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 Pokemon Pinball - Platform: Gameboy Color

Pokemon Pinball - Platform: Gameboy Color

Faster ball upgrade
Press Left to move the light when the Pokeball hits the first three 
lights at the top. It can also be moved by pressing A. 

Moving Pokemon in Pokedex
Select an unevolved or basic Pokemon, then press Start to watch it 
move in the Pokedex. Note: This trick only works when the game is 
played in a Game Boy Color system.

Pokedex record
Enter the Pokedex and press Select to view how many Pokemon have been 
obtained and seen. The ones you have seen in your Pokedex are shadows.

Hint: Reset high scores
The instruction manual that comes with the game contains an error. 
The correct way to reset the high scores data is as follows. Press B at 
the title screen to enter the high scores table. Press Up + Select. 
The "Delete Data?" message will appear. Press A to reset the high scores 
to the presets, or press B to cancel and return to the high scores table.

Hint: Tilts
Press Down to right tilt, B to left tilt, or Select to up tilt. 

Hint: Extra ball
To get a extra ball, get Pikachu to shock the ball twenty to thirty times. 
To make it easier, try to get "Double Pikachu".

Hint: Unlimited balls
To keep your ball from dropping, repeatedly tilt the table as the ball starts 
to fall down the hole. If done correctly, the ball should pop back out.

Hint: Great, Ultra, and Master Balls
To get a Great, Ultra, or a Master ball, light up the three lights at the top 
of either table. You do this by touching the small rectangles directly under 
the lights. The lights can be moved by pressing A. You can go through the same 
rectangle and still go from a Great Ball to an Ultra Ball to a Master Ball. 

Hint: Recommended controls
Set the game controls to the following effective and practical configuration. 
A: Right flipper
B: Left flipper
Up: Tilt/bump table up
Left: Tilt/bump table left
Right: Tile/bump table left 

Hint: Bonus levels
Bonus levels are unlocked by capturing three Pokemon in the same location 
without getting a "Game Over" screen or changing to a different location 
before returning. If this is accomplished a hole marked "Go To Bonus" will 
. Enter the hole to reach the bonus level. The Red pinball machine has a 
Diglett's Cave bonus level, and the and blue pinball machine has a Meowth's 
House bonus level.

Hint: Fast bonus round
To get to a bonus round quickly, on either field catch one Pokemon. 
This may take some patience. On the red field, wait for Ditto to move 
and on the blue field wait for the arrow to point to Slowbro. When this happens, 
shoot the ball into the hole on the red filed. On the blue field, shoot the ball 
into Slowbro's mouth. Choose to evolve the Pokemon you have caught. 
When you are done evolving it, shoot the ball into the hole that appeared 
when you evolved your Pokemon. Note: You must evolve your Pokemon to do this 
trick. You also have to get the ball in the hole if you want to go to the 
bonus round. 

Hint: Double Cave prizes
Light up the letters C, A, V, and E to unlock the Cave bonus, but do not enter. 
Light up the same letters again, then enter the Cave to collect double the 
amount of prizes. For example, when you get the ball saver bonus will be for 
60 seconds instead of 30 seconds.

Hint: Easy Cave bonus
Charge up Pikachu's kickback by doing a loop-de-loop around the outside of the 
board. It should start a spinner, which will charge Pikachu. Then, when the ball 
falls down to the bottom of the screen and bumps Pikachu, he will do a Pikachu 
kickback. At this time, flip the flippers so that the blank spot is over Pikachu's 
head. You have to be quick so that the ball will go through the blank spot. 

When the ball launches on the Blue table, do absolutely nothing. The ball will 
go in the third cave slot. If you have a ball saver, just do this four times 
to get an easy cave bonus.

Hint: Mew
Mew is a bonus character that is worth a lot of points. In red, go to the Digglett, 
Gengar, and Mewtwo Stages, then do that again. In blue, go to Meowth, Seel, 
Mewtwo Stages twice. Go to Indigo Plateau in map mode. Go into a get mode to have 
a 6% chance of Mew appearing. Hit the Mew with the Pokeball for the bonus points.

After playing the Mewtwo bonus stage three times, try to go to the Indigo Plateau. 
Mew will appear there. Although you can see him. you still have to attack him over 
50 times before he will be captured. 

Hint: Zapdos
To get Zapdos, the legendary bird of thunder, go to Lavendar Town on the Red game 
board. Make sure all of the arrows to the right loop are lit up and none are 
blinking. To light them up, shoot the Pokeball through the right loop. Then, shoot 
the Pokeball into Bellsprout's mouth to have a good chance to find Zapdos.

Once in the stage, hit Mewtwo as much as possible. If he is hit enough times, 
he will stop creating the balls. When this happens, you can hit him three more 
times to clear the stage. However, do not do this, since it will start the cycle 
over again. By leaving the Mewtwo stage uncleared, you may keep returning to it 
and get higher scores.

Hint: Special stages
In order to get a special stage you have to catch three Pokemon in one place. 
For example, if you catch Pikachu, Pidgey, and another Pidgey in Viridian forest, 
without getting a "game over", or switching to somewhere then back again, a hole 
marked "Go To BONUS" will appear. Enter and you will be in the stage. The Red 
field Bonus Stage is Diglett's Cave and the Blue field Bonus Stage is Meowth's 

Hint: Getting all of Eevee's evolved forms easily
First, capture an Eevee. Then in the evolution stage, hit one of the arrows and 
reveal either a Thunder Stone, Fire Stone, or Water Stone. If you get a stone 
you do not need, allow the time to expire and repeat the process until a desired 
stone is obtained. This is an easier than resetting the game or catching many 
Eevees because of their rarity.

