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 Pokemon Red Blue Yellow - Platform: Gameboy Advance

Pokemon Red Blue Yellow - Platform: Gameboy Advance

Submitted by: damien

how to get mew.
first get hm02.
second when playing the game do not fight the the youngster on route 25 with 
the slowpoke or the gambler on route 22 under the underground route exit on 
the way to lavender town.
teach fly to a pokemon and get a couple of weak pokemon about level 10.also have 
some great or ultra balls on hand.
go to celadon city(best save your game now)and take the underground route to 
lavender town but as soon as you exit take one step down and quickly press 
start before the gambler see's you and fly to cerulian you fly away 
the ! will apear.
you may have noticed that the start/a and b button don't work.
go past nugget bridge and walk above the youngster so that he comes to you.
beat him and all your buttons work again.then fly to lavender town and staight 
away head to route 22 and a wild pokemon appears.
the pokemon is mew and he is level 7 and only knows pound.
after you catch him you can save normaly.

I got this great cheat off a guy called storm_serpent on
this code really works!


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