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 Pokemon Sapphire - Platform: Gameboy Advance

Pokemon Sapphire - Platform: Gameboy Advance

Submitted by: Angel

To get every Pokemon INCLUDING Mewto and Celibi and Mew u have 
to enter any abandoned shipwith no pokemon over 30L then save 
game with your pokemon with HP 1.When game is back on u will 
have every POKEMON THERE EVER WAS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Get ferry:
To get the ferry, you have to beat the Ellite four. After you do that, 
your dad should give you the ticket to go on the ferry. The ferry goes 
to Slateport, the Battle Tower, and Lilycove. 

Submitted by: Daniel

I just wanted to let you know that the cheat letting you get all the pokemon 
in the abondoned ship doesn't seem to be working.

Submitted by: Sairavi 

if you have a kyogre of level 75 or more you can easily win the elite four.Teach 
the kyogre surf ,sheer cold,ice beam ,hydro pump 
Then go to the elite four.for the first 2 elite four guys just use surf,then 
the ice guy use surf till it gets over and then use sheer cold for the remaining 
pokemon,then the next guy keep on using ice beam and then steven use ice beam for 
claydoll and cradilily ,hydro pump for metagross,armaldo,skarmony,aggron 
happy cheating

Submitted by: poke lover
Email : 

Battle elite 4 if you succeed and battle champion steven if you lose train your pokemon
(sceptiles only)when it level up until lv96
use these pokemons:
1.sceptile(lv96)(tip:pls learn it protect and hyper beam)
hope it works (:

Easy Leveling tips:
Submitted by: Rachel the pokequeen

1Note:This only works for sapphire and ruby, not any other version.
2Note:You need a rubber band,and a rock or small yet heavy iteam like it.
3Note:Have the pokemon you want to level up in the daycare.
ok, first, have an arco bike, and go to the place in the desert where theres a slop you can't 
go up. put the rock or what you have over the up button, wrap your rubber band over the rock 
and make sure it repeaditly pushes the up button. Each time it does so, you get 1 exp. So in 
a hour or so a lv. 10 pokemon can gain more than 8 levels. In about 3 hours, a level 50 or so 
can gain about 10 levels. Very helpful, and really works! Try this! I got a team of 6 lv. 50s 
in 2 days! Don't rate or anything before trying!


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