Hint: Getting past the Cloysters or Voltorbs
If you caught in the Cloysters or Voltorbs, hold B + Down to fall through.

Hint: Evolve Pokemon in the red field
Shoot the Pokeball through the left outside loop. Each time it passes through 
the loop, one evolution arrow will light. When all three arrows are lit, shoot 
the ball into the Evolution cave. Then, choose the Pokemon to be evolved. 
For example, if you choose Shellder, make the Pokeball hit all three Water 
Stones, then shoot the ball into the hole in the middle of the field. 

Try the following trick if you are having trouble hitting the ball up the outer 
left loop four times. Whenever the ball is initially released into the field 
(when a new ball is sent or your ball is saved), the ball will bounce up near 
the edge of the right flipper. While the ball is in limbo, press Down to shake 
the field left four times: once while the ball is rising, at its peak, and twice 
on the way down. Hit the ball with the right flipper as soon as it is in range. 
The tip of the flipper will strike the ball and it will always go up the outer 
left loop. Another way is to stop the ball and hold it with the left flipper up. 
The ball will spin counter-clockwise while it is still. 
Now, release and immediately hit the left flipper. The ball should roll a pixel 
or two down the flipper before shooting straight up the Evolution Lane. 

Hint: Evolve Pokemon in the blue field
Shoot the Pokeball through the left loop. Each time the Pokeball passes through 
the loop, one evolution arrow will light. When all three arrows are lit, shoot 
your ball into Slowpoke's mouth. Then, choose the Pokemon to be evolved. 
For example, if you choose Pikachu, make the Pokeball hit all three Thunder 
Stones, then shoot the ball in the hole in the middle of the field.

Hint: Easier way to evolve Pokemon
After entering Evolution Mode, quickly hit the buttons with the flashing arrows 
next to them. Do not try to raise Pikachu's lightning meter. The "Ball Saver" 
will stay lit for awhile. During this time, after hitting a button with a 
flashing arrow, allow the ball to move below the flippers. After the ball is 
launched, if the item you are looking for is near the top, you will have a good 
chance of getting it. Note: If this is attempted, always make sure that the 
"Ball Saver" is not going to run out.

Hint: Special Evolution bonus
Get into evolution mode. Get the menu and select a Pokemon that has a star. 
Go through the entire evolution process. After the Pokemon evolves, a special 
evolution bonus worth 10,000,000 will be awarded.

Hint: Easy points
Go to options, then enter the Key Config. section. Set all of the controls 
(Left Flipper, Ball Start, Right Tilt) except "Menu" to A (or any other 
preferred button), then start playing. 

Hint: Easy 10 million point bonus
Upgrade your Pokeball all the way to a Masterball by turning on all the lights 
on the top half of a board. Then, try to upgrade it one more time. T
his is much easier than having to evolve a Pokemon with a star next to its name.

Hint: Easy Pokemon capture
Hit a Voltorb or Shellder, then hold A or B when their shadows appear. 

Hint: Finding rare Pokemon
On the third ball, light up all the "GET" lights and enter the hole. 
This will increase the chance that rare Pokemon will appear.

Hint: Finding Pokemon
Each Pokemon has a particular location where they like to hide. 
Note: There are more Pokemon in each area but those are the ones that 
you will find most often.
Red field
Pallet Town: Charmander, Rattata, Nidoran (M), and Poliwag 
Viridan Forest: Weedle, Pidgey, and Pikachu
Pewter City: Spearow, Jigglypuff, Ekans, and Magikarp
Cerulean City: Oddish, Mankey, Jynx, and Abra
Vermilion City Seaside: Shellder, Krabby, Ekans, and Farfetch'D 
Rock Mountain: Voltorbe, Diglett, and MrMime
Lavender Town: Gastly, Magnemite, Cubone, Electabuzz, and Zapdos 
Cycling Road: Spearow, Doduo, Lickitung, and Snorlax
Safari Zone: Paras, Rhyhorn, and Chansey
Seafoam Islands: Horsea, Staryu, Seel, and Articuno
Cinnabar Island: Ponyta, Growlithe, Omanyte, and Kabuto
Indigo Plateau: Machop, Onix, and Ditto 
Blue field
Viridan City: Squirtle, Nidoran (M), and Bulbasaur
Viridian Forest: Caterpie, Rattata, and Pikachu
Mt Moon: Zubat, Paras, and Clefairy
Cerulean City: Bellsprout, Meowth, Jynx, and Abra
Vermilion City Streets: Shellder, Krabby, Farfetch'D, and Sandshrew 
Rock Mountain: Diglet, Voltorbe, and MrMime
Celadon City: Mankey, Meowth, Eevee, and Porygon
Fuchsia City: Magikarp, Goldeen, Kangashan, and Exeggcute
Safari Zone: Doduo, Nidoran (F), and Chansey
Saffron City: Ekans, Sandshrew, Hitmonchan, and Hitmonlee
Cinnabar Island: Ponyta, Koffing, Aerodactyl, and Magmar
Indigo Plateau: Geodude, Ditto, Moltres, and Mewtwo
Saffron City: Lapras (very rare)
Celadon City: Pinsir (very rare) 
Slot bonus effects:

Small: get a 100-900 point bonus
Big: get a 1,000,000-9,000,000 point bonus
Ball Saver: turns the ball saver on under your flippers
Ball Upgrade: you ball upgrades one level
Bonus Multiplier-the number shown will be added to your bonusmultiplier 
EvoModeStart: starts the evolution mode
Twin Pikachus: gives you left and right pikachu kickback till you lose your ball
Extra Ball (rare): gives you one extra ball
GoToBonus: proceed to a bonus stage


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