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 Prizefighter - Platform: XBox 360

Prizefighter - Platform: XBox 360

Play as Ricardo Mayorga:
Select the "Extras" option, then enter "POTSEMAG" as a code to unlock Ricardo 
Mayorga, the WBC Continental Americas Super Middleweight Champion. 

Great Moments In Boxing video:
Select the "Extras" option, then enter "1BESTBUYBEST" as a code to unlock the 
"Great Moments In Boxing" video.

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of 
Gamerscore points:

Jab Master (20 points): Take it up top and land 1000 Jabs in any game mode. 
Hook Hero (20 points): Take it up top and land 1000 Hooks in any game mode. 
Uppercut Machine (20 points): Take it up top and land 1000 Uppercuts in any 
game mode. 
Stick and Move (5 points): Show me you can dance around the ring kid and move 
more than your opponent. 
Lightning KO (20 points): KO an opponent in the first 60 seconds of round 1 in 
any game mode. 
Twinkle Toes (20 points): Rack up a ring mile. 
Swinger (35 points): Keep on throwing punches until your hands bleed! I wanna 
see 50,000 thrown shots, kid! 
Hot Shots (50 points): Achieve 50 Signature Punch KO's in single or 
Can't Touch This! (10 points): KD an opponent without taking a single shot. 
World Champion (50 points): Become the World Champ in Career Mode. 
Ring a Ding Bling (30 points): Earn your first career million. 
First Steps (5 points): Turn Pro in Career Mode. 
Don King Promoted (30 points): Join Don's Team during your career. 
Easy Pickings (20 points): Defeat Nino Basilio. 
Judge Dreadful! (20 points): KO Dave Saddler. 
One Armed Bandit (20 points): KO Sven Zurilo. 
Blind Fury (20 points): KO Vassily Kablov. 
3ml of G? (20 points): KO Milton Forrest. 
Party Animal (20 points): KO Nyack Quartey after a big night out. 
New Kid On The Block (5 points): Create a Career Boxer. 
Going the Distance (150 points): Complete Career Mode. 
Platinum Puncher (100 points): Complete Career Mode on Champion difficulty. 
Xbox LIVE Journeyman (5 points): Win 5 ranked fights. 
Xbox LIVE Contender (10 points): Win 15 ranked fights. 
Xbox LIVE Champ (20 points): Win 35 ranked fights. 
Xbox LIVE Legend (40 points): Win 50 ranked fights. 
Long Way Down (42 points): Beat every fighter in Career Mode. 
Tournament Champ (30 points): Win a Ranked Tournament. 
Who's Winning Then? (10 points): Play ten back to back multiplayer games. 

Additionally, there are ten secret achievements:
Signature Smash Down! (5 points): KO another boxer with a Signature Punch. 
Training Game Superstar! (30 points): Reach World Champion in all training 
Loser! (3 points): Lose 3 fights in a row. 
Team Calzaghe (30 points): Win online fights as both Enzo and Joe. 
Top Form! (25 points): Reach World Champion in any training game. 
Switcher (10 points): Have a Southpaw and an Orthodox fighter both get knocked 
down in the same match. 
PERFECT KO! (10 points): Knock out an opponent without taking any damage. 
Sinister (5 points): Defeat an opponent using a Southpaw boxer. 
Comeback King (10 points): Knock out an opponent who had nearly put your boxer 
The King of Queensbury (25 points): Complete all Classic Fights. 


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