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 Power Quest - Platform: Gameboy Color

Power Quest - Platform: Gameboy Color

Status Password
National tournament, level 2 parts and power pack  1SZK-DRT2-QFY5 
National tournament, level 2 parts, power pack, heal pack  32RY-DVNS-D2SP 
Level 3 attacks, super parts, power pack PV9S-040G-0140 
National tournament, level 4 parts, heal pack, power pack, 
super parts  5X7Q-RLD8-JF67 
Level 4 parts and all items 9996-G889-899S  
One level 4 part, all items, 999990 credits  XHP3-Z6P9-5XQT 
All Level 4 parts, Max Model, Heal and Power Pack, 36980 credits, 
before National tournament.  RTSS-1B0Y-WRL1 
999,990 credits 1R75-FLVD-FKVC  

Hint: Getting money
Win a fight in the park to collect 20 credts. Win a fight at the school 
to collect 50 credits. Win at fight at Kung Fu Tower to collect 100 credits. 
Win a fight at the factory to collect 200 credits. After defeating Ann in 
the Spring Tournament, search the alley near the stadium to find 5,000 credits. 
After Louis departs, and the Super Part is earned, search the alley near the 
school to find 5,000 credits. 

Hint: Easy credits
Each time you go through major story line (for example, going on to tournament 
or defeating the gang guys) press A or B button right on the exits of the town 
that are blocked off by rocks. One of them contains 1,000 credits, and you can 
gain up to 5,000 credits this way without fighting anyone.

Hint: Free Part
Begin game play, but do not enter the shop until reaching the General. Then, 
enter the shop once and buy a level 1 Part. Defeat the General and continue 
game play without reentering the shop. Intentionally lose one time after being 
asked to go to the Japanese Mansion. Then, return to the shop to be the 10 
millionth customer and receive a free Part as a prize. 

Hint: Level 4 Parts
Defeat the Hyena Gang, then fight the Mad Scientist in his lab. Keep defeating 
him to earn all the level 4 Parts.


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