to take out a potion out of your PC. Now,
head down the stairs and out of the house. If you tried to go to the lab,
you'll find out that Professor Oak is not in the lab, and only your soon
to be rival. (for convenience sake we shall call the rival as Blue from
now on).Now head north out of the town to Route 1. Before you can proceed
any further, you'll be stopped by none other than Professor Oak. He will
tell you to follow him to the laboratory.

Here, Professor Oak would give two pokemon for both you and Blue. You
may pick first. Head to the table with three pokeballs on it. On the left,
is Bulbasaur a grass Pokemon. On the middle is Squirtle a water Pokemon,
on the right is Charmander a fire Pokemon. After choosing your starter,
it is your rival's turn to pick his starter. Now that both of you are
done, head for the exit. Here Blue will tell you that he wants to battle

Rival Battle #1
If you choose Bulbasaur:
Blue Pokemon: Charmander lvl 5

If you choose Charmander:
Blue Pokemon: Squirtle lvl 5

If you choose Squirtle:
Blue Pokemon: Bulbasaur lvl 5

This battle shouldn't be too hard. That potion you picked up from the PC
will help greatly for this battle. There arenn't really any strategies
involved for this battle, since both your pokemon and Blue's Pokemon
only knew the basic attack. (Tackle, Scratch, etc). If you win, your
Pokemon will gain a level.

/Pokemon Info \
The Starters

Below are the moves that the starter learn:

Bulbasaur lvl 16 (Grass/Poison)
Tackle -
Growl 4
Leech Seed 7
Vine Whip 10
Poisonpowder 15
Sleep Powder 15
Razor Leaf 20
Sweet Scent 25
Growth 32
Synthesis 39
Solarbeam 46

Ivysaur lvl 32 (Grass/Poison)
Razor Leaf 22
Sweet Scent 29
Growth 38
Synthesis 47
Solarbeam 56

Venusaur (Grass/Poison)
Growth 41
Synthesis 53
Solarbeam 65

Charmander lvl 16 (fire)
Scratch -
Growl -
Ember 7
Metal Claw 13
Smokescreen 19
Scary Face 25
Flamethrower 31
Slash 37
Dragon Rage 43
Fire Spin 49

Charmeleon lvl 36 (Fire)
Smokescreen 20
Scary Face 27
Flamethrower 34
Slash 41
Dragon Rage 48
Fire Spin 55

Charizard (Fire/Flying)
Wing Attack 36
Slash 44
Dragon Rage 54
Fire Spin 64

Squirtle lvl 16 (Water)
Tackle -
Tail Whip 4
Bubble 7
Withdraw 10
Water Gun 13
Bite 18
Rapin Spin 23
Protect 28
Rain Dance 33
Skull Bash 40
Hydro Pump 47

Wartortle lvl 36 (Water)
Bite 19
Rapin Spin 25
Protect 31
Rain Dance 37
Skull Bash 45
Hydro Pump 53

Blastoise (Water)
Rain Dance 42
Skull Bash 55
Hydro Pump 68


Now you've beaten/defeated by Blue, it's time to get starting with
your Pokemon adventures. Head North out of the town to route 1. This
route is a short one, and there are no trainers at all. You may want to
battle the wild Pokemon and levelled up your Pokemon a few level. Soon
you'll arrive at Viridian City.

B. Viridian City - A Tranquil Town

Not much you can do here at the moment. The gym is closed, and there's
an old man blocking your way at north of the city. Head to the Pokemart.
The shopkeeper will tell you that he has a package to be delivered to
Professor Oak. Now, head back to Pallet town through route 1. Go to the
Professor laboratory, and gives the packgage to Professor Oak. In return,
he'll give you a Pokedex. Before you could leave, a familiar face pops
in. It's none other than Blue. He is also given a Pokedex by the old
professor. Now that you have the Pokedex with you, it's time to capture
some Pokemon. In addition to that, Professor Oak will give you the Teachy 
TV. It contains all the basic information about Pokemon game.Unless you
are completely new to Pokemon, this item is almost redundant. Talk to one 
of the professor aides to get 5 free Pokeballs. Alternatively, you can 
buy them at Viridian PokeMart at the price of P200.

Viridian Pokemart - Item list |
Pokeball 200 |
Potion 300 | 
Antidote 100 | 
Paralyz Heal 200 |

Whether you decided to train or catch some Pokemon, head back to the
Viridian City. Head West to pay a visit to the Pokemon Leauge building.
There's nothing you can do here at the moment, since you have no badges
yet. However, there will be abother battle against Blue.

Rival Battle#2
If you choose Bulbasaur:
Pidgey lvl 9
Charmander lvl 10

If you choose Charmander:
Pidgey lvl 9
Squirtle lvl 10

If you choose Squirtle:
Pidgey lvl 9
Bulbasaur lvl 10

Your level should be as high as his Pokemon at this moment. This battle
shouldn't be a problem. Now Head back to Viridian City. Head North,
and you'll find the old man has awaken from his sleep. Talk to him and
he'll show you how to capture a Pokemon. In any case head North to Route
2. You'll arrive in Viridian Forest in no time.

C. Viridian Forest - Where bugs and Pikachu lurk

As you enter the forest, you'll see a short cutscene from 1st
perspectives. Viridian Forest contains a lot of bug Pokemon, and in
addition of that you can also capture a Pikachu. You might want to
consider capturing it for later. From here, head to your right and
continue on north. There will be some trainers along the way. (mostly
bug catcher). The forest are pretty straightforward, and you shouldn't
be lost in it. Head for the exit and you'll end up in the other end of
route 2. Head North and soon you'll arrive in Pewter City.

D. Pewter City - City of Hard Rock

Head for the Pokemon Center to heal your Pokemon. By this time your
starter should be at least more than level 10. Any lower than that, I
would suggest to level it up. Go to the Pokemart and stock up on
potions, etc

Pewter Pokemart - Item list |
Pokeball 200 |
Potion 300 |
Antidote 100 |
Paralyz Heal 200 |
Awakening 250 | 
Burn Heal 250 |
Escape Rope 550 |
Repel 350 |

You can go for the gym now, or you might fancy taking a look around
the town, there's a museum in the city. Once you're done with the
sightseeing, it's time for some serious business. Head for the Pewter
Gym, and face the junior trainer. You shouldn't be having any
problems defeating him if your levels are high enough. Now, talk to
the gym leader and a battle will ensue.

