Poke'mon Red Version - Platform: Gameboy Advance - Console Games.

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 Poke'mon Red Version - Platform: Gameboy Advance

Poke'mon Red Version - Platform: Gameboy Advance

Duplicate ur item 
U can only use this cheat only if u had TM02 (Fly), TM05-Surf and only 
if u had reach Fuchsia City First fly to the Viridiaran City and talk 
to the old man who blocked u at the very first time u cross the city, 
he will asked u if u was in a hurry? answer NO, than he will teach u 
how to catch a pokemon, and after he had told u that "first, try to 
weaken the target pokemon" or something like that.

That without moving a pace, fly directly to the Fuchsia City and go 
directly South of the Poke' center. U will have to surf there, after 
u had use surf, go to your left where there isn't any trainer. then 
go to your South, if u are going to left u will be blocked by two 
blocks. then go towards the seaforms island. 

Before u step up to the shore, go up and down on the line nearby the 
shore ,"surfing" than not even three or four time u will encounter 
'MissingNo.' Lv.0 or Lv.147 beat him up and get ur item deuplicated. 
or if u are not lucky enough u will have confront Muk and Golduck which 
are Lv.147 and were very difficult to beat.

Oh! i almost forgot, u will have to put the item that u want to 
duplicate in six place in ur item window. u know how to change them 
right? by pressing select. 

have fun duplicating 'rare candy' and 'master ball' and etc... 
U can also try in the Blue Version.

Submited by;StaticX (Myanmar)


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