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 Prince Of Persia (2008) - Platform: XBox 360

Prince Of Persia (2008) - Platform: XBox 360

Play as Classic Prince and Princess:
At the main menu, select the "Extras" option. Choose the "Skin Manager" 
selection, then enter "525858542" as a code to unlock the Classic Prince and 
Princess from Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time.

Play as Prince Altair:
At the main menu, select the "Extras" option, and register the game to link your 
online profile to your existing account to unlock Altair from Assassin's 
Creed at the "Skin Manager" menu.

Play as Princess Jade:
Successfully complete Story mode to unlock Jade from Beyond Good And Evil at the 
"Skin Manager" menu.

Play as Prototype Prince and Elika:
Collect all 1001 Light Seeds to unlock the Prototype Prince and Elika at the 
"Skin Manager" menu. Note: The final Light Seed is only collectible after 
completing the game.

Easy "Assassin View" achievement:
Go halfway up the stairs that wrap around the Martyr's Tower and eventually lead 
to its fertile grounds. Put the prince and the Persian princess on the strange 
looking beam there to get the "Assassin View" achievement.

Easy "Combo Specialist" achievement:
Perform the following combos during Boss fights during the early part of the 
game. Note: The combo will not count if you kill the Boss with it, if the Boss 
blocks part of it, or if the Boss is hit into a wall or off a ledge.

Normal combos
  X, Y 
  X(2), Y 
  X(3), Y, B 
  X, B 
  X(2), B 
  X(3), B 
  X, A 
  X(2), A 
  X(3), A 

Magic combos
  Y, X(2) 
  Y(2), X 
  Y, X, Y, X 
  Y, X, Y(2) 
  Y, B 
  Y(2), B 
  Y, X, B 
  Y, X, Y, B 
  Y, A 
  Y(2), A 
  Y, X, A 
  Y, X, Y, A 

Gauntlet combos
  B, X 
  B, Y(2), X 
  B, Y, X(2) 
  B, Y, X, Y, X 
  B, Y(3) 
  B, Y, X, Y(2) 
  B, Y, B 
  B, Y(2), B 
  B, Y, X, B 
  B, Y, X, Y, B 
  B, A 
  B, Y, A 
  B, Y(2), A 
  B, Y, X, A 
  B, Y, X, Y, A 

Acrobatic combos
  A, X(3) 
  A, Y(2), X 
  A, Y, X(2) 
  A, Y, X, Y, X 
  A, Y(3) 
  A, Y, X, Y(2) 
  A, B 
  A, Y, B 
  A, Y(2), B 
  A, Y, X, B 
  A, Y, X, Y, B 

AB combos
  A, B, A, X 
  A, B, A, Y, X 
  A, B, A, Y(2) 
  A, B, A, B 
  A, B, A, Y, B 

BA combos
  B, A, X 
  B, A, Y, X 
  B, A, Y(2) 
  B, A, B 
  B, A, Y, B 

Easy "Climbing To New Heights" achievement:
Defeat the Alchemist in his Observatory to get the "Climbing To New Heights" 

Easy "Precious Time" achievement:
Defeat Ahriman, then allow the game to idle for one minute before cutting any 
trees and proceeding to the ending credits.

Easy "Sinking to New Depths!" achievement:
At the beginning of the game, after the last combat tutorial, the princess will 
tell you to follow her to the temple. As you follow her, instead of going up the 
steps, continue past them. Look at the perimeter of the tree shrine in the 
desert. There is a small room under the shrine's roots near the edge of the 
cliff. Stand inside it to get the "Sinking to New Depths!" achievement.

Easy "Sword Master" achivement:
To get an easy fourteen hits in a single combo, execute the following sequence 
during a Boss fight during the early part of the game. Note: You do not have to 
kill the Boss.
  Y, X, Y, A 
  Y, X, Y, B 
  A, Y, X 

Easy "Titanic View" achievement:
The fertile grounds for Machinery Grounds is on a giant airship. Put the prince 
and the Persian princess on the beam at the ship's prow to get the "Titanic 
View" achievement.


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