Pewter Gym jr Trainer
Geodude level 10
Sandshrew level 11

Pewter Gym Leader Brock
| Pokemon | Level |
| Geodude | 12 | 
| Onix | 14 |

This battle isn't a hard one. If you choose Bulbasaur/Squirtle you
have type advantages here. Using your starter alone should be sufficient
here. If you win the battle, Brock will give you TM 39 Rock Tomb. In
addition to that, you will be given a TM case as well.

/ TM Case \

The TM Case is one of the new features in this game. Unlike in previous
games where you have a specific sections in your backpack for TMs and
HMs, your backpack in Pokemon Fire Red/Leaf Green is divided into three
sections. You have the general items backpack for your potions and
Rare Candies. The Balls section for all your Pokeball, and lastly the key
items section where it contains the items necessary to progress in the
game. The TM Case could be found here after you've obtained it. The TM
case will allow you to store TM and HM. To use the TM case, just go to
the key items section in your backpack, and choose the TM case.

Now heal your Pokemon and head East to route 3. There's another
Professor Oak's aide there. He will give you a running shoes. The running
shoes will enable you to srint through terrains. It can be used
everywhere except inside buildings. To use the running shoes, hold the "B"
button and press the directional pad. Here in route 3, you'll find some
trainers. Go through the Northern part of the route, and fight the trainers
while you're building up your Pokemon levels. Continue on until you see a
Pokemon Center. Here, heal your Pokemon for there is another cave ahead.
there's a man selling a Magikarp for a "mere" 500 poke. a ripoff,
considering Magikarp knew nothing but splash. Of course, if you have the
time to train it until it evolves, the investment is worthwhile. In any case
it's time to head for Mt Moon.

E. Mt Moon & Clefairy

It's now time to enter Mt Moon. From entrance, head up and turn right.
Continue going right until you come to a junction. Take the left path
until you can't go anymore, and go down. You will see a ladder leading
down here, but do not go down. Go pass the ladder, and continue to
follow the path. You should see another ladder with a hiker circling
around it. Now use this ladder to go down.

From here, follow the path until you see another ladder. You'll end up
in a bigger chamber now. Head down the stairs that you see when you emerge
from the ladder. There should be a team rocket there. Now, go up the
stairs and continue along the path. There aren't any junctions and turns
along the way, so just follow the path until you saw another member of
team rocket. You're left with no choice but to defeat him this time.
Defeat him and proceed on straight. There's a hidden moonstone on the
dead-end on the right. Anyway, go straight and fight the super nerd
guarding the two fossils.

Super Nerd
Grimer lvl 12
Voltorb lvl 12
Koffing lvl 12

An easy battle, if you have Sandshrew, or even Nidoking. Ground attack
works well for Grimer and Voltorb. In my opinion, this battle is even
easier than the previous team rocket battle. you should have no problem
handling the super nerd.

After you've beaten the super nerd, you could have one of the two
fossils. The Dome fossil could be regenerated into Kabuto and the Helix
fossil could be turned into an Omanyte. To revive these two fossils, head
to Cinnabar Island. After you've picked up one of the fossils, head left,
down the stairs and down the ladder. Continue on, and soon you'll emerge
in route 4.

From here, it doesn't matter which way you go. However, you might want
to head for your right. There are two blackbelts there which could teach
your Pokemon Mega Punch and Mega Kick. In any case, head East until you
arrive at the next town - Cerulean City

F. Cerulean City - Water Power

Heal your Pokemon, and stock up your items. After that, head for
the gym.

Cerulean Pokemart - Item list |
Pokeball 200 |
Super Potion 700 | 
Potion 300 |
Antidote 100 |
Paralyz Heal 200 | 
Awakening 250 |
Burn Heal 250 |
Escape Rope 550 |
Repel 350 |

If you've captured a Pikachu earlier this battle would be perfect
for it. The gym itself is pretty straightforward, there aren't any
puzzles here. Fight the two junior trainers, and once you're done
with them it's time to fight Misty.

Swimmer (M)
Horsea level 16
Shellder level 16

Cerulean Gym Jr Trainer
Goldeen lvl 19

Cerulean Gym Leader Battle: Misty
| Pokemon | Level |
| Staryu | 18 | 
| Starmie | 21 |

Two words: Water Pulse. That's pretty much sums up what you are going
to face. The Water Pulse attack would be your biggest trouble against
them. Staryu is relatively easy, but Starmie is a challenge even for
Electric Pokemon if you haven't levelled up enough. Bulbasaur users
shouldn't find much problem, although it's good luck to Charmander users
if they didn't levelled up high enough. Take no chance and use your
strongest attack everytime. After the battle, Misty will give you the
Cascade badge as well as TM 03 - Water Pulse.

Now you're done with the gym leader, it's time to head north to the
Nugget Bridge. Here, you'll fight your rival once more.

Rival Battle # 3
If you choose Bulbasaur:
Pidgeotto level 17
Rattata level 15
Abra level 16
Charmander level 18

If you choose Charmander:
Pidgeotto level 17
Rattata level 15
Abra level 16
Squirtle level 18

If you choose Squirtle:
Pidgeotto level 17
Rattata level 15
Abra level 16
Bulbasaur level 18

Nothing too hard here. Pidgeotto could be challenge, but Ratatta and
Abra could be taken care of quite easily. As for your rival's starter,
you should have no problem if you have a Pokemon with type advantage
over them. If you managed to defeat him, you'll get the voice checker.
It could be found in the key items section of your bag.

It's time for the Nugget Bridge challenge now. You'll fight 5 trainers
here. (not consecutively). they should be taken care of quite easily,
considering you make it this far. At the end of the nugget bridge, you'll
be awarded a nugget. Useless, but it could sell for 5000 in the Pokemart.
From the Nugget bridge. Head eastward. There will be a kind of mini maze
here with some trainers. You should have no problem getting past them.
Moves on until you see a house. It's Bill House. The path behind the
house is gone in this game though, so no Bulbasaur Garden, Charmander
Field, and Squirtle Lake;). Once you enter the house, you'll see a
Clefairy. Talk to it, and it will tell you that he is actually a human
(yeah right). In any case, heas for the PC. You have no choice but to
help him this time. Soon, a human pops up from the transporter machine
- It's Bill!. As a reward for your help, he'll give you the S.S. Ticket.
Time for the high seas now.

Head back to Cerulean City, go to the house at the North-Eastern corner
of the city. Earlier, you might have notice that a policeman was
blocking the way. Go inside the ransacked house, and go out through the
back door. Here you will fight another Team Rocket member. If you
managed to defeat him, you'll get Tm 28 - Dig.

