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 Pokemon Yellow - Platform: Gameboy Advance

Pokemon Yellow - Platform: Gameboy Advance

Submitted by: davor

Buy Master Balls For Free  01017CCF
All Pokemon On Your Team Look Like Mew, In Battle  0115d8cf
Make Your Opponent Pokemon Burn and Sleep   0115e8cf 
Catch Wild Articuno  014ad7cf 
Catch Wild Zapdos  014bd7cf 
Catch WIld Motres  0149d7cf 
Catch Wild Dratini  0158d7cf 
Catch Wild Dragonair  0159d7cf 
Catch Wild Dragonite  0142d7cf 
Catch Wild Mewtwo  0183d7cf 
Catch Wild Mew  0115d7cf 
Catch a Pokemon at Level 5  010526d1 
Catch a Pokemon at Level 10  010a26d1 
Catch a Pokemon at Level 15  010f26d1 
Catch a Pokemon level 20  011426D1 
Catch a Pokemon level 25  011926D1 
Catch a Pokemon level 30  011E26D1 
Catch a Pokemon level 35  012326D1 
Catch a Pokemon level 40  012826D1 
Catch a Pokemon level 45  012D26D1 
Catch a Pokemon level 50  013226D1 
Catch a Pokemon level 75  014B26D1 
Catch a Pokemon level 100  016426D1 
Catch a Pokemon level 150  019626D1 
Catch a Pokemon level 190  01BE26D1 
Catch Wild Gyarados  0116d7cf 
Catch Wild Lapras  0113d7cf 
Catch Wild Ditto  014cd7cf 
Catch Wild Eevee  0166d7cf 
Catch Wild Vaporeon  0169d7cf 
Catch Wild Jolteon  0168d7cf 
Catch Wild Flareon  0167d7cf 
Catch Wild Porygon  01aad7cf 
Catch Wild Omanytle  0162d7cf 
Catch Wild Omanyte  0162d7cf 
Catch Wild Omastar  0163d7cf 
Catch Wild Majikarp  0185d7cf 
Catch WIld Kabuto  015ad7cf 
Catch Wild Kabutops  015bd7cf 
Catch Wild Aerodactyl  01abd7cf 
Catch WIld Snorlax  0184d7cf 
Catch Wild Hitmonlee  012bd7cf 
Catch Wild Hitmonchan  012cd7cf 
Marowak  0191d7cf 
Catch Wild Lickitung  010bd7cf 
Catch WIld Koffing  0137d7cf 
Catch WIld Weezing  018fd7cf 
Catch Wild Rhyhorn  0112d7cf 
Catch Wild Rhydon  0101d7cf 
Catch Wild Chansey  0128d7cf 
Catch Wild Tangela  011ed7cf 
Catch Wild Kangaskhan  0102d7cf 
Catch Wild Horsea  015cd7cf 
Catch Wild Seadra  015dd7cf 
Catch Wild Goldeen  019dd7cf 
Catch Wild Seaking  019ed7cf 
Catch Wild Staru  011bd7cf 
Catch Wild Starmie  0198d7cf 
Catch Wild Mr. Mime  012ad7cf 
Catch Wild Scyther  011ad7cf 
Catch WIld Jynx  0148d7cf 
Catch Wild Electabuzz  0135d7cf 
Catch WIld Magmar  0133d7cf 
Catch Wild Magmar  0133d7cf 
Catch Wild Pinsir  011dd7cf 
Catch Wild Tauros  013cd7cf 
Catch Wild Seel  013ad7cf 
Catch Wild Drowzee  0130d7cf 
Catch Wild Dewgong  0178d7cf 
Catch Wild Grimer  010dd7cf 
Catch Wild Muk  0188d7cf 
Catch Wild Shellder  0117d7cf 
Catch Wild Cloyster  018bd7cf 
Catch Wild Gastly  0119d7cf 
Catch Wild Haunter  0193d7cf 
Catch Wild Krabby  014edd7cf 
Catch Wild Gengar  010ed7cf 
Catch Wild Onix  0122d7cf 
Catch Wild Hypno  0181d7cf 
Catch Wild Kinger  018ad7cf 
Catch Wild Voltorb  0106d7cf 
Catch WIld Electrode  018dd7cf 
Catch Wild Exeggcute  010cd7cf 
Catch WIld Exeggutor  010ad7cf 
Catch Wild Cubone  0111d7cf 
Catch Wild Slowbro  0108d7cf 
Catch Wild Magnemite  01add7cf 
Catch Wild Magneton  0136d7cf 
Catch Wild Farfetch'd  0140d7cf 
Catch Wild Doduo  0146d7cf 
Catch Wild Dodrio  0174d7cf 
Catch Wild Slowpoke  0125d7cf 
Catch Wild Primeape  0175d7cf 
Catch Wild Growlithe  0121d7cf 
Catch Wild Arcanine  0114d7cf 
