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 Pokemon Rumble - Platform: Wii

Pokemon Rumble - Platform: Wii

Recruitment (Aikotoba) passwords:
Enter one of the following passwords to unlock the corresponding Pokemon:

Pokemon North AmericaEuropeJapan
Bibarel                  9236         -7400 
Bidoof                   5575-24351770-0982 
Blastoise                9580         -1423
Bronzong                 8379         -5196 
Bulbasaur                6921         -0136
Charizard                7968-45289600-4319 
Charmander               7927-61615982-9039
Cherrim (Positive form)  7540-56671923-1298 
Chimchar                 8109-83840331-4118 
Dragonite                3376         -0940 
Electivire               3111         -7449 
Garchomp                 1824         -8991 
Squirtle                 6824-20451250-2002

Advanced mode:
Successfully complete the game on the Normal difficulty to unlock the Advanced 

EX mode:
Successfully complete the game on the Advanced difficulty to unlock EX mode.

Special tickets:
Usually you can release five copies of the same Pokemon at the Release Kiosk to 
get a ticket for a Pokemon from the evolution line of the released Pokemon. 
Release one of the following combinations of Pokemon to get a special ticket for 
the corresponding Pokemon:

Articuno: Fearow, Jynx, Lapras, and Pidgeot 
Burmy Sand/Trash Cloak: Five Mothims 
Cut Rotom: Leafeon and Rotom 
Darkrai: Cut Rotom, Frost Rotom, Heat Rotom, Spin Rotom, and Wash Rotom 
Dialga: Bastiodon, Dragonite, Garchomp, Lucario, and Magnezone 
Frost Rotom: Glaceon and Rotom 
Gastrodon West Sea: Five Shellos East Seas 
Giratina: Dragonite, Dusknoir, Garchomp, Gengar, and Spiritomb 
Heat Rotom: Flareon and Rotom 
Manaphy: Three Phiones 
Mewtwo: Dialga, Giratina, and Palkia 
Moltres: Charizard, Fearow, Magmar, and Pidgeot 
Palkia: Blastoise, Dragonite, Empoleon, Garchomp, and Gyarados 
Phione: Lapras and Vaporeon 
Shaymin: Arbok, Arcanine, Bastiodon, Charizard, and Kangaskhan 
Shellos West Sea: Five Gastrodon East Seas 
Spin Rotom: Jolteon and Rotom 
Wash Rotom: Rotom and Vaporeon 
Wormadam Sand/Trash Cloak: Five Burmy Grass Cloaks 
Zapdos: Electabuzz, Fearow, Pidgeot, and Raichu 


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