Team Rocket Battle
Machop level 17
Drowzee level 17

Head south alongside the town to route 5 now. Continue going south
until you see a small building on the right. This is the underground pass
to Vermillion City. Head down the underground pass, and you'll find
yourself in route 6. There not much to do in this route. There's some
wild Pokemon and a few trainers. In any case head south until you arrive
in a city.

G. Vermillion City - The Sea and the Surge

First thing first, you'll notice that you can't go to the gym. You'll
need to have to teach your Pokemon cut HM. Now, head to the dock for the
SS Anne. If you've gotten the SS ticket from Bill earlier, you should be
able to enter the ship. Once you eter the S.S. Anne, head left and take
the stairs down. From here head down until you can't go any further and
head right. Soon, you'll meet your rival once more, and another battle
will ensue.

Rival Battle # 4
If you choose Bulbasaur
Pidgeotto level 19
Raticate leve l 16
Kadabra level 17
Charmeleon level 20

If you choose Charmander
Pidgeotto level 19
Raticate leve l 16
Kadabra level 17
Wartortle level 20

If you choose Squirtle
Pidgeotto level 19
Raticate leve l 16
Kadabra level 17
Ivysaur level 20

After the battle head straight to the captain's dock. Here, you'll see
the captain vomiting to a trash bin. Walk up to him and talk to him.
He'll be grateful for you helping him and as a reward HM 01 is now
yours. You might want to stick in the ship a little bit longer, since
if you leave now, the ship will set sails. Once you're done, get off
the ships and watch as the SS.Anne sails away.

Before you proceed any further, you might want to visit the Pokemon 
Center. Here, there's a girl by the counter. Talk to her to get the 
VS seeker, The VS seeker is one of the new features in this game. By
using this device, you will be able to battle trainers you have fought
previously. To use this device, go to your key items pack and select
VS seeker near a trainer. Talk to the trainer again, and you'll be
able to fight them again. There are no limit on the number of times
you can use this device, although each usages require you to walk
100 steps to recharge it. 

Now that you've got the HM 01. You can cut away the tree blocking
Vermillion gym. Head for the gym and defeat the junior trainers.
The Gym Leaders room are blocked by two rays of lasers though. To get
past to the room you need to press the switch that could be found in
the trash bins filling the gym. The location are random, but the second
switch is always next to the first switch. Bearing this in mind, it
should be easier to solve the puzzle. Once you're done, head to the
gym leader room and talk to Lt Surge.

Pikachu Level 21
Pikachu Level 21

Voltorb Level 21
Magnemite Level 21

Pikachu Level 23

Gym Leader Battle: Lt Surge
| Pokemon | Level |
| Voltorb | 21 | 
| Pikachu | 18 |
| Raichu | 24 |

Ground or Rock attacks work best here. Overall, the battle isn't really
that hard. You'll be given the Thunderbadge and TM 24 - Thunderbolt
once you defeat Lt Surge. Now with three badges in your hand its time
to head for the next town. However, before you leave make sure you check
out the Pokemon Fan Club HQ at the Western part of the city. Talk to
its president, and you'll be given a bike coupon that you can exchange
for a bike in Cerulean Bike Shop. Beside the Pokemon Fan Club, there's
a little girl who want to trade a Farfetch D for Spearow. Lastly, stock
up on potions and other healing items.

Vermillion Pokemart - Item list |
Pokeball 200 | 
Super Potion 700 |
Potion 300 |
Antidote 100 |
Paralyz Heal 200 |
Awakening 250 |
Ice Heal 250 | 
Escape Rope 550 |
Repel 350 |

H. Rock Tunnel and Onwards

Now, it's time to head for the Rock Tunnel. Before that though, head
east from Vermillion City to route 11. You'll see a cave here - Diglett
cave, full of Diglet and Dugtrio. Go through the tunnel, and you'll end
up in route 2 again. Head South and enter a building. You'll see another
Professor's aide there. Talk to him, and if you've captured 10 or more
Pokemon he'll give you HM 05 - Flash.

Now that you've gotten Flash, make your way back to Cerulean City.
Exchange the bike coupon for a bike if you want. Head East to route 9,
and keep going on east fighting the trainers along the way until you see
a Pokemon Center. Heal your Pokemon, and make sure that you teach Flash
to one of your Pokemon. In this Pokemon Center, you will see another
Professor Aide. If you have more than 20 POkemon, he'll give you an
everstone which is a hold item to prevent your Pokemon from evolving
Now it's time to head for Rock Tunnel.

Rock Tunnel

First Floor
Head South passing through the scientist, and follow the path, go down
the ladder.

Basement 1
Head down and turn left. Now, keep on walking and turn at the first
junction you see. Follow the path and you should see a ladder. Climb the

First Floor (part II)
Here, just go down and around the room. You should be able to see the
ladder you should climb down.

Basement 1 (part II)
Keep on heading east until you can go no further. Now head North
passing through another scientist. Climb the ladder up.

First Floor (Part III)
Head down, and go east, you should be able to find the exit of the

Just continue on along the route, and soon you'll arrive at Lavender

I. Lavender Town and Team Rocket

Lavender Town is the home to the Pokemon Tower, a Pokemon cemetery. If
you try to enter the tower at this moment, you will only meet ghosts
there. We need an item to identify them before you can proceed through.

Lavender Pokemart - Item list|
Great Ball 600 |
Super Potion 700 |
Revive 500 |
Antidote 100 |
Paralyz Heal 200 |
Ice Heal 250 | 
Burn Heal 250 |
Escape Rope 550 |
Super Repel 500 |

Exit the town through the Western exit to route 8. Continue going west
until you see one of those guard houses. Like those in Vermillion and
Cerulean, the guards won't allow you to pass through. So head Nort hand
enter the underground pass. Once youemerge from the underground pass,
you'll be in route 7. Celadon City is just a short distance away.

Once you're in Celadon City, heal your pokemon. Head to the center of
the town and enterthe game corner. Here, talk to the Team Rocket
members standing by the poster. He will fight you. Defeat him, and
proceed to press a hidden switch in the poster. a staircase in your
right will open.

