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 Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 - Platform: XBox 360

Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 - Platform: XBox 360

Classic teams:
Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding team:

  Classic Argentina: Win the International Cup with Argentina. 
  Classic Brazil: Win the International Cup with Brazil. 
  Classic England: Win the International Cup with England. 
  Classic France: Win the International Cup with France. 
  Classic Germany: Win the International Cup with Germany. 
  Classic Italy: Win the International Cup with Italy. 
  Classic Netherlands: Win the International Cup with Netherlands. 

Classic players:
Win the African Cup Of Nations, American Cup, Asia-Oceania Cup, and European Cup 
in League/Cup mode to unlock classic players (for example, Best, Schmeichel, 
Chilavert, etc.) but with fake names.
Win the Eredivisie, La Liga, Ligue 1, Premiership, and Serie A in League mode to 
unlock five to eleven players for each league.
Win everything in Master League (Champions League, D1 Cup, D1 League, D2 Cup, D2 
League, UEFA Cup) to unlock over seventy classic players.

Real team logos:
Download a team logo in .PNG format. Go to edit your team. Select "Edit Emblem", 
then choose the desired team logo.

Real team names:
The following are the real team names in order:

F.A. Premiership
  Arsenal FC 
  Aston Villa FC 
  Blackburn Rovers FC 
  Bolton Wanderers FC 
  Chelsea FC 
  Everton FC 
  Fulham FC 
  Hull City AFC 
  Liverpool FC 
  Manchester City FC 
  Manchester United FC 
  Middlesbrough FC 
  Newcastle United FC 
  Portsmouth FC 
  Stoke City FC 
  Sunderland AFC 
  Tottenham Hotspur FC 
  West Bromwich Albion FC 
  West Ham United FC 
  Wigan Athletic FC 

La Liga
  UD Almeria 
  Athletic Club 
  FC Barcelona 
  Real Betis 
  R.C.Deportivo la Coruna 
  R.C.D. Espanyol 
  Getafe CF 
  Sporting De Gijon 
  Recreativo de Huelva 
  Athletico de Madrid 
  Real Madrid CF 
  Malaga CF 
  R.C.D. Mallorca 
  CD Numancia 
  CA Osasuna 
  Racing Santander 
  Sevilla FC 
  Valencia C. de. F 
  Real Valladolid 
  Villarreal CF 

Real names 

The following are the real player names on the indicated team:

German national team
  GK: Schwarz should be Lehmann 
  CB: Merilrecker should be Metresacker 
  CB: Messenger should be Metzelder 
  CB: Fulldrishe should be Friedrich 
  SB: Rome should be Lahm 
  CMF: Frutes should be Frings 
  AMF: Kruger should be Ballack 
  AMF: Slinslizel should be Schweinsteiger 
  SS: Pomatski should be Podolski 
  CF: Kmala should be Klose 
  CF: Goltz should be Mario Gomez 
  GK: Hulegrase should be Hildebrand 
  GK: Elka should be Enke 
  SB: Castrol should be Castro 
  SB: Jargan should be Jansen 
  SB: Fnich should be Fritz 
  DMF: Hitmacher should be Hitzlsperger 
  CMF: Botananski should be Borowski 
  SMF: Sloeger should be Schneider 
  SMF: Hisneit should be Hilbert 
  AMF: Tmorautki should be Trochowski 
  SS: Noglau should be Neuville 
  CF: Kmolo should be Kuranyi 

Players still on old teams:
The following is a list of players with the team they should be on and the team 
they are on:
  A.Ferdinand to Sunderland from West Ham 
  A.Traore to Portsmouth from Arsenal 
  Adu to As Monaco from Benfica 
  Aissati to Ajax from Psv 
  Almiron to Fiorentina from Juventus 
  Andrew Johnson to Fulham from Everton 
  Banega to Ath Madrid from Valencia 
  Baptista to As Roma from Real Madrid 
  Baros to Galatasaray from Lyon 
  Bentley to Tottenham from Blackburn Rovers 
  Berbatov to Man Utd from Tottenham 
  Campbell to Tottenham from Man.Utd 
  Cattermole to Wigan Ath. from Middlesbrough 
  Chimbonda to Sunderland from Tottenham 
  Coloccini to Newcastle from Deportivo 
  Cook to an unused team from Fulham 
  Corluka to Tottenham from Man City 
  Corradi to Reggina from Man City 
  Cousin to Hull City from Rangers 
  Crosas to Celtic from Fc Barca 
  Cuellar to Aston Villa from Rangers 
  D.Cisse to Sunderland from Tottenham 
  Di Michele to West Ham from Torino Fc 
  Diouf to Sunderland from Bolton W 
  Eagles to an unused team from Man Utd 
  Fellaini to Everton from Standard Liege 
  Finnan to Espanyol from Liverpool 
  Friedel to Aston Villa from Blackburn Rovers 
  Gravesen to an unused team from Celtic 
  Healy to Sunderland from Fulham 
  Hoyte to Middlesbrough from Arsenal 
  Kavanagh to an unused team from Sunderland 
  King to Hull City from Wigan Ath 
  Ljungberg to an unused team from West Ham 
  M.Brown to an unused team from Celtic 
  Malbranque to Sunderland from Tottenham 
  Maloney to Celtic from Aston Villa 
  Mccartney to Sunderland from West Ham 
  Mcshane to Hull City from Sunderland 
  Meite to Hull City from Bolton W 
  Mineiro to Chelsea from Brazil Team 
  Muntari to Inter from Portsmouth 
  Oleguer to Ajax Fro Fc Barca 
  Pavlychenko to Tottenham from Spartak Moscow 
  Pedro Mendes to Rangers from Portsmouth 
  Piquionne to Team U Don't Use from As Monaco 
  Pizarro to an unused team from Chelsea 
  Quaresma to Inter from Porto 
  Reyes to Benfica from Athletico Madrid 
  Riera to Liverpool from Espanyol 
  Riordan to an unused team from Celtic 
  Robinho to Man City from Real Madrid 
  Saha to Everton from Man.Utd 
  Senderos to AC Milan from Arsenal 
  Shevchenko to AC Milan from Chelsea 
  Silvestre to Arsenal from Man Utd 
  Sinama Pongolle to Ath Madrid from Recreativo 
  Sno to Ajax Fro Celtic 
  Steven Taylor to Stoke from Aston Villa 
  Stokes to an unused team from Sunderland 
  Tainio to Sunderland from Tottenham 
  Voronin to an unused team from Liverpool 
  Xisco to Newcastle Utd. from Deportivo 
  Zabaleta to Man City from Espanyol


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