Pokemon Platinum - Platform: Nintendo DS - Console Games.

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 Pokemon Platinum - Platform: Nintendo DS

Pokemon Platinum - Platform: Nintendo DS

Secret box wallpapers:
Go to Jubilife City, and talk to the TV producer on the third floor of the TV 
Station. Tell him certain words when he asks you for your feedback on TV. Go to 
this page to generate these words. This will unlock a special box wallpaper in 
your game.

Submitted by: harrison

after you get the forest badge go an beat the team galactic building. cynthia will 
talk to you. she will ask you if you want an egg.say yes(note-make sure ypu have 
room for a pokemon egg.)

Action Replay Code For Getting DEOXY'S In Pokemon Platinum:
Submitted by: Haziq

Here is the code:

94000130 FCFF0000
B2101D40 00000000
E000028C 000000EC
DB98DAA2 FB890000
7F78A347 F0105CA1
47ECC660 3B431EBB
89F44A33 1E6A6053
302F2517 1CB647B2
29D4126F EBACE0E0
A2758F85 1F67867A
C9B9C8E4 B4DC0713
966C5A1E C6ED01C0
D66FC938 F71A4A0C
1D77C464 4193A608
7A1BBE48 26BC6B6E
2159A423 6AC9E543
27F910DD A4E139C1
7E949883 384A4020
FE42FD26 235A5D21
5D83D911 47B1AC10
0D394DFE 570D9729
D5CC1519 98BEE21C
41B347AE FF47E02C
AEE1A77E 6BD693B8
ED684E65 F5609197
FEAF2F28 44396416
BD933CAF E4F4638C
6525F6E5 00000000
D2000000 00000000

Press L and R to activate.


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