Game Corner Basement

Head for Basement 3 now. Go left and you'll see a mini puzzle. Make
your way to the end of the puzzle, and take the stairs down to Basement
four. Here, go to the north-western part of the room. You'll see a team
rocket member here. Defeat him and he'll give you the lift key. Now
that you have the lift key, head back to Basement 2. There's another
puzzle similar to the puzzle that you encountered in basement 3. Make
your way to the end of the puzzle, and now that you have the lift key,
you can take the lift to basement 4. Once you steps out in basement 4,
you'll see two rocket guards standing by a locked door. Defeat them to
open the door. Head straight to face Giovanni, the leader of team
rocket. Once you've beaten Giovanni, you'll get the Silph Scope.

Now that you've gotten the Silph Scope, it's time to head back to
Lavender Town and rescue Mr.Fuji. Head back to the underground pass and
back to Lavender. Once you're in Lavender Town, heal your Pokemon and
make your way to the tower.

Pokemon Tower

First Floor
Nothing here, just a few people and the counter. Head for the stairs
to level 2

Second Floor
Once you try to continue, someone will come and interrupt you. It's
none other than your rival. Prepare your Pokemon for another rival

Rival Battle 5
If Bulbasaur is your starter
Pidgeotto level 25
Gyarados level 23
Eggxecute level 23
Kadabra level 20
Charmeleon level 25

If Charmander is your starter
Pidgeotto level 25
Growlithe level 23
Eggxecute level 23
Kadabra level 20
Wartortle level 25

If Squirtle is your starter
Pidgeotto level 25
Gyarados level 23
Growlithe level 23
Kadabra level 20
Ivysaur level 25

Defeat him, and head left to go to the third floor.

Third Floor
Just head to your right for another staircase leading to the fourth
floor. You may want to battle the trainers along the way. There is
also an escape rope here.

Fourth Floor
Head right for another staircase. There are Ether and awakening here.
Grab them if you need.

Fifth Floor
Head right for the staircase. There's a square where you can heal
your Pokemon. Heal your Pokemon and proceed.

Sixth Floor
Head up and go aroung to the left. Once you reached a staircase, you'll
be taken into a battle against Ghost Marowak. Take note that you can't
capture this Marowak. After you've defeated the ghost Marowak, head
for the seventh floor.

Seventh Floor
There will be three rocket grunts along the way. Defeat them and talk
to Mr Fuji. You'll be transported to his house in Lavender Town after
the conversation. For your rewards in rescuing him, you'll be given a
pokeflute. Put that pokeflute aside for a while now. It's
time to head for Celadon city for the fourth badge.

J. Celadon City - Plants, Flowers, and Grass

As mentioned previously, head for Celadon City. You can go for the gym
now, but there are more things to do at the moment. First of all, Celadon
City is the home of the biggest Pokemart in Kanto region. You can buy
many items that are not on sale elsewhere. There are the elemental stone
that you'll need to evolve some Pokemon. Below are the price list for
the Pokemart.

Celadon Pokemart 2nd floor - Top counter|
TM 05 1500 |
TM 15 7500 |
TM 28 2000 |
TM 31 3000 | 
TM 43 3000 |
TM 45 3000 |

Celadon Pokemart 2nd floor - Bottom counter|
Great Ball 600 |
Super Potion 700 |
Revive 500 |
Antidote 100 |
Paralyz Heal 200 |
Awakening 250 |
Ice Heal 250 |
Burn Heal 250 |
Escape Rope 550 |
Super Repel 500 |

Celadon Pokemart 4th floor|
Pokedoll 1000 | 
Retro Mail 50 |
Fire Stone 2100 |
Thunder Stone 2100 |
Water Stone 2100 | 
Leaf Stone 2100 |

Celadon Pokemart 5th floor - Top Counter| 
Hp Up 9800 |
Protein 9800 |
Iron 9800 |
Carbos 9800 |
Calcium 9800 |
Zinc 9800 |

Celadon Pokemart 5th floor - Bottom counter|
Great Ball 600 |
Super Potion 700 |
Revive 500 |
Antidote 100 |
Paralyz Heal 200 |
Awakening 250 | 
Ice Heal 250 | 
Burn Heal 250 | 
Escape Rope 550 |
Super Repel 500 |

Celadon Pokemart Rooftop - Vending Machines|
Fresh Water 200 |
Soda Pop 300 | 
Lemonade 350 |

In addition to that, the game corner also provides some elusive prizes,
items and Pokemon alikes. The game corner is the only way to get Porygon.

The Celadon Mansion is another interesting building. Talk to the woman
on first floor to get a key items that will let you to go pass the
guard at Saffron city. If you tried to enter the mansion from the back
door and climb up to the rooftop, you'll be able to get Eevee. There are
also two move tutors in Celadon City. One could be found in the third
floor of the Pokemart. You can get him to teach your Pokemon Counter.
The other move tutors could be found in the house in front of the game
corner. Talk to him and he'll teach your Pokemon Softboiled.

After you've done all the necessary thing, it's time to head for the
gym. Head to the southof the city. There will be a small tree that
could be cut. Use cut, and make your way to the gym.

The gym itself contains a lot of junior trainers. You might want to
battle them for some experience. Remember to stock up on the Antidotes
and paralyze heal though, or you'll be making continous trip back to
Pokemon Center. Erika the gym leader could be found in the middle of
the gym. Once you're done with all the preparations, talk to her.

Gym Leader Battle
| Pokemon | Level |
| Victrebell | 24 | 
| Tangela | 24 |
| Vileplume | 29 |

Burn them if you have any fire Pokemon with you. If you've captured
a Growlithe earlier, take advantage of its ember attack. Alternatively
you can use psychic Pokemon for both Victreebell and Vileplume, since
they are also Poison Pokemon. Once you've beaten Erika, she'll give
you the fourth badge and a TM. With four badges in your hand, it's
time to head for Fuschia City for fifth badge. Before you leave the
city, you might want to visit the house in route 16 (acessible by
Cut) to get HM 02 - Fly. Fly will allow you to fly to all Pokemon
Centers that you've visited.

K. Onwards to Fuschia

From Celadon, there are two ways to go to Fuschia City. The first way is
going by the cycling road. You need a bicycle for this. The other and
the harder way, is to go south of Lavender town and travel through the
coast to Fuschia City.

If you choose to travel by the cycling road, read here:

From Celadon City, head west to route 16. Here you will notice a
sleeping Pokemon. Remember the Poke Flute from Mr Fuji earlier. Now with
Poke Flute, you can awaken this sleeping Pokemon. Approach the sleeping
Pokemon and use the Poke Flute you'll be taken to a battle with level 30
Snorlax. You need to either defeat/capture it to proceed with the game.
I would recommend capturing it, since there are only two Snorlax in the
game. After you defeat the Snorlax enter the house. If you've no bicycle,
the guard will not allow you to pass. In any case, exit the house and
you'll end up in cycling road. It's a breeze from here to Fuschia City.
The road goes downhill, and just keep riding southwards, and soon
you'll end up in Fuschia City.