Catch Wild Poliwag  0147d7cf 
Catch Wild Poliwhirl  016ed7cf 
Catch Wild Poliwrath  016fd7cf 
Catch Wild Abra  0194d7cf 
Catch Wild Kadabra  0126d7cf 
Catch Wild Alakazam  0195d7cf 
Catch Wild Machop  016ad7cf 
Catch Wild Machoke  0129d7cf 
Catch Wild Machamp  017ed7cf 
Catch Wild Bellsprout  01bcd7cf 
Catch Wild Weepinbell  01bdd7cf 
Catch Wild Victreebell  01bed7cf 
Catch Wild Mankey  0139d7cf 
Catch Wild Tentacool  0118d7cf 
Catch Wild Tentacruel  019bd7cf 
Catch Wild Geodude  01a9d7cf 
Catch Wild Graveler  0127d7cf 
Catch Wild Golem  0131d7cf 
Catch Wild Ponyta  01a3d7cf 
Catch Wild Rapidash  01a4d7cf 
Catch Wild Parasect  012ed7cf 
Catch Wild Venonat  0141d7cf 
Catch Wild Venamoth  0177d7cf 
Catch Wild Diglett  013bd7cf 
Catch Wild Dugtrio  0176d7cf 
Catch Wild Meowth  014dd7cf 
Catch Wild Persian  0190d7cf 
Catch Wild Psyduck  012fd7cf 
Catch Wild Golduck  0180d7cf 
Catch Wild Vulpix  0152d7cf 
Catch Wild Ninetales  0153d7cf 
Catch Wild Jigglypuff  0164d7cf 
Catch WIld Wigglypuff  0165d7cf 
Catch Wild Zubat  016bd7cf 
Catch Wild Golbat  0182d7cf 
Catch Wild Oddish  01b9d7cf 
Catch Wild Gloom  01bad7cf 
Catch Wild Vileplume  01bbd7cf 
Catch Wild Paras  016dd7cf 
Catch Wild Clefable  018ed7cf 
Catch Wild Butterfree  017dd7cf 
Catch Wild Weedle  0170d7cf 
Catch Wild Kakuna  0171d7cf 
Catch Wild Beedrill  0172d7cf 
Catch Wild Pidgey  0124d7cf 
Catch Wild Pidgeotto  0196d7cf 
Catch Wild Pidgeot  0197d7cf 
Catch Wild Rattata  01a5d7cf 
Catch Wild Raticate  01a6d7cf 
Catch Wild Spearow  0105d7cf 
Catch Wild Fearow  0123d7cf 
Catch Wild Ekans  016cd7cf 
Catch Wild Arbok  012dd7cf 
Catch Wild Pikachu  0154d7cf 
Catch Wild Raichu  0155d7cf 
Catch Wild Sandshrew  0160d7cf 
Catch Wild Sandslash  0161d7cf 
Catch Wild Nidoran  010fd7cf 
Catch Wild Nidorina  01a8d7cf 
Catch Wild NidoQueen  0110d7cf 
Catch Wild Nidoran (male)  0103d7cf 
Caych Wild Nidorino (male)  01a7d7cf 
Catch Wild NidoKing  0107d7cf 
Catch Wild Clefairy  0104d7cf 
Surfing Pikachu Unlock Sufing Pikachu without having to use Pokemon Stadium. 
Be sure to place Pikachu in the first position 013972d1
Catch Wild Bulbasaur  0199d7cf 
Catch Wild Ivysaur  0109d7cf 
Catch Wild Venusaur  019ad7cf 
Catch Wild Charmander  01b0d7cf 
Catch Wid Charmeleon  01b2d7cf 
Catch Wild Charizard  01b4d7cf 
Catch Wild Squirtle  01b1d7cf 
Catch Wild Wartortle  01b3d7cf 
Catch Wild Blastoise  011cd7cf 
Catch Wild Caterpie  017bd7cf 
Catch Wild Metapod  017cd7cf 
Flying Pikachu with Balloons  013f99d4
Surfing Pikachu  013973d1 
Start with a Charizard  01B41ED1
Infinite PP (4th Position)  01282fd0 
Enemy Can't Attack and Burned at Beginning of Match  0170e8cf 
Infinite Money  019946d3
Have All Badges  01ff55d3 
Protect Status  010017d0 
Never Miss and Have More Criticals  01ffd5cf 
No Random Battles  01033bd1 
Infinite Casino Coins  0199a3d5
Infinite Time (Safari Zone)  01f00dd7 
Infinite Safari Balls  016446da 
Float On Air  010a13d7 
Pacific Pikachu  013972d1
Infinite HP(in Battle)  01ff15do 
Infinite PP (1st Position)  01282cd0 
Infinite PP (2nd Position)  01282dd0 
Infinite PP (3rd Position)  01282ed0


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