If you choose the hard way:

Make your way to Lavender town, and from here head south to go to route
12. Here, just keep walking on the dock. Head south, fighting the
trainers along the way. Eventually, your way will be blcoked by a
sleeping Pokemon - Snorlax. If you remember, you've gotten a pokeflute
from Mr Fuji earlier. Use it against this sleeping Pokemon, and it will
wake up and attack you.

Pokemon Battle
Snorlax lvl 30

This Pokemon is one of the two snorlax available in the game. You can
only catch or defeat it. Use some fighting Pokemon to deal the damage.
Status ailments will also come in handy if you want to capture this
Pokemon. Once you're done, keep heading south until you see a house.
This is the house of a fisherman. Talk to him, and he'll give you the
super rod. Super rod is the best rod in this game, and with this you'll
be able to capture most of the water Pokemon in the sea or lake. Now,
keep on heading south until you can go no more. From here, head west and
you should find yourself, in a maze-like area.

The maze shouldn't be hard to figure out. Once you get out of the maze,
head south and head wes tto route 15. From here, keep on heading west
fighting the trainers along the way until you see another city gate that
leads to Fuschia City.

L. Fuschia City and Safari Zone

Welcome to Fuschia City, home to Safari Zone. For more details about
the Safari Zone, check out the miscellaneous section of this walkthrough.
Beside the Pokemon Center, is the home of the move Deleter. If you want
to delete a move make sure you pay him a visit.

Meanwhile, below are the Pokemart list

Fuschia Pokemart - Item List|
Ultra Ball 1200 |
Great Ball 600 |
Super Potion 700 |
Revive 1500 | 
Full Heal 600 |
Max Repel 700 |

In any case, head for the gym at the southern part of the town. The gym
is a tricky one. There's invisible wall all around the gym. You'll need
to configure your way through these invisible walls. Try to go around
the room from the right. The trainers could serve as a markers. In any
case you should reach Koga soon.

Fuschia Gym Leader Battle: Koga 
| Pokemon | Level |
| Koffing | 37 | 
| Muk | 39 |
| Koffing | 37 |
| Weezing | 43 | 

This could prove to be a tricky battle. Psychic Pokemon is your best
bet against Koga. Ground attack will not work against Koffing and
Weezing due their abilities - Levitate, which made them immune to
ground attacks. Also, watch out for their self-destruct which could
hurt you if you only rely on one single Pokemon. To be save, get some
revives and antidotes for this battle. One or two good Psychic Pokemon
will be enough to win you the badge. Once you defeated Koga, he'll
give you the soul Badge as well as the most effective poisoning move
in the form of TM 06 - Toxic

After you've beaten Koga, now you could use Surf outside battle. Now
its time to find the HM. Now, head for the safari Zone. Look out for
the surfer's house (it's deep inside the safari zone). While you're at
the safari zone, also remember to pick up a Gold Teeth. Once you've
found the surfer house, enter, talk to him and HM 03 - Surf will be yours.
Now that you've gotten surf, it's time to get another HM. Now head for
the warden house at the Eastern part of the city. Remember the Gold tooth
you picked earlier. If you give it to him, he'll give you HM 04 strength
in exchange for the gold tooth. Now you have HM04 - Strength, you can
move boulders. Also, in the warden house there is a pokeball which is
inacessible earlier because of the boulder. Move the boulder using
strength, and get the pokeball for a rare candy. Make sure you check
out the house beside the waden's. Here, talk to the fisherman for good
rod which will enable you to capture better water Pokemon.

Now, the game could be pretty much non-linear. With surf, you can go
for Cinnabar Island or you can go to Saffron City. In order to keep
things simple, we'll go to Saffron first.

M. Safron city and Silph Co

If you haven't get the key items from the woman in Celadon Mansion
earlier, it's time to get it. Once you've gotten the items, head to the
one of the Saffron gates. Here, the guards will ask you whether you will
give him a drink (the key items). Afterwards, he will let you pass.
You've arrived at Saffron City, the biggest city in the game. If you go
North, you'll notice that there are two gyms here. However only the
psychic gym will give you the badge. At the moment, there are team rocket
member blocking the way to the psychic gym. Now you have the choice
whether you want to go to Fighting Dojo or head straight to Silph Co.

Before that, you might want to check out the Pokemart:

Saffron Pokemart - Item List|
Ultra Ball 1200 | 
Hyper Potion 1200 |
Revive 1500 |
Full Heal 600 | 
Escape Rope 550 |
Max Repel 700 |

If you choose to go to the Fighting Dojo, bring some Psychic and Flying
Pokemon around. Here, there are 4 junior trainers. You will fight two of
the trainers each time consecutively. Once you're done with the trainers,
talk to the leader and a batlle will start.

Fighting Dojo Leader
Hitmonlee lvl 30
Hitmonchan lvl 30

With Psychic/Flying Pokemon of sufficient level, this battle isn't hard
at all. If you're using flying Pokemon, beware of Hitmonchan thunderpunch.
For beating the leader, you'll be given a reward. A choice of either a
Hitmonlee or a Hitmonchan of your own.

Now, it's time to take care of Team Rocket. Head for the Silph Co
building now, the biggest building in the city. This building is full
of Team Rocket. Your ojective is to rescue the company's president. There
are 11 floor in this building, but you can't go directly to the 11th
floor. First of all, you need to get the card key in order to open some
of the doors. To get the Card Key, head to the 5th floor using the lift.
From here, go left and down all the way until you see a warp spot. Defeat
the scientist, and go past the warp, but not using it. Head to your right
and you should find an item containing a card key. Now that you've gotten
the card key, you'll be able to open up the door. Just walk around the
building for some cool items (Carbos, Protein, Calcium, etc). If you want
to save time, you might want to check out floor 8 where you can heal your
pokemon by sleeping one bed. Now it's time to continue. Head for the third
floor. Here, go down, and open the door using your card key. On the first
room, go to the warp tile and use it. You'll end up in the 7th floor,
where you can see a Silph Co employee together with the rival. If you
haven't fully healed your Pokemon yet, go back to level 8 and heal. Once
you've done this, it's time to face your rival.

Rival Battle 6

If you choose Bulbasaur:

Pidgeot lvl 37
Gyarados lvl 35
Eggxecute lvl 35
Alakazam lvl 35
Charizard lvl 40

If you choose Charmander:

Pidgeot lvl 37
Growlithe lvl 35
Eggxecute lvl 35
Alakazam lvl 35
Blastoise lvl 40

If you choose Squirtle:

Pidgeot lvl 37
Growlithe lvl 35
Gyarados lvl 35
Alakazam lvl 35
Venusaur lvl 40

After you manage to defeat your rival, talk to the Silph Co employee.
He'll give you Lapras a water Pokemon at leve l 25. Now, go to the other
warp spot. Use it, and you'll be transported to level 11. Here, there
will be a team rocket members, which you have no choice but to battle.
Once you defeat him, open the door and get ready to face Giovanni once

Team Rocket Battle: Giovanni
Nidorino lvl 37
Rhyhorn lvl 37
Kangaskhan lvl 37
Nidoqueen lvl 41

Bring some Fighting and Psychic pokemon here. Psychic will come in
handy against Nidorino and Nidoqueen. A good fighting Pokemon should
be able to dismantle Rhyhorn and Kangasjhan easily. Now that you've
beaten Giovanni, talk to the president of Silph Co. As a reward for
saving Silph Co, he'll give you a Master Ball. Master Ball will allow
you to capture any Pokemon. It will definitely come handy against
the legendary Pokemon.

With Team Rocket taken care of, it's time to get back to track for
becoming a Pokemon master. It's time for the 6th badge. Head back to
the Psychic gym, you'll notice that you can go in now.

Here, you need to use the warp spot to reach Sabrina the gym leader.
Here is the way to do it. From the entrance, there is only one warp
point, so go there and use it. You'll end up in the South-Eastern
warp of a room. Now head left to the South-Western warp of the room.
Now you'll find yourself in a North-Eastern warp. Head to the South-
Western corner of the room again, and use the warp to transport
yourself to a south-eastern warp in another warp. Head up to take
the North-Eastern warp point. Here, you'll find yourself in the north
-eastern warp point in another room. Head to the South-West corner
of the room and use the warp point. Now you should be transported
to the gym leader's room.

Gym Leader Battle: Sabrina
| Pokemon | Level |
| Kadabra | 38 | 
| Mr Mime | 37 |
| Venomoth | 38 |
| Alakazam | 43 | 

To old players, do you remember this gym in the original games.
Psychic Pokemon used to be the powerhouse in the original game. This
Gym was no exception. Battle against Sabrina was one of the thoughest
gym leader battle in the riginal R/B/Y. Not anymore. With the
split in Special categories, and some dark moves available in the
game, beating Sabrina should be easier now. Once you defeat Sabrina,
you'll get the Marsh Badge and TM 04 - Calm Mind.

It's time to head for Cinnabar now.

N. Cinnabar - The Fiery Island

Now, fly back to Pallet town. From here, head south of the town, and
use surf on the sea. From here, things are quite straight forward.
you only need to surf southwards, until you see an island.

This island is quite a small There's the gym, the Pokemart, the
Pokemon center, Cinnabar Mansion, a research center. You can go to the
research center to revive the fossils that you've got earlier on Mt
Moon. If you go to the gym, you'll notice that the door is locked.
It looks like we need the gym key here, so head to Cinnabar mansion
on the North-western part of the island. Get some items off the
Pokemart if you're short on them.

Cinnabar Pokemart - Item List|
Ultra Ball 1200 |
Hyper Potion 1200 | 
Revive 1500 |
Full Heal 600 |
Escape Rope 550 | 
Max Repel 700 | 

Once you enter, head straight along the red carpet until you see a
stairs up. Go up and you'll be in level 2 now. From here, if you
choose to go up there will be trainer upstairs as well as some
interesting note about Mew. Anyway, from level 2, Press the switch
in the statue, so its eyes doesn't glow now. Head to the North-
western corner of the room, and take the stairs to level three.
Here, press the switch on the statue again. Go down, and you supposed
to see a scientist there. In any case, go through him and drop down
though the largest column. You'll find yourself in another section
of the first floor. Beat the trainer, and continue walking along
the room until you see a stairs down. Take the stairs, and you'll
end up in the basement of Cinnabar Mansion. From here, go to the room
on your left. There will be another switch here. Turned it on and
head back to the stairs. From the stairs, head North to the now
unlocked room. From here, head north until you see another statue.
Turn the switch on and head to your left. You should see a room
with some plants and an item on the center. Take the item, and
you'll find that it's the gym key. It's time to go out of the mansion
and head for the gym now.

This is an interesting gym. There are a lot of junior trainers here,
but you don't need to fight all of them. For once, you'll need to use
your Pokemon knowledge. Walk up to the machine located in the corner
of the room. It will ask you a Pokemon related question. If you get
it right, the door to the next room will open. Get it wrong, and the
trainer will fight you. Repeat this step until you get to the gym
leader. Here are the answers for the questions.

First question: Yes
Second question: No
Third question: No
Fourth question: No
Fifth question: Yes
Sixth question: No

Gym Leader Battle: Blaine
| Pokemon | Level |
| Growlithe | 42 | 
| Ponyta | 40 |
| Rapidash | 42 |
| Arcanine | 47 | 

There's nothing hard here. A decent water Pokemon should be able to
take down Blaine easily. Defeat Blaine, and you'll get your 7th badge.
Now, there's only 1 more badge to go. Remember the locked gym in
Viridian City? It's now time to head back to Viridian. However, before
that you might want to head for the Rainbow islands. Right after you
get out of Cinnabar gym, Bill will come and ask you whether you want
to help him. You have the option to take up the offer or to decline
it. If you agree, a boat will come to pick you up. Now, go to the
Sevii Island section of the walkthrough. If you decline the offer,
it's time for Viridian City.

O. Viridian Revisited

Go back to Viridian City, Once you reached Viridian, head for the gym.
The puzzles in the gym would be familiar, since you've encountered them
before in Celadon's Game corner basement. No proze for guessing who's
the gym leader. In any case the puzzle isn't really that hard to figure
out. Once you've seen the gym leader, talk to him.

Gym Leader Battle: Giovanni
| Pokemon | Level |
| Rhyhorn | 44 | 
| Dugtrio | 42 |
| Nidoqueen | 44 |
| Nidoking | 45 |
| Rhydon | 50 | 

Water Pokemon is your best friend for this fight. You should have no
problem beating them. If you have a water Pokemon, use a combination
of Rain Dance and Surf/Hydro Pump. Once you've defeated Giovanni, he'll
give you the Earth Badge. With 8 badges, you can go to the Pokemon Leauge.
Head West from Viridian, towards the Pokemon Leauge Building.

P. Path to Victory

From here, head towards the spot where you battle your rival earlier.
Here, he will fight you once more. Get ready your Pokemon and the battle
will start.

Rival Battle 7

If you choose Bulbasaur as starter

Pidgeot lvl 47
Rhyhorn lvl 45
Kadabra lvl 47
Gyarados lvl 45
Exeggcute lvl 45
Charizard lvl 53

If you choose Charmander as starter
Pidgeot lvl 47
Rhyhorn lvl 45
Kadabra lvl 47
Growlithe lvl 45
Exeggcute lvl 45
Blastoise lvl 53

If you choose Squirtle as starter

Pidgeot lvl 47
Rhyhorn lvl 45
Kadabra lvl 47
Growlithe lvl 45
Gyarados lvl 45
Venusaur lvl 53

Quite possibly the hardest battle so far. Use Electric Pokemon as usual
on Pidgeot. Water Pokemon on Rhyhorn. If you have dark Pokemon use them
on Alakazam. Growlithe/Exeggcute are pretty much easier compared to the
others. Once you've defeated him, head West, enter the building. Here,
just go North passing through all the guards who ask you for the badges.
Keep doing so until you see an entrance for Victory Road.

Victory Road

Once you enter Victory Road, you'll see a boulder. Using a Pokemon with
Strength HM, push the boulder all the way to the switch on the right. Now,
head for the stairs and walk on until you see two stairs. There will be
a trainer along the way. The right stairs down lead to a Rare Candy and
TM 02. Head for the left stairs to continue. Walk on until you see a
ladder up. Fight the trainer beside it if you want.

Climb up the ladder. Here you'll see boulders again. Go to the boulders
at your south and push it towards the switch. Now, head for the stairs.
Go East all the way, fighting the blackbelt. Here, if you choose to go
down the stairs, you'll see a Pokeball containing TM 37. You also see
a switch here. In any case, go East all the way until you see a ladder

Here, you'll see a boulder on top of you. Go to the boulders, and push
it North until it's one square away from the wall. From here, push the
boulder all the way to the West until you can't go further. You should
be able to see a switch by now. Drag the boulder to the switch. You
may want to take an item containing TM 50 - Overheat. Now, go back to
the ladder in this floor where you come from earlier. From here, head
up the stairs, and continue going West until you see another stairs down.
You should see two trainers side by side here. Go through past them,
and head East. Here, push the boulder down the hole. Jump down the hole,
and push the boulder all the way to the switch on the left. From here,
head up the ladder near the tamer. Here, there will be a 2 on 2 battle.
In an ycase, head for the other ladder and climb down. Fro mhere, just
head East for the exit. You'll find yourself out of Victory Road now.
From here, just head North for the Pokemon Leauge.

Q. Elite Four

Enter the building. Here, there are Pokemon Center as well as Pokemart.
Heal your Pokemon, and stock up one healing items such as revive and
max potions. Try to level up your Pokemon to level 50+, as it will help
you for the battle. Once you're ready, it's time to face the ELite Four.

Pokemon Leauge Pokemart - Item List|
Ultra Ball 1200 | 
Great Ball 600 |
Full Restore 3000 |
Max Potion 2500 | 
Revive 1500 | 
Full Heal 600 |
Max Repel 700 |

Recommended types:

Elite Four: Lorelei
Specialty: Ice
| Pokemon | Level |
| Dewgong | 52 | 
| Cloyster | 51 |
| Slowbro | 52 |
| Jynx | 54 |
| Lapras | 54 | 

Electric Pokemon is your best friend for this battle. Fire wouldn't
be as effective here, considering that 4 out of those Pokemon are part
water. Use an electric Pokemon for Dewgong, Cloyster, Slowbro and
Lapras. Unleash your fire Pokemon against Jynx.

Elite Four: Bruno
Specialty: Fighting/Rock
| Pokemon | Level |
| Onix | 51 | 
| Hitmonchan | 53 |
| Hitmonlee | 53 |
| Onix | 54 |
| Machamp | 56 | 

A Hydro Pump for both of the Onix should take care of them easily. As
for the rest of the Pokemon, a Flying Pokemon would be the perfect
choice for Hitmonchan, Hitmonlee and Machamp. Just be careful with
Hitmonchan thunder punch though.

Elite Four: Agatha
Specialty: Ghost/Poison
| Pokemon | Level |
| Gengar | 54 | 
| Golbat | 54 |
| Haunter | 53 |
| Arbok | 56 |
| Gengar | 58 | 

In the past, ground Pokemon works well here, considering Gengar and
Haunter are part-poison. However, with their ability - Levitate, ground
moves are as good as useless here. Get a psychic Pokemon instead.
While Ghost moves are strong aginst Psychic, the double weakness of
Gengar and Haunter make up for it.

Elite Four: Lance
Specialty: Dragon
| Pokemon | Level |
| Gyarados | 56 | 
| Dragonair | 54 |
| Dragonair | 54 |
| Aerodactyl | 58 |
| Dragonite | 60 | 

One of the harder battle. Gyarados could be taken care of easily with
Electric Pokemon. Unless you have an Ice Pokemon, prepare for a hard
battle with the Dragons. You might want to teach Ice Beam to your

Champion: Blue
If Bulbasaur's your starter:

If Charmander's your starter:

If Squirtle's your starter:

You last battle, and the last obstacle to become a Pokemon champion.
There's nothing really hard about this battle if you level up enough.
With Water, Electric and Fire Pokemon in your team, you should be able
to win this battle. Once you defeated Blue, Professor Oak will appear.
After a short dialogue, he'll take you to the Hall of Fame. Here, you
will see the ending, as well as the credits roll off the screen.

Now, wait until the credits are over, and try to continue your game.
You'll be back at Pallet Town. You might have beaten the Elite Four,
but there are stil a lot of things you can do. If you've captured
more than 60 Pokemon at this point, Oak will take you to his lab and
present you with the National Dex. National Dex could contains all the
Pokemon data, instead of only the original 151. With the National Dex,
you can capture Johto Pokemon in the game.

4. Walkthrough - Sevii Islands

Pokemon Fire/Leaf has brought us a new region to explore, the mystery
islands archipelago. In these Sevii islands, there are a few sidequests,
as well as the appearance of Johto Pokemon. The first three mystery
islands are accessible right after you've beaten the Cinnabar gym. The
rest will be available after you've beaten the elite four and obtain
the Rainbow Ticket.

It's easy to go to the Mystery Islands. Right after you beat Blaine
at Cinnabar gym, the mystery islands are accessible. Get out of the
gym after you beat Blaine, and Bill will be there. He'll ask you whether
you would like to come along with him. Say yes, and a ferry will take
you away. You'll end up in a dock in One Island.

A. One Island

After you land on the dock, Bill will mention a few things about his friend 
Celio. After that, he'll take you to the Pokemon Center. Here, you'll be able 
to see a huge machines. Celio mentions that there are some problems with the
machine. While waiting for the machine to be fixed, Bill will ask for your
help to deliver a piece of meteorite for the man in Two Island. In addition
to the meteorite, Bill will also give you the Tri-Pass, which allow you to
take the ferry anywhere within One Island, Two Island and Three Island. 
Also, you'll be given a town map. Through this town map, you'll be able to
see the map of this region. 

Here, surf Northeast, you'll land on a grassy area. Not much to do here,
except battling some trainers. Make your way North, and you'll end up
in a Ember Spa. You can take a dip to heal your Pokemon here. Talk to
the man by the waterfalls, to get HM 06. HM 06 is Rock Smash, and by teaching
it to one of your Pokemon, you'll be able to smash those boulders blocking the 

After you've done so, head to the beach on the eastern part of the
island. From here, surf North until you see a hill up north. Here,
you could capture Moltres at the top of Mt Ember.

After you've entered the mountain, head left. Push the two boulders
away, head North and climb the stairs to the next level. Here, destroy
the rocks using rock smash. There are three stairs here, the right and
middle stairs led to a dead end. Climb the left stairs one level and
head west. You should be able to see a cave. Go in and continue your

Mt Ember

First Chamber
Pretty straightforward, just follow the path and you'll end up in the
next chamber.

Second Chamber
Just follow the path and climb the stairs, and you'll be in the next

Third Chamber
Same as the first and second. This time, you'll find yourself out
in the open.

Now, go left and go up the stairs. There's a little puzzle involving
boulders and rocks on your right, but it's not that important. Solve
the items and grab the puzzle if you want,and make your way up
through the stairs. Here you'll find another boulder puzzle, which
shouldn't be that hard to figure out. Talk to Moltres and you'll be
taken to a battle.

Wild pokemon battle:

Just like any other legendaries, Moltres is a tough nout to crack.
Try to put it to sleep or paralyze, and remember the golden rule of
saving your game before the battle.

At the south of the island, there's a Treasure beach where you can 
catch wild Persian. If you're looking for a Persian make your way 

In addition to that, after you've beaten the Elite Four and obtained
the National Dex from Professor Oak, another cave will opens up. Go back 
to the entrance of the Moltres mountain. Here, you'll see two team rocket 
members at your right. Walk up and go through a few dialogues and 
fight them. 

Team Rocket battle 1 
Rattata lvl 35
Raticate lvl 35
Sandshrew lvl 35
Sandslash lvl 35

Team Rocket battle 2 
Cubone lvl 37
Marowak lvl 37

After you defeat them, a cave should appear. Here, you'll be able to 
capture Slugma. Deep down the cave, there are also Braille's puzzles. 
This is a clue regarding Ruby and Sapphire - the two gems needed to 
fixed the machine. From here, climb the ladder and you'll be taken to a 
chamber where you can get Ruby. Give this Ruby to Scientist in Island 1 
for the Rainbow Ticket that allow you to go to Island 4-7.

B. Two Island

There's nothing much here compared to the first island. However, you'll
need to give the metorite to the man in the game corner. To do this, you'll 
need to rescue a little girl in Three Island first. Check out Island 3 section 
for more details. Before that you might want to check out the mart. 

Island 2 Mart - Item List|
Ultra Ball 1200 |
Great Ball 600 |
Lemonade 350 |
Soda Pop 300 | 
Fresh Water 200 | 
Moo Moo Milk 500 |

Once you're done, head back to the game corner. The man will mention something
about his daughter going missing. Halfway through the conversation, a biker
will interrupt you. Aftera few more scenes, the man will tell you to head
for Island 3. 

Now that you've rescued the little girl, you can play the mini games though 
the wireless link. Before you leave this island, make sure you pay a visit 
to the move tutor north of the island at Cape Brink. She'll be able to teach 
your starter a new moves, an elemental version of Hyper Beam. Take note that 
your starter need to be the first Pokemon in your party to learn the moves.
The moves are certainly great additions to your starting Pokemon. 

The moves:

Name: Frenzy Plant
Type: Grass
Power: 150
Acc: 90
PP: 5

Name: Blast Burn
Type: Fire
Power: 150
Acc: 90
PP: 5

Name: Hydro Cannon
Type: Water
Power: 150
Acc: 90
PP: 5

C. Three Island

Once you land on this island, you'll notice a little girl surrounded by
bikers. If you tried to talk to the biker gang here, you'll notice that
you can't do anything. First, go back to Island 2. Enter the games house
on the eastern part of the island. Here, a man will tell you that his
daughter is currently on island 3. Halfway through the coversation, a
biker will come between you two. Now head back to Island 3.

Head to the town, and talk to to the Biker Gang. Remember the Winstrate
battle in Pokemon Ru/Sa. This would be a similar battles. You'll fight
4 consecutive battle against the biker gang.

Biker Gang 1
Koffing lvl 37
Grimer lvl 37

Biker Gang 2
Koffing lvl 38

Biker Gang 3
Grimer lvl 38

Biker Boss
Weezing lvl 39
Muk lvl 39

Once you've beaten them, the man that you just rescued will give you a 
full restore. He'll also tell you that Lostelle, the man's daughter has
headed towards Bond Bridge. So heal your Pokemon and check out the pokemart,
before heading North towards Bond Bridge.

Island 3 Pokemart - Item List| 
Ultra Ball 1200 |
Hyper Potion 1200 |
Revive 1500 |
Full Heal 600 |
Escape Rope 550 |
Max Repel 700 |

Now, head to the West, and you'll find a grassy area.(you can find
Psyduck here). Continue on to the West, and cross the bridge to the
smaller western island.

From here, moves on to the West, and you'll find a forest. It's easy
to get lost in this mazy forest. Thus